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Babbo -- pasta tasting menu

by Eric Eto 18 years ago

Once I learned that I was going to be treated to dinner by our own Abbylovi, I decided that Babbo would be the place, since I had yet to give it a try (though I was really hoping i could convince h...

Tasting menus

by Brian White 18 years ago

I am looking for a recommendation for a tasting menu where I do not need to see or be seen by anyone. I have a budget of $150-$200 for two before wine. In NYC, Boroughs, or Jersey

Tasting Menu

by Brian white 18 years ago

My girlfriend is turning 40 and I would like to take her to a good resteraunt for a tasting menu. We like food - but we don't need to see or be seen by anyone so places Like Le Cirque and Balthaza...

Vegetarian/Seafood Tasting Menu

by JP 18 years ago

Hello. My mom and I will be visitting New York at the end of March. We are looking for one "once in a lifetime" meal. Right now, we have reservations for Daniel. I was wondering, though, if you ...

$110 Blindfold Tasting menu, at Papillon

by james g. 18 years ago

what to make of these shennanigans? and does anyone have a link to this article in the NY times or Ny today, someone mentioned there was interesting little write up in there. thanks.

Report on tasting menu at Atlas

by Adam Stephanides 18 years ago

Here is my report on my latest meal at Atlas, which I promised several weeks ago. I was inspired to eat at Atlas again by a previous poster who had raved about the tasting menu there. I would of...

Unusual tasting menus?

by Billie Monroe 18 years ago

Anyone had or heard of any good, unusual tasting menus, specifically those that focus on one ingredient or concept (like a citrus tasting menu, etc)?

Unusual tasting menus?

by Billie Monroe 18 years ago

Has anyone had any good, unusual tasting menus - especially those that focus on one ingredient, like Ilo's beef tasting menu?

My First Tasting Menu

by SusanB 18 years ago

Hi. Am headed to Santa Barbara this weekend for the firm retreat, and we are going to the Wine Cask for a tasting menu. I have read the posts about the WC, which seem to range pretty dramatically,...

Best tasting menus in Manhattan?

by Bica 18 years ago

Any thoughts on who does tasting menus really well--that's to say, not who produces the most food, but who is masterful at balancing flavors and textures, delivering enough but not an overwhelming ...

vegetarian tasting menus

by amy 18 years ago

Any thoughts on an upscalish restaurant with a good vegetarian tasting menu for a brithday celebration? Thanks...

Il Fornaio Tasting Menu

by Griller141 19 years ago

If Fornaio (Pasadena), a restaurant I don't usually find all that interesting, advertised a 5 course Tuscan Tasting menu for $29 which I couldn't resist. It turned out that 5/8 was the first time ...

Picasso, Aureole or Napa -- Best tasting menu?

by Bob Brooks 19 years ago

Going to L.V. for my birthday meal in a week or so. I think I've narrowed down my choices for the big dinner to these three (but would still consider others). What are the votes for best tasting ...

Getting a tasting menu in a restaurant that doesn't have one

by Limster 19 years ago

A friend was leaving town, and we were going to have dinner. On a whim, instead of going for the tasting menu at any of the "high-end" places like Gary Danko or Masa's or Elizabeth Daniel, I decid...

Best Tasting Menu in Town

by Dumas 19 years ago

My sisters and I would like to treat our parents to a knockout tasting dinner. Any suggestions? If possible, compare/contrast it to the tasting menu at Spago Beverly Hills. We've had the tasting...

Tasting menus

by Kelli 19 years ago

We're looking for a not-too-expensive restaurant with a tasting menu, preferably with a wine pairing with each course. Have already been to Po and Mono, and loved them both.

Tasting Menus

by Patrick 20 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant in the city with a tasting menu that does not require everyone at the table to get the tasting menu? My wife is a very light eater, and a tasting menu is always ...

Dessert tasting menu

by Tara 20 years ago

I was reading in the Times about some restaurants that are doing multi-course desserts. Has anyone partaken?

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