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Cicada - Tasting Menu (review)

by Tom P 17 years ago

Terrific experience with a fellow food fanatic at Cicada last night. It was my first time to go (though I dined there years ago when it was Rex). Both the service and the food were outstanding, mu...

Gamercy Tavern Tasting Menu Policy

by Shoeman 17 years ago

It never fails when eating at GT that someone in the party wants to try the tasting menu while others prefer the regular menu. The policy at GT is that everyone at the table must eat from the same ...

Babbo Truffle Tasting Menu?

by alp102000 17 years ago

Is Babbo offering its truffle tasting menu yet? If so, how much does it cost and any idea how long they will be offering it? Thanks in advance.

Spago tasting menu?

by Ruminator 17 years ago

My wife and I are going to Spago this Friday and plan to have the tasting menu. Can anyone share their experience so I know a little bit of what to expect? Also, given that it's truffle season, w...

tasting menus

by SusyQ 17 years ago

Any suggestions for an anniversary place that has a wonderful tasting menu, about $100/person or less? Babbo is great for this but we would like a new place.

Tasting Menu -- Solo?

by Marra 17 years ago

'Hounds: Have any of you done a tasting menu by yourself? Not all of my friends (that is, very few, really) would have *any* interest in even the possibility of coming with me to a place with a t...

Chanterelle - Tasting Menu

by Delegator 17 years ago

Hi. I did a search under Chanterelle and found posts from over a year ago (just post 9/11) and one other post with a general question to the effect of "is it worth it." My question is more specif...

Tasting Menus in Toronto

by kireland 17 years ago

Hi there! First time poster here - fabulous site! I am wondering if you can suggest any restaurants in Toronto that offer tasting menus - especially ones where they will pair wines with each cour...

Tasting menus

by coastcat 17 years ago

O Noble Hounds of Chow - It seems that many restaurants that offer tasting menus require that the entire table participate. Does anyone know why this is? Is it a matter of pacing and logistics? ...

best tasting menu?

by celestesf 17 years ago

looking for opinions out there on the best multicourse tasting menus out there for a special feast (besides french laundry as I don't have the mental and physical fortitude to get a reservation the...

tasting menus in contra costa?

by jon 17 years ago

Anybody know of a good tasting menu on offer in Contra Costa? Preferably six courses, or more.

Rockenwagner Special Wednesday Night Tasting Menu

by Jeff Falls 17 years ago

We hadn't been to Rockenwagner in a while... Wednesday night, 8:00 p.m., less than half full. We were all set to order when our waitress informed us that they now have a special thing on Wednesd...

Clio v. No. 9 Park tasting menus?

by terryc 17 years ago

We're planning friends to go to either Clio or No. 9 Park in September for their tasting-menu dinner. Any feedback on which might be preferable? Thanks, all.

Tasting Menu With Wine Pairings - The Best?

by EmilyW 17 years ago

In a little over a month, I'm going to have a celebratory dinner. I would like to go to one of the top tier restaurants - Jean Georges, Daniel, Chanterelle, etc. Although I love wine, I don't have ...

Sandy's Report Grape Tasting Menu@ Studiokitchen

by Sandy 17 years ago

This was such an amazing dinner, After reading the previous posting with the creative menu, we very much anticipated what a "Grape" tasting menu would be like. We were blown away !! First course wa...

flexible tasting menus

by mike czyzewski 17 years ago

i guess i'm so interested in tasting menus because at places in San Francisco like Gary Danko and La Folie, you can create your own tasting menus. Gary Danko presents you with a menu of appetizers,...

The Grocery tasting menu report

by Melissa 17 years ago

My delay in reporting on my tasting menu experience on Saturday night is not at all a reflection of the meal! I chose the $75 tasting menu which is 6 savory courses, sorbet and dessert with a paire...

tasting menus

by missy 17 years ago

I have been recently converted to experimenting with tasting menus after a heavenly (and reasonably priced!) experience at Po. Can anyone recommend other restaurants whose tasting menus are reliab...

Vegetarian Tasting Menues in London, Paris - Suggestions?

by Tastebud 17 years ago

Will be celebrating a birthday in Paris in August, followed by a first trip to London in the fall. Can anyone suggest a good vegetarian tasting menu in either city - or any good vegetarian-friendly...

Pipa's sherry tasting menu

by mark 17 years ago

Tried Pipa's sherry / tapas tasting menu ($42) last night - white gazpacho with a fino; grilled sardines with spinch with an amontillado; arroz con pollo with an oloroso; spicy duck confit with foi...

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