Everything You Need to Know About Steak Tartare

Steak tartare. Or beef tartare. One of those classic preparations that seem to be constantly falling in and out of vogue. Off-putting to some and a coveted delicacy for others, the dish retains a certain...

Recipes that make organ meat taste less like organ meat?

by ninrn 1 year ago

I want to start eating more iron-rich organ meats (so, liver, kidneys, heart, spleen, as opposed to brains, sweetbreads, intestines), but I get a strong gag reflex at the taste and texture. Can any...


by akdad 3 years ago

If one were serving a carpaccio (think tenderloin, watercress, pickled radish dressed with a little lemon, olive oil and sea salt) what would you follow up with as entree?

Happy Hour @ Press | St. Helena - Napa Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Late report . . . at the time Press offered happy hour on selected days. There was nothing on the website then, and I kind of doubted my local resident friend, but indeed it was available to us in ...

Duck tartare??

by hungryann 11 years ago

I just can't wrap my head around that...how could it be safe for consumption. I mean it's poultry, would you eat raw chicken? Please enlighten me.

Happy Hour @ Bouefhaus | Humboldt Park - Chicago

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Yesterday I followed up lunch at Snaggletooth with happy hour at Bouefhaus. http://www.chowhound.com/post/snaggletooth-michelin-1-counter-service-restaurant-orient-1041307

Freeze Steak Tartare?

by cloudship 5 years ago

Can you freeze Steak Tartare? How about if I only freeze the meat once I chop it, without mixing anything else in? I would defrost it in the refrigerator over about 4 hours.

May 2016 DOTM - Marinated & Raw Fish - Ceviche, Tartare, Poke, etc

by masha 5 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the May Dish of the Month, Marinated & Sauced Raw Fish, which includes Ceviche, Fish Tartare, and Poke. Unlike some recent months where we’ve had a close race ...

Best restaurant tartare

by sweettoothMTL 6 years ago

I'm looking for a nice restaurant with very good tartare. It's for a wedding anniversary. When I say nice, I don't mean Toqué, just not someplace casual. Thanks in advance!

What fish can I use to make Tartare?

by Manhattanfoodie 6 years ago

I'm planning to make tartare this weekend. What fish can I use to make tartare with? I'm thinking, Hamachi, Tuna, Salmon - what else? Also, if I were to use Tuna, what kind of Tuna should I get? Or...

Steak Tartare [Western MA]

by Mrfixit 7 years ago

Wondering if anyone knows of a restaurant in the Western MA area that serves steak tartare. Thanks for any ideas.

Tartare grade beef

by neiladammcginnis 7 years ago

Where can (should) I buy steak to make tartar without having to worry about killing myself in the process? I would imagine grass fed would be the best way to go.

Steak tartare

by simply_victoria 7 years ago

Traveling around California with a friend who has let me pick most of the places where we are eating on the trip. He loves steak tartare. I was looking for good suggestions for restaurants with t...

Venison Steak Tartare

by irishmeateater 7 years ago

Hello everyone! Have been obsessing about venison tartare lately for some reason. I know all the do's and donts regarding meat safety etc -i'm going to do the butchering myself - just would love to...

Steak Tartare

by stephanb 7 years ago

I recently realized steak tartare might be my favorite food. I don't think I've ever not ordered it when seen on a menu, for at least the past thirty years. I would try to tell you where you can ge...

Kitfo (Ethiopian steak tartare) at Fasika, Somerville

by Prav 8 years ago

If you like steak tartare (or are adventurous with regard to eating raw meat), go to Fasika and order their kitfo. I've had it about a half-dozen times in the past 3 months and it's been fantastic ...