Great taquerias have solid beers, margaritas, and killer tacos. Find the best in your area and discuss what makes them great (or less than awesome) with other taco-craving Chowhounds.

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Taqueria Mexico Waltham

by eatmoreoften 19 years ago

If you haven't gone...go now! This is an old dive bar renovated into the food goodness haven it is now. A real live Mom and Pop run the place, with their daughters at the tables, and sons in the k...

Journey to Taqueria Los Mogotes de Michoacan

by Mike G 19 years ago

A day late I went and tried RST's discovery with my adventuresome Mexican-chowfriend (I mean, he likes authentic Mex, not that he is), on its desolate strip of Kimball across from the El terminus a...

Salsa Taqueria #2

by chibi 19 years ago

Driving down 25th in the Mission the other day, I was transfixed by the brightly-colored mural of giant smiling dancing vegetables painted on the wall and the promise of "99c tacos al vapor" I sto...

Thanks, Eric Eto, for taqueria recommendation

by JackS 19 years ago

I finally tried Grano Del Oro 2000 yesterday, mostly on Eric Eto's recommendation and loved it. I've been disappointed by other Mexican restaurants hyped here and elsewhere: Los Dos Rancheros, Mat...

Taqueria Traspasadas

by annieb 19 years ago

So, RST has gotten me in the mood to just sample from various Mexican. I noticed that the used-to-be generic Greek breakfast food/diner had morphed into something serving Mexican food but keeping t...

Taqueria Los Pericos in San Leandro

by Wendy Lai 19 years ago

A co-worker took me to a taqueria on 14th Ave. today for lunch. I was pleasently surprised by Los Pericos. This order-at-the-counter eatery had many of the ususal taqueria offerings, tacos, burr...

Taqueria Morelia R.I.P.

by Steve 19 years ago

I posted a query yesterday about good Mexican restaurants/taquerias in Oakland/Berkeley, and used Taqueria Morelia as a benchmark from my days as a carnivore and before I moved to CC County. Someon...

Los Banos taqueria

by Tom Hilton 19 years ago

Went back to Cutija (Cutija's? It's a little ambiguous) on 152 in Los Banos, on my way to the mountains. Previously, all I had tried was the chorizo burrito, which was breakfast-style (chorizo & ...

Taqueria Santa Maria del Oro, Petaluma

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Craving the spice and heat of Mexican food, last Sunday I stopped here for the first time for a bite while passing through Petaluma. On the weekends, menudo, birria and other specials are offered....

Taqueria la Veracruzana

by mattylip 19 years ago

I know that this place has been discussed somewhat on this Board, but I want to reiterate how great it is. I went for lunch today for the third or fourth time and it was better than ever. It's no...

Goodbye to La Lupe Taqueria in Sunnyside

by Tom Meg 19 years ago

It's so depressing. This wonderful wonderful restaurant (on Greenpoint near 42nd St) just closed. I will miss their elotes asados-- grilled ears of corn slathered with mayonnaise and rolled in g...

Cactus Taqueria reopens in Rockridge

by Nathan Landau 19 years ago

Rockridge is no longer bereft of decent taqueria fare. After being evicted from their old site, Cactus Taqueria has reopened at the corner of Shafter & College (the old Chimes Market space, complet...

Sacramento taquerias

by Tom Hilton 19 years ago

I was going to be backpacking with my son this weekend, but he's sick, so we'll be visiting my folks in Sacramento instead. So just to make sure it's not a total loss, are there any really good ta...

black beans/taquerias

by taverl 19 years ago

Well, I've just moved to Bucktown and am generally thrilled to have nearby Mexican options so much better than Hyde Park's paltry offerings, but there's something I'm craving as a Texas transplant:...

anyone tried La Bonita Taqueria (downtown Oakland)

by Marc Wallace 19 years ago

There used to be a hole in the wall place at 22nd and Broadway (okay, far north downtown) called "Suzy's Hob Nob". The food wasn't the greatest in the world, and they seem to have closed. It's n...

Great taqueria in the SFV

by Bob Brooks 19 years ago

I posted about this place a week or so back, and didn't get any responses, which is fine, but I went back yesterday and happened to chat with the owner. Sadly, although the place is only two mont...

Mexican Coca Cola at Taqueria Maria

by Stanley Stephan 19 years ago

On the corner diagnolly across from In-N-Out burger in Daly City...1618 Sullivan Avenue... They still sell the original version of Coca Cola in Mexico. It is made with sugar and not corn syrup. R...

Fantastic Taqueria in Memphis

by CatherineC in NYC 19 years ago

I was home for the barbecue contest 2 weekends ago and had lunch at the Taqueria La Guadelupana on Summer Ave (I am sorry, but I do not remember what the cross street is, but it is a few blocks wes...

Taqueria Tapatios in Tarzana

by Bob Brooks 19 years ago

Just discovered this great taqueria in the west Valley. Their tacos are wonderful. I've had the tongue, chorizo, al pastor and carnitas. The tongue was moist and tender, the chorizo had a nice pu...

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