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What It’s Really Like to Travel in Florida Right Now

My home state of Florida has been getting a lot of media attention—yet again—for all the wrong reasons. No, a man has not decided to marry his pet alligator, and as far as I know, there has been no...

Tampa/Clearwater omakase

by Jarrodm2344 2 months ago

Late 30's couple spending a weekend in Clearwater in October 2021. Looking for recommendations for an intimate Omakase experience with the chef. Not just being handed a platter of tuna and salmon. ...

Tampa or Clearwater dining

by Phil_A_Mignon 8 months ago

You're a forty-something male traveling from Pennsylvania to the Tampa/Clearwater area for an extended weekend to meet up with your forty-something high school buddies who you haven't seen in three...

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Any great Italian sausage (both hot and mild) in Tampa?

by soccermom13 9 months ago

Hi everyone, Minnesotan here, whose daughter has moved to Tampa and says she can't find good Italian sausage. Can anyone direct her to a store where she can purchase great Italian sausage? Tha...

ISO excellent flour tortillas that are commonly available

by soccermom13 5 months ago

I will need to buy tortillas to make breakfast burritos when I am in Florida cooking and freezing food for my daughter, son in law, grandchild to be. I would like to purchase both white flour and ...

Best Deviled Crabs in Tampa

by andy huse 15 years ago

after many disappointing deviled crabs and writing about the origins of the dish for Cigar City Magazine, i finally found a few specimens i can recommend to such esteemed colleagues. At Cacciato...

Melon's in Tampa Bay Area still there?

by Ex-Fla 17 years ago

I used to live in Clearwater for 10 years but I moved back to NJ 7 years ago and now my wife and I are planning to take a vacation sometime this month. So, my question is I wonder if Melon's (like ...

Favorite Thai in St. Pete and Tampa Bay?

by thakrza 14 years ago

I know everyone has their faves, but I'd like more discussion on why a place is their favorite Thai restaurant. We went to Chaing Mai after reading the positive reviews here and it was one of the ...

Has UberEats and the like affected service in restaurants?

by Eelgem85 2 years ago

While eating breakfast at a local restaurant this weekend I over heard the kitchen staff say several times that they are working on an UberEats order. My food came out slower than I would have ...

Oaxacan cuisine in the usa

by newmarket2 2 years ago

Google search has let me down. I'm trying to find restaurants in the US that specialize in Oaxacan cuisine. I'm particularly interested in South Florida because we're moving to Sarasota and p...

100 Cup Coffee Maker Question

by RCPilot 2 years ago

I've seen other questions on this topic but not mine so asking now. I see that all 30.6 oz ground coffee containers state that it makes 240 cups. Directions on 100 cup type makers state to add 8 oz...

Easter Brunch Spring Hill/ Port Richey

by wino1982 3 years ago

I’m looking for a restroom with a good Easter Brunch to take my wife, her mother, and grandmother. Anywhere in the spring Hill or Port Richey areas is fine. They live in Weeki Wachee

Stone Crabs in Tampa area

by tony noriega 14 years ago

I'm thinking seriously about having a stone crab feast for New Years Eve and of course I want to get the freshest, nicest claws that I can find. It's been years since I've had them...... Anyone...

St. Louis style pizza in Tampa?

by panicattack 14 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, Can anyone recommend a place in Tampa that approximates true St. Louis style pizza? You know what I'm talking about - the cracker thin crust (cut into squares) with provel cheese...

One "must stop" lunch between Miami and Tampa on I-75

by uhockey 7 years ago

Driving from Miami to Tampa on a Wednesday in November and looking for one can't miss spot along the way. Likely 12:00-1:00pm arrival time. Can be any type of cuisine, any price point, just somet...

What are the best things my adventurous toddler can eat with his hands in/around St Petersburg FL?

by clairelizabeth 4 years ago

Two tired parents and one perpetually peppy toddler arriving in St Petersburg next week. Looking for the best things we can eat/drink in the St. Petes/Clearwater/Dunedin areas. We like places t...

Dinner between Tampa and Orlando

by ajr524 11 years ago

I am going to be in Tampa next week and wanted to meet my brother, who lives in Orlando, somewhere in between for dinner. Don't know the area at all and need some suggestions. Doesn't have to be up...

Where can I get a great pastrami sandwich here in Tampa?

by deelite984 8 years ago

My latest attempt was a place called Dominick’s tucked away in the corner of a little strip mall called Bourbon Street Plaza on Ehrlich Rd. There is outdoor seating as well as more seating indoors...

Makeshift cooking after the storms

by masha 4 years ago

For all of the hounds affected by the recent hurricanes, some inspiration on makeshift kitchens ...

Vegetarian Visitor

by villainx 4 years ago

Hi community! My family will be visiting Clearwater, St Pete, & Tampa. What are vegetarian and vegetarian friendly options? Gluten free choices too! Thanks in advance.