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Good East Village, LES or Union Sq Brunch That Takes Reservations?

by zpincusroth 14 years ago

I'm looking for a good East Village, Union Square or Lower East Side brunch spot that takes reservations, and would have one for this Saturday for about five people. Any ideas?

Late night dessert place that accepts reservations?

by csw 14 years ago

My dessert fanatic friend is celebrating her birthday this saturday and were looking for a sweets spot after dinner. I know this is halloween weekend and I'm not in the mood to wait over an hour fo...

Chinatown sub for Joe's Shanghai that takes reservations

by BrooklynSusan 14 years ago

Forgive me in advance for being ignorant about the variety of chinese cuisines. I'm trying to plan a birthday dinner for my husband and a group of friends. My husband asked speficially for Joe'...

A16-ish, near Herbst, takes reservations?

by Dordogne 14 years ago

We need a pre-concert restaurant that will take reservations and get us out the door graciously but efficiently for a short talk to Herbst. Suggestions gratefully received.

Sunday brunch for large group that takes reservations?

by Katherine 15 years ago

I'm trying to find a great place for Sunday brunch that will take a reservation for a large group (10) - not looking for anything at all formal as some folks will be in running gear from half marat...

in search of a casual brunch spot near NYU that takes reservations

by amyknyc 15 years ago

We're looking to go on the early side, around 10:30. I originally thought Blue Ribbon Bakery, but they don't open until 11:30. Any ideas?

Good (818) Sushi that takes reservations

by Techbod 15 years ago

Can any 818 hounds please suggest two or three high-quality but not million-dollar sushi options in the SF Valley (within 5 miles of the 405/101) that can comfortably accommodate a group of 4 at a ...

Good restaurant for groups that takes reservations or is rarely crowded

by Victoria 15 years ago

Ok, so I'm looking for a good restaurant to go to with a group of about eight or nine people. Thus, ideally it would either be a place that takes reservations or one at which large groups can be e...

Mermaid Inn now takes reservations

by amyknyc 15 years ago

Just got an e-mail from the restaurant with this info... thought I'd pass it along.

Good LES place that accepts reservations?

by Meils 16 years ago

I'm headed to the LES for dinner on Saturday night and want to find a lively, young, fun place for dinner. I've read about a lot of places that I would love to try -Mercadito, Schiller's, 'inoteca-...

Need BYO that takes reservations on weekend...

by J9 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good BYO in Center City that takes reservations on the weekend? I tried Django but they are booked the night I am looking for.....

Northridge, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys near 405 sunday brunch that takes reservations

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 17 years ago

I've got a party of about 10. I need a place in the SFV that will take a reservation for brunch around 11. We really prefer a place that will take a reservation, so Brent's is out. Marmalade Caf...

Downtown Moderately Priced American or Italian Restaurant that takes reservations

by stu 17 years ago

Hello- I am looking for a moderately priced American or Italian Restaurant in either the East/West Village, or Soho Area for a party of 8. I would like to be able to make a reservation. I am co...

sunday brunch....accepts reservations?

by tracy 18 years ago

my parents and their friends are coming in for the weekend and i need to take them to brunch on sunday. they are *not* used to waiting in lines, fighting for parking, etc. i can deal with the par...

9 people on Saturday night - fun atmosphere, good food, takes reservations...

by Harlan 18 years ago

Looking for a place to go on Saturday night probably on the later side (i.e. 9:30) for dinner - 9 people (some local/some out of towners), very international crowd. Any part of Manhattan is fin...

Place to take a friend for bday dinner near 3rd St/Ave B (that takes reservations!)

by Harlan 18 years ago

I am going for drinks on Thursday night around Ave B/3rd Street... looking for a place within walking distance (i.e. not TOO far!) that takes reservations where I can bring a friend for dinner afte...

Noho restaurant that takes reservations???

by Harlan 18 years ago

Looking for a few Noho spot that takes reservations. Taking a girlfriend who recently got engaged as a celebratory dinner. Thanks!

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