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Special occasion for 8 serious food lovers in SF/East Bay

by OakTownHound 3 years ago

My mother-in-law's 70th birthday is coming up in a few months and she's coming to the Bay Area from the East Coast for the weekend. We're looking for a special occasion restaurant that can take a g...

Reservations at Restaurant near Moulin Rouge

by dantonuccio1 3 years ago

Hello! I'm looking for suggestion for restaurant that takes reservations near Moulin Rouge. We have 4pm Eiffel Tower tix and 9pm show tix. so I really need a place very close by that I can make r...

Boston: Bar seat Reservations

by goody1720 3 years ago

Looking to find some places that accept bar seat reservations. I'll even take good restaurants that have a queue at the bar.

Reservations for casual restaurants?

by srqchick 3 years ago

My family of 5 (kids 11, 12, 15) will be heading to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto Miyajima/Hiroshima) in July for the first time. I am a foodie and a planner and typically make reservations in as many restau...

Biz Lunch - Near The Plaza Hotel

by wheatgerm 3 years ago

Looking for a couple of options for a business lunch that takes reservations. Not really looking for anything too formal but quiet enough to conduct a mtg with 5 attendees. They are staying at The ...

Foodies visiting NYC and looking for mid-priced meals

by nsm08 3 years ago

My husband and I are going to NYC in early October for 2 days. We are looking for delicious food! We are staying at the Smyth and aren't interested in fancy restaurants, but more casual mid-price...

Where should we take our Hong Kong hosts for dinner?

by perwinkler 4 years ago

Hello Chowhound, I'm visiting Hong Kong for five days in September. To thank our friends to letting them stay with them, we wanted to take them out for dinner. We're looking for a place that...

10th Anniversary Dinner in Portland

by cambridgeMike 4 years ago

My wife and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with a weekend in Portland (we live in the Boston area). We'd like one special occasion dinner on our actual anniversary. I assume we sh...

Family Pizza

by jefpen2 4 years ago

Looking for a place for 8 where we can make reservations and maybe has a few other things on the menu. Needs to be SOLID pizza, but not foo-foo pizza. You know -arugula with goats milk cheese and f...

Need a great tasting menu in Oak or SF ASAP!

by EsMa 4 years ago

Hello. SIL and BIL are coming out from Brooklyn. Total foodies and we live in the sticks (San Jose). I need some place that has a great tasting menu, under $150 per per person preferred (excludi...

Manhattan Chinatown reservation

by UWSMom 4 years ago

I'm hosting a group of 12 people for lunch in Chinatown next week so we need (1) to be able to make a reservation and (2) have vegetarian dishes and (3) have shellfish-free dishes for someone who i...

Brunch Rec (Midtown): 6-8 People with reservations

by eastofthemississippi 4 years ago

Trying to see a lot of friends on a short trip via a power brunch. Are there any options that are not unnecessarily expensive (Norma's, Petrossian) but also good food (i.e. not Sarabeth's, Rue 57 e...

Nice date restaurant Soho, East Village, West Village, takes reservations

by pooky 4 years ago

I am looking for a nice, romantic restaurant for a date. We are in our late 20's so a young type of place with good food and must take reservations. I do not want a place where the tables are on ...

Brunch with reservations in brooklyn

by smilingal 4 years ago

Have been reading through so many OLD posts getting frustrated. Hopefully some of you can suggest brunch places, near Fort Greene, Clinton Hill etc (we will have car), that takes reservations on Su...

NYC for 6 25 Y/Os in Manhattan - $$

by anythingasian 4 years ago

Looking for reco's for places that take reservations for party of 6 Fri/Sat night in NYC - mid level pricing - cool atmosphere I wanted to go to Lucky Bee and La Esquina but resos are impossible. ...

Fri night dinner with Bay Area guests

by violin 4 years ago

Looking for an interesting place to take visiting cousins from the Bay Area. They are very good home cooks. Would like to show them something unique to Chicago, and want to stay far away from thi...

Brunch - Brooklyn, Flatbush and St. Marks

by hautecocoa 4 years ago

I would like recommendations on brunch places near St. Marks and Flatbush. No preference as to the cuisine, but would love to hear of places that accept reservations. I will be with some elder rela...

Fun Dinner for 4 - tomorrow night - 30s crowd

by Gup 5 years ago

4 people in their 30s looking for a fun place to dine. Want a place we can make reservations Open to any cuisine - prefer places that give sizable portions Noise level - moderate - don't wan...

Ijji Sushi | Lower Haight - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

My friends in the neighborhood are liking the newly opened nigiri-only sushi spot. What do chowhounds say about it? Ijji Sushi 252 Divisadero St San Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 658-7388 https:...

Fun Friday & Saturday dinners for group of 8

by laurent692 4 years ago

Hi everyone! Heading to Montreal in 3 weeks with a group of 8 ladies in their late-20s and am looking for Friday and Saturday night dinner recs. Looking for moderately priced places with a fun,...