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What Is the Difference Between Chow Mein and Lo Mein?

If you’ve ever opened a box of Chinese take-out and it turns out to be not exactly what you ordered, you may have mixed up your meins. That’s right, there is a difference between these two popular Chinese...

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takeout lunch around 55&Lex??

by FattailS 19 years ago

just took a new job @ 55&lex and not familiar with the areas -- any suggestions for relatively quick lunch takeout?? thanks!!

Financial District - Takeout

by Big Momma Anne 19 years ago

I find a real dearth of decent takeout in the financial district. I've had it with Souper Salad, Rebecca's, and Au Bon Pain. There is no pasta to be found in this area that hasn't been cooked 10 ...

dosa takeout

by iron frank 19 years ago

Craving a nicely spiced dosa I'm wondering if anyone has tried the takeout operation at Tamarind or the Hampton Chutney Co. ? thanks, Frank

takeout sushi in 100 degree weather

by Allie D'Augustine 19 years ago

Bad idea? I thought it probably was, especially since the only place near enough to run for lunch (that I know of) is one of those places that's actually *called* something like "Take out sushi." ...

Any Take Out B'stilla in Los Angeles?

by Kate 19 years ago

I am looking for a Moroccan deli or bakery in Los Angeles that sells the delicious B'stilla pies. I confess I want to buy them and take them to a party and pretend I am a fantastic Moroccan cook. A...

Festival Mexicano--take-out only!

by Loeb 19 years ago

A Mexico City acquaintance swears that Casa Mexicana (133 Ludlow) is the most "authentic" Mexican restaurant in NYC. Despite some negative Chowhound reports on CM we wanted to give it a try, but it...

Best Takeout/Deliver in Park Slope

by George Lynch 19 years ago

This is inspired by the current New York Magazine feature article which purports to list the best takeout and food delivery places in New York by neighborhood. They listed 12 places for Park Slope...

Decent Delivery / Take-Out Chinese in the East Village ?

by Lila 19 years ago

Hi there.. I'm not too picky on this request -- I am merely looking for a place in the East Village (where I live) for well-made down-home suburban-Chinese favorites like spare ribs, egg rolls,...

What's the deal with bread rolls in Chinese take out?

by Stevens 20 years ago

I don't know if this happens in the rest of the country, but around where I live on Boston's south shore, it seems like a lot of Chinese take out places always include little mini rolls of bread wi...

Take-Out in Fairfield County

by Norma 19 years ago

I should have stressed I need take-out type of food. at age 94, Mom only eats about 1/2-1 cup of food at a time, but it takes her 1-2 hours to do so. This makes Chinese and pizza, sandwiches, our...

Takeout Tortilla: Casa Vasca (Newark)

by Jason Perlow 19 years ago

Rachel and I had dinner at Casa Vasca last saturday night, and after a scrumptious dinner of langostinos a la plancha, chuletas al ajillo I asked my very nice Galician waiter, Xorge (definitely try...

Roast Chicken-Takeout

by Ruby 20 years ago

I find that takeout chicken roasted on a spit or rotisserie is not crispy enough, bland and often undercooked. I've tried Chez Louis near Radio City Music Hall and that was good. I did a quick sea...

Lunch/Take Out near Park & 59 Street?

by Brian Wickham 19 years ago

My wife has just been transferred to an office at Park Ave and 59 Street. So far she hasn't been able to find any decent food at lunch. Are there any good places for take-out or eat-in in that area?

Take-out for train ride home

by Sandy 19 years ago

We're coming to NY this weekend and will be taking the train home on Sunday, from 3-8 p.m. Would like to get some good take-out to eat for dinner on the train. Great sandwiches would be fine, or ...

Take-out Taramasalata

by Steven Stern 20 years ago

After several Astoria attempts, I have yet to find a taramasalata that beats the one at the International Grocery on 9th Ave. Somehow this feels like failure on my part. Please, someone prove ...

Chowhounding Rules of Thumb--Takeout

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

takeout rules of thumb: always crack open the pizza box in the car, otherwise the crust will get steamed. Better yet, put the box (cracked open) on the floor of the passenger's side, and blast t...

Roast Duck-Chinese Takeout

by Ruby 20 years ago

Any recommendations for those shiny ducks that hang upside-down in many Chinatown restaurants? I've never taken one home but they look so good and I'd appreciate all suggestions - Chinatown or othe...

Newport RI take out

by Julie 20 years ago

My husband & I will be in Newport in a few weeks and are looking for a place with good take out for dinner. Any suggestions?

Is there decent Chinese takeout in Branford CT?

by Kelly Monaghan 20 years ago

I've moved from Manhattan to Branford, in centuries old Connecticut (where tradition is a way of life). I've eaten more (great) pizza in the month I've been here than in the entire previous year....

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