Looking for Taiwanese food? Get suggestions on where to find it near you, plus discuss specific dishes like shaved ice and oyster pancakes.

Bubble Tea Tales: The History of Boba

No other caffeine fix is quite as aesthetically satiating as bubble tea, the Taiwanese sweet-milk-and-tea-based drink. But where did it come from and how did it get so popular? Served in a plastic cup...

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Taiwanese Dim Sum At Taiwan Cafe

by galleygirl 19 years ago

I had lots of fun at the Taiwan Cafe today, because, A) I was with a bunch of friends who would try anything! and B) We let BenC order off the DimSum menu, only available Sat and Sun, til 2..... Wh...

Taiwanese ices & juices

by Samo 19 years ago

Across from the west gate of Taiwan National University, known as Taida, north of the McDonalds and south of the chicken leg emporiums, was a green tiled shop where one could sit and cool off chile...

In search of Taiwanese breakfast & sugarcane juice

by Melissa Y 19 years ago

Hi all. I've been watching searching the boards but can't seem to find any info on Taiwanese breakfast. My hubby, who is from Taiwan, is craving the savory soymilk w/ scallions, mustard root, pork ...

A True Taiwanese Banquet

by Andrew 19 years ago

Hello to all of my fellow chowhounds. I have good news for those of you who are yearning for authenticity. The Taiwan Village Chinese Restaurant in Flushing offers among the most authentic and...

Taiwanese, Hakka, Chiu Chow thread

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Just wanted to add a pointer to a discussion on the San Francisco Bay Area board about these styles of regional cuisine. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/20476#71639

Taiwanese/Hakka natives rejoice!

by HLing 19 years ago

One month and 2 days they've been open, the woman told me proudly, at Taiwan Village, 41-02 College Point Blvd. 718 321-7309. This is the restaurant I saw an ad for in the Chinese newspaper, where...

Taiwanese event on May 19th - Night market food?

by HLing 19 years ago

Just picked up a brochure about an event this Sunday, from 11 to 6 at Union Square Park North. They list "BBQ Taiwanese sausages, rice cakes, red turtle cake, and fried vermicelli and ......." I...

Game Point Cafe - Taiwanese

by HLing 19 years ago

133-54 41 Ave in Flushing. On the way to the Shaolin Temple. It looks like they served Shabu Shabu in the winter(may still), including the spicy kind, and will be serving Shaved ice in the summer...

Taiwanese Fried Squid

by flywheel 19 years ago

I am writing this from Taipei, where I have become totally addicted to this popular street snack. Small pieces of tender (not rubbery like in the US!) squid are deep-fried in flour and liberally s...

david's taiwanese report

by pete wells 20 years ago

Visited this excellent Elmhurst establishment Saturday night with a small group. It's been written up here before but deserves more attention. I highly recommend: clams with basil; fried rice wit...

Shangri-La, Watertown Best Chinese/Taiwanese in Boston?

by Aramt 20 years ago

New place opened on Watertown/Belmont line called Shangri-La. On Belmont street three blocks west of the Star Market on Mt. Auburn. Lots of unique non-standard dishes. Funky tofu dishes. Dried ab...

Taiwanese Boba Chain Opening Up In San Diego

by Chandavkl 20 years ago

Quickly, a boba chain with stores all over Asia, is opening up in San Diego. The address is 6755 Mira Mesa Bl. in Sorrento Valley Plaza. Does anybody know if it has actually opened up yet?

taiwanese cafes

by eva 20 years ago

I've been a regular patron of Cafe Ophelia in Milpitas (additional locations in Cupertino and Fremont) which is a Taiwanese-style cafe that serves a wide selection of pearl milk teas and a variety ...

Taiwanese puff rice

by HLing 20 years ago

Does anyone know how to make puff rice at home? Is it dangerous? Growing up in Taiwan the kids would rush into the street with a cup of rice whenever the rice puff man would appear. We'd line u...

Why no Taiwanese in Manhattan?

by Matt 20 years ago

OK, that subject is misleading: There's that place on the Upper West Side (Empire Something?), Sweet 'n' Tart (not exactly what I'm looking for), and a few pork-chop huts in Chinatown. This is more...

Taiwanese bakeries

by Hiko Ikeda 20 years ago

Wednesday the first page of the food section in the San Jose Mercury News had its story about local Taiwanese bakeries. I thought it very interesting because there is almost no English book about...

re: the elusive Taiwanese Fann Twan

by melissa hansen 20 years ago

I'm hoping someone can refer me to a sidewalk in Flushing or somewhere where I can purchase a rice roll, a fann twan in Chinese. It's a fast breakfast food sold on the streets of Taipei made of sti...

Taiwanese restaurant (report) - any similar places ?

by Han Lukito 20 years ago

i used to frequent this one little taiwanese restaurant in which they had NO english menu and I know NO chinese. this is as authentic as it gets. i had to bring the menu to my dad and have him tran...

Joy (a Taiwanese food restaurant) in Foster City

by Wendy Lai 20 years ago

I'm responding to Melanie's questiong from way bottom of the discussion. Joy is a Taiwanese restaurant in Foster City. It's small and frequently pretty much by Chinese only. If you go there, be ...

MVP Garden Restaurant, other Taiwanese?

by Kathy Siegel 20 years ago

I had dinner last night at MVP in Monterey Park -- it was my first time and I really enjoyed it. We had huge shrinp -- fresh out of the tank and boiled. So simple, so sweet, each shrimp overflowing...

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