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Baker's sugar?

by DKS1 10 years ago

Quick question - what is this?! Sorry for my naiveté, but I'm making a scone recipe tonight or tomorrow (thanks, C...


bouncerdjwife commented 5 days ago

What is Caster Sugar?

by Brian 14 years ago

I'm making a recipe that calls for 4 tbsp of caster sugar. Never heard of it. Can I substitute regular sugar for it?


juliwilliams commented 4 months ago

Caster sugar vs simple syrup

by Sami7 1 year ago

Which is better for alcoholic cocktails, caster sugar or simple syrup?

stevewi commented 1 year ago

Can I make my own superfine sugar?

by nooodles 12 years ago

Intuition tells me that caster/bakers'/superfine sugar is just granulated sugar put through a food processor. Am I wr...


Lailani commented 2 years ago

Caster sugar or icing sugar for shortbread cookies?

by desserina 4 years ago

I've seen recipes using superfine sugar, some using icing sugar and I just wanted to know what's the difference in th...


grammiemameomah commented 3 years ago

Meringue tower -- what is "golden caster sugar"?

by somervilleoldtimer 3 years ago

Thinking about making this for a gluten-free friend, but stumped by the one ingredient. Should I just substitute con...


rainey commented 3 years ago

Caster Sugar - can I just grind up regular white sugar??

by The Oracle 7 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for 1 1/2 c caster sugar... I forgot to pick it up at the grocery store and don't really w...


busy4god commented 3 years ago

Where to buy superfine sugar?

by LilBrownBat 4 years ago

Seems to me that you used to be able to buy superfine sugar in the supermarket, but no more. Anyone know for sure wh...

C. Hamster commented 4 years ago

What is "castor sugar"?

by Westy 5 years ago

Hello making turmeric fish from a Bill Granger book. He asks for "Castor sugar." Is that regular sugar or confectione...


lemony05 commented 5 years ago

Castor Sugar

by Ruthie789 5 years ago

I have some British cookbooks calling for Castor Sugar. I can purchase it at a local store but find it quite expensi...


cleopatra999 commented 5 years ago

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Billington's Castor Sugar

by zonker 6 years ago

Where can I find Billington's castor sugar in downtown Toronto

Castor sugar

by RuralDeb 6 years ago

I have come across castor sugar in a recipe I want to make (Canada). What kind of sugar is this in our terms? Anyone?


RuralDeb commented 6 years ago

Castor Sugar

by Homyro 7 years ago

If anyone is looking for castor sugar in Toronto, you can find it at Sobey's and it's called Instant dissolving sugar...

chefathome commented 7 years ago

Superfine sugar

by Chocolatechipkt 7 years ago

I'm having a hard time finding superfine sugar. It's not something buy often, but I seemed to remember seeing the box...

chefathome commented 7 years ago

Help finding "unrefined caster sugar"?

by phan1 9 years ago

Because Heston Blumenthal uses it, and googling it gives me sugars and brands that are only located in the UK. Does ...


LBDDiaries commented 7 years ago

Golden Superfine Sugar???

by energy 8 years ago

I have a cookbook that was printed in the UK, I found a great recipe for a blueberry lemon cake. The recipe asks for ...


smartie commented 8 years ago

Making gelato--how important is superfine sugar?

by kattyeyes 9 years ago

Hi, it's my maiden voyage making chocolate gelato. I found a thread here re superfine sugar, but it focused on baking...

lynnlato commented 9 years ago

I'm thinking from now on I'll make my own caster sugar

by foodsmith 9 years ago

Its very hard to find in my area, and its expensive for a small package. If its nothing but crushed granulated sugar,...

kattyeyes commented 9 years ago

Diet Ginger Ale & Superfine sugar

by Tututulane 9 years ago

I think I've looked pretty extensively but I wanted to see if anyone has found a source in New Orleans for diet ginge...


chef4hire commented 9 years ago