Superfine Sugar


Where to purchase Superfine sugar in large quantities?

by bmorecupcake 7 months ago

RLB prefers superfine sugar in many of her books. It does actually make a difference in the finished product. Pulsing to make it myself is a lot of cleanup. I can only find it in expensive, 12oz...

Where to buy superfine sugar?

by LilBrownBat 8 years ago

Seems to me that you used to be able to buy superfine sugar in the supermarket, but no more. Anyone know for sure where in the greater Boston area it can be bought?

What is Caster Sugar?

by Brian 19 years ago

I'm making a recipe that calls for 4 tbsp of caster sugar. Never heard of it. Can I substitute regular sugar for it?

Caster sugar or icing sugar for shortbread cookies?

by desserina 8 years ago

I've seen recipes using superfine sugar, some using icing sugar and I just wanted to know what's the difference in the final product? Does it affect the taste or the texture or whatever? Thanks! xo

Baker's sugar?

by DKS1 14 years ago

Quick question - what is this?! Sorry for my naiveté, but I'm making a scone recipe tonight or tomorrow (thanks, Chef Chicklet!) and it calls for 2 T of Baker's Sugar... I'm not familiar with t...

Caster sugar vs simple syrup

by Sami7 5 years ago

Which is better for alcoholic cocktails, caster sugar or simple syrup?

Can I make my own superfine sugar?

by nooodles 16 years ago

Intuition tells me that caster/bakers'/superfine sugar is just granulated sugar put through a food processor. Am I wrong? I just want something that'll melt a little more easily in cold drinks th...

Meringue tower -- what is "golden caster sugar"?

by somervilleoldtimer 7 years ago

Thinking about making this for a gluten-free friend, but stumped by the one ingredient. Should I just substitute confectioner's sugar? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2425035/Food-spe...

Caster Sugar - can I just grind up regular white sugar??

The Oracle
by The Oracle 11 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for 1 1/2 c caster sugar... I forgot to pick it up at the grocery store and don't really want to go out for just that. Can I use my food processor and 'grind up' regul...

What is "castor sugar"?

by Westy 9 years ago

Hello making turmeric fish from a Bill Granger book. He asks for "Castor sugar." Is that regular sugar or confectioners sugar? Thanks. Matt

Castor Sugar

by Ruthie789 9 years ago

I have some British cookbooks calling for Castor Sugar. I can purchase it at a local store but find it quite expensive. I have been putting regular white sugar in the food blender and grinding it...

Billington's Castor Sugar

by zonker 10 years ago

Where can I find Billington's castor sugar in downtown Toronto

Castor sugar

by RuralDeb 11 years ago

I have come across castor sugar in a recipe I want to make (Canada). What kind of sugar is this in our terms? Anyone?

Castor Sugar

by Homyro 11 years ago

If anyone is looking for castor sugar in Toronto, you can find it at Sobey's and it's called Instant dissolving sugar. Hope this helps anyone out there that was going nuts like I was trying to find...

Superfine sugar

by Chocolatechipkt 11 years ago

I'm having a hard time finding superfine sugar. It's not something buy often, but I seemed to remember seeing the boxes of Dominos brand superfine on the shelves. I'm in DC and have many choices of...

Help finding "unrefined caster sugar"?

by phan1 14 years ago

Because Heston Blumenthal uses it, and googling it gives me sugars and brands that are only located in the UK. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this item in the US? I thought Sucana...

Golden Superfine Sugar???

by energy 12 years ago

I have a cookbook that was printed in the UK, I found a great recipe for a blueberry lemon cake. The recipe asks for a cup of "Golden Superfine Sugstz" I am not exactly sure what I should use. Ca...

Making gelato--how important is superfine sugar?

by kattyeyes 13 years ago

Hi, it's my maiden voyage making chocolate gelato. I found a thread here re superfine sugar, but it focused on baking. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/462459 How important to the recipe is it t...

I'm thinking from now on I'll make my own caster sugar

by foodsmith 13 years ago

Its very hard to find in my area, and its expensive for a small package. If its nothing but crushed granulated sugar, why not just make it with a mortar and pestle? Any reason not to do this from a...