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SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana Just Released 3 Stunning Appliances You Probably Can't Afford

Have you ever wished your drab kitchen appliances better matched your couture-only closet? Well if you have, and you’ve also got a few grand collecting dusts, you can solve this classic quandary quite...

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tell me about your *dream* kitchen

by snacktime 12 years ago

Whether you are already enjoying your dream kitchen, or still just dreaming, I'd love to hear about it! My partner and I will be gutting our little kitchen and starting from scratch (except we a...

Samsung Range: Induction stove and Flex-Duo Oven - Your Pros/Cons Please!

by InRosiesKitchen 8 years ago

We're buying a new range for our kitchen. Due to size restrictions, it needs to be standard range size (30") and ideally I would love a double oven. We're also very interested in induction stoves. ...

Cant' decide between range or cooktop and wall oven?? Are Wolf and Sub-Zero worth the investment??

by KLMJGM 9 years ago

We are building a new house and are looking at different options in the kitchen. We can't decide between a 36" range vs cook top and wall oven(s). Also, we are wondering if it's worth the investmen...

Cleaning a gas stovetop. Any suggestions?

by Bengaliwife 12 years ago

I have checked other threads and found one suggestion but I was wondering if people had others. I cook alot of indian food and my gastop burner areas get gunky with cooked on grease very quickly, e...

Finally narrowed it down: KitchenAid dual fuel 36" range or Wolf 36" gas range or the Wolf Dual Fuel

by Kayla33 8 years ago

Hello, Hopefully I can get some help. We are renovating our entire main floor. We want a 36" range. I have been looking through these message boards and going to the local stores. We have (hopef...

Most recommended kitchen appliances for kitchen remodel

by L.A.Hound 14 years ago

I am about to embark on a kitchen remodel, and I am looking for recommendations for appliances. I will need: -a 30"-36" gas range (looking into dual fuel, but not sure if they are worth the ex...

Why don't more Americans use induction?

by BobB 9 years ago

I recently got a new range with induction cooktop, and have been absolutely blown away by its capabilities. It far outperforms any electric range on the market with its instant responsiveness (here...

unattended oven or stove

by rtms 11 years ago

I have a gas oven and stove and live in an condo apartment. Is is irresponsibly unsafe to leave something on the stove set on low while taking the trash downstairs. Would it be irresponsibly ...

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