The 8 Best Cookware Sets of 2020

Whether you’re moving into your first house, replacing old pots and pans, or simply shopping for a housewarming gift, you can’t go wrong buying a full set of cookware. This ensures you’ll have all the...

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Anyone how where and how to add handles to a large stock pot?

by trymonlam 12 years ago

i found a good deal on a 20 quart stock pot. it's brand new but with no handles. is there a way i can add handles to it? any particular shops i should approach? thank you.

Stock pot lid?

by JeremyEG 13 years ago

Hey everyone, I have one very large stockpot and I can't find the lid anywhere. Is this something that can be replaced? I want to make sure I get something tight fitting as this is the pot I use t...

Cuisinart anodized aluminum stockpot

by panoz 13 years ago

I'm searching for a stockpot that I would be able to do a light saute or sweat of mirapoix, and if possible, browing meats. Today I looked at a Cuisinart hard anodized stockpot with the glass lid....

cheap stockpots

by panoz 13 years ago

I'm looking for a stock pot that has a few simple requirements: boiling pasta (easy enough), handle a light sauté of mirapoix before adding stock to make soup, less than $30. I'm thinking 8 quart...

Oven cooking w/ a stock pot?

by spkspk 13 years ago

I want to try out a recipe for a beef stew which is supposed to be cooked in a Dutch oven for 2hrs at a temp of 300 degrees. I don't have a Dutch oven but I do have a stainless steel stockpot that...

CGY - need a large, cheap stockpot

by jeffwhit 13 years ago

Some co-workers and friends are doing an American Thanksgiving dinner in a couple weeks and I have been left in charge of the turkey. I require a stockpot, or something else food-grade to brine a...

going to buy a 20-quart stockpot: any recs?

by Hungry Celeste 13 years ago

--Is the enameled steel Le Creuset stockpot any good? --Should I just buy a no-name 20-quarter from the nearby restaurant supply house? --What kind of 20-quart stock pot do YOU have? TIA.

The Bounce Miracle Cure saved my stockpot!

by heidipie 14 years ago

Cynthia, you are a genius! Last Friday I let my stainless-steel pot boil dry while steaming asparagus, and it was thoroughly covered in carbon. I asked this board for help, and Cynthia suggested...

Help! I blackened my stainless-steel stockpot!

by heidipie 14 years ago

Oh no! I was steaming artichokes and forgot about them! And the pot boiled dry and is covered in black char on the bottom and an inch up the sides. I've had this happen before, but never to one o...

Experts: Stock Pot Shape: Does it matter....message inside...

by learner 15 years ago

I am about to purchase an 8 quart stock pot. The first option is a "tall and narrow" like a cuisinart or kitchenaid or calphalon. The second option is a "wide and short" like an all-clad-type (you ...

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