What to Do with Your New Dutch Oven

Did you score a Prime Day deal on a new Dutch oven this year? Congrats! Braise, boil, bake, and fry in the Dutch oven—the options are endless. Here’s what you need to know about your new favorite piece...

Which 3~5Qt/L soup/stew pot with conductive sides?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 3 months ago

First, I don't want exposed aluminum or copper on exterior surfaces. I am looking for something that is 20cm to 24cm in diameter with a capacity of at least 3Qt/L and not more than 5Qt/L. On a sm...

What else can I add to a curried chickpea stew for texture?

by cgxy96 4 months ago

Not looking for carb or starchy ingredients like potatoes or lentils but still hearty. Will cherry tomatoes be a good?

Table Talk with 'Cool Beans' Author Joe Yonan

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 1 year ago

While most of the country slows to a halt, eating (and cooking) must go on and many are turning to healthy comfort foods to help tide us through these rough and murky waters. Beans fall squarely in...

Beef stew for Instant Pot

by angelsmom 7 months ago

Up to this point I have always used my pressure cooker for my beef stew but since I am now the recipient of an instant pot I was going to try that. Does anyone have a good recipe that like to share...

TAGINE - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, January 2019

by herby 2 years ago

Happy New Year to our Dish of the Month community and welcome to the January 2019 reporting thread! This month we are cooking TAGINE, a North African stew of spiced meat, fish and/or vegetable...

Just in time for Halloween... rabbit blood

by kindnotnice 11 months ago

My French girlfriend raves about civet de lapin—a rabbit stew that requires that the reserved blood be used for the accompanying sauce. So far all the usual suspects, from Dartagnan to Ottomanelli...

Preparing eggplant for stew

by lizmom 1 year ago

I want to make Khoresh Badamjan (Iranian eggplant and beef stew). I'm an invalid who can't be out of bed very long. I have to make it extreme shortcuts. I can't keep making trips back and forth to ...

Dutch oven - weekend only?

by beadj 1 year ago

Cooking skill level - if Michelin star chef was a 10 and a college grad was a 2, I’m a 6. Debating if I want to keep the cast iron Dutch oven I’ve ordered. Never used one before, and neither did m...

All I want is FRIED DUMPLING with my OXTAIL STEW. Why is that so hard to find?

by Googs 1 year ago

A great chef named Beverly got me hooked years ago at her tiny spot on Sherry Rd in the Warden/Eglinton area. She did so well, she closed the spot to become a fulltime caterer. I've searched hig...

La Mesa, Massapequa

by Gastronomos 2 years ago

https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/la-mesa-massapequa-1.39154074 Our very own, the Fabulous Erica Marcus, has a nice write up on a place I find worth a mention here. When you do go, ...

March 2009/July 2012 COTM Fish Without a Doubt: Shellfish Appetizers & First Courses and Chowders, Soups, Stews

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

**March 2009 Cookbook of the Month** is Fish Without a Doubt by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore. Please post your full-length reviews of recipes for shellfish appetizers and first courses as well a...

All day simmering?

by thegforceny 2 years ago

So say you have some free time in the morning or mid day to make a dish that benefits from long simmering. It was massaman curry, but stews or a bolognese would work in this case as well. Do you l...

Bouillabaisse in or near Cassis

by LABeam 3 years ago

I would appreciate some suggestions regarding a place where one could enjoy an authentic bouillabaisse in or near Cassis.

Consistently good Pancita de Res.

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hi! I am on the hunt for a solid Pancita dee Res, a Mexican tripe stew. I had an excellent one down at Tacos El Bronco and Tacos Matamoros, both in Sunset Park. However, living in Williamsburg ...

My beef stew is blah, how's yours?

by Gretchen 4 years ago

Last winter I made a couple versions of beef stew, neither of which impressed. Julia Child's very traditional recipe, and the Serious Eats one that has you broiling the beef and using gelatin and d...

The necessity for using smaller sized pans for stews & soups?

by CHSeifert 2 years ago

I'm a big fan of space in my pots and pans when I make stews and soups. I prefer 6-7 liter cooking vessels for my stews and soups, even if they only use 50% of the volume of the pan. I'm wonder...

Which bread to serve with Guinness beef stew?

by vanessa7 2 years ago

I am trying to decide if I should make Irish Soda bread or a Guinness brown bread to go with a Guinness beef stew for our St. Patrick's Day party. Is it too much Guinness if I make the brown bread?...

Oxtail over $10 a pound, are beef neckbones a suitable sub?

by CookingChemicalEngineer 2 years ago

Hi, I love making oxtail stew in the instant pot and varying the recipes from what you might call "American pot roast standard" to more Cuban style to more Jamaican style. But the oxtail meat is...

What's your signature stew?

by bestbitesonly 2 years ago

I need ideas for home made stews for the Winter. I'm using Le Creuset for most of my home soup/stew cooking.

Please Help me save this pot of Posole/Pozole!!

by OliveYou2 2 years ago

Pozole newbie here; Please help me save this pot of soup :( This is my first time making Pozole and I decided to try a meatless version. I was so happy with the results as everything turned out f...