Your Pumpkin Pie Lies: It's Probably Actually Made From Canned Squash

Shocker: Canned pumpkin is not actually pumpkinā€”it's squash. But they're so much alike it doesn't really matter...right? Pumpkins are a beloved symbol of fall, the decoration of choice on Halloween...

Colorado Cache Cookbook

by pdolanlv 7 months ago

My Colorado Cache cookbook is packed away somewhere. There is a recipe in their that has zucchini, corn, cheese, onions and I think Summer Squash. Could someone send me the recipe? Thank you!

Can anyone help identify these squash?

by Kikitoo 2 years ago

They are the size of a spaghetti squash (most of them anyway) and delicious, mild, spaghetti squash like on the inside as well. It was a volunteer in my garden. The warty skin is only on some of th...

Favorite Summer Squash recipes

by cheeseisheaven 3 years ago

My CSA is starting to give us lots of summer squash...what are your fave recipes, veggie and vegan are good, just no bell peppers...Thanks!!!

Winter Squash Braised in Cider

by outRIAAge 3 years ago

This is my variation of an old NY Times Thanksgiving recipe from 2003. It's excellent (which in Thanksgiving terms means it won't alienate anyone), foolproof, and also different enough that nobody ...

Wild squash?

by polyhymnia 12 years ago

i went hiking the other day in Calabasas, in Malibu state park and saw that the plants I had earlier identified as some kind of squash had produced fruit. It's round, about the size of baseball, th...

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