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Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

In the time of coronavirus when we are trying to reduce contact, restaurants with reduced staff and services are reluctant to accept cash except for exact change or physically touch credit cards. S...

Restaurant Birthday Party- You're Invited But You Have to Pay

by Kat 9 years ago

So, my neighbor recently told me that she and her spouse were invited to a friend's birthday party at an upscale restaurant/nightclub. They attended. There were about fifteen people. Everyone orde...

The second French paradox: splitting the tab

by mangeur 4 years ago

We've mostly settled upon a comfortable way to settle the bill. For the most part, just split the tab. But it's come to my attention that there are times when it seems grossly unfair. The mo...

Who pays for birthday dinner at a weekend bday getaway?

by kristen3 4 years ago

I'm inviting 8 friends to celebrate my 50th birthday party at a "girls' weekend" getaway. My BFF is hosting at her beach house. Here's the big picture... guests will stay 2 nights at my friend's be...

Seperate Checks?

by suzannajoy 9 years ago

I was out to lunch yesterday with a group of ten women. As the waiter began to take our order, several of the women asked that we all have seperate checks. I consider this a breach of restaurant ...

Splitting the check

by hoppy2468 6 years ago

Group of 19. 3 or four couples and the rest are singles. Harry Caray's. Will they be willing to divide into separate bills for everyone? I plan to ask when I confirm the reservation but I would lik...

Private group dinner options in or near the Back Bay

by LauOnLaw 6 years ago

Hello fellow Hounds, I'm planning a group dinner in Boston for April 2016 and am looking for restaurant suggestions. Our group will be ~50 to 80 people, and we meet annually in a different city ...

How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

by emglow101 6 years ago

Inspired from another post. You asked your friends, family, co workers, or other to join you for dinner. Without having separate checks do you have the others guess what their amount to be paid and...

Etiquette on anniversary dinner

by Sandylittle 7 years ago

So, my husbands siblings (and spouses) all decided to to take their parents out for dinner for their anniversary. We're dining at a relatively nice restaurant and are splitting the bill evenly betw...

Am I being too cheap? Splitting restaurant bill on family vacation

by Dinermite 7 years ago

I leave this Saturday for a trip to Disney with my GF and her family. It will be a total of 6 adults and 3 kids (kids are my GF's sister's). I haven't been the planner, just going along, although...

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