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Share your favorite specialty food shops, ask questions about to where to find unusual ingredients and brands, and chat with Chowhounds about local shops and products in your area.

This Chicago Spice Shop Is Epic...Literally

Tucked beneath the facade of an old menswear store, Epic Spices is unassuming at first glance. Step through the little corridor between diagrams of posters (featuring figs, cloves, and pepper), and...

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Galleries LaFayette-Food Hall Changed Dramatically

by Delucacheesemonger 6 years ago

l may be the only one did not know this but the wonderful food court at Galleries LaFayette, which l preferred to Le Bon Marche's version, both old version and new version, has also changed. Gave ...


by bxgirl 6 years ago

I got a gift certificate to Eataly. What should I buy? I don't want to use it as a "restaurant" gift certificate. I want to buy special foods, which I would not normally buy. Thanks


by bxgirl 6 years ago

Would it be ridiculous to buy red wine vinegar at Eataly? Is that something I should be spending my gift card on? I am trying-out new salad dressings, and many call for red-wine vinegar. Would a ...

Round out my Atlantic Ave run

rose water
by rose water 6 years ago

We're having about 50 friends (including lots of kids) over and plan to get: Damascus--cheese cones, meat cones, mini spinach pies, mini meat pies, muhammara, lots of pita Sahadi's--cheese, d...

Where to get A5 wagyu?

by ilykejordans 6 years ago

Anyone know any meat shops or specialty food shops, where I could get A5 wagyu. I am located in the Walnut/Diamond Bar (I am also always around SGV) area so within that radius would be nice, but I ...

WF-ish in Richmond?

by mayonegg 6 years ago

Hi. Is there anything akin to a Whole Foods or Urban Fare in Richmond? Looking for somewhere with an excellent selection of cheese, good bread, a selection of olives, etc. Thanks.

Taramasalata Source?

by Slow Foodie 18 years ago

Bezjian's used to carry it but didn't stock it last time I looked. Any recommendations (preferably east of La Brea, Glendale or Pasadena-ish? Thanks!

Xantham gum

by EMMTL 6 years ago

Hi all, I need to buy some xantham gum but only need a bit and all I've found are big packs which are quite expensive. Does anyone know where I could get some in smaller quantities? Thanks i...

I bought this vegetable (???) at the grocery, but I cannot identify it

by JKDLady 6 years ago

I was at a new (to me) international grocery store yesterday and had a great time perusing the fruits and veggies. I bought several things I'd never heard of (Indian bittermelon, Chinese bittermelo...

Fresh Pork Belly?

by WileysHungryAgain 14 years ago

Need some help finding fresh Pork Belly. Need it for Sunday so would have to pick it up Saturday. I've put in call to my local Bristol Farms today (10/25/06). They're trying but not sure if the...

Eataly ?

by Janskitchen 6 years ago

Haven't heard anything, lately, about Eataly coming to Philly. Anyone know if it's still in the works?

Looking for argentinian products

by AlbionGal 10 years ago

Hey everyone, new on the boards, and I've lived in the Bay Area for 2 years. I'm originally from Argentina. I wanted to see if someone in the area knows where I can buy grocery products from there,...

Creamy Speculoos in Vancouver?

by Andria 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find speculoos spread? This is a creamy spread made from speculaas, those thin and tasty spice cookies. It comes in a jar similar to peanut butter, under the brand name...

Wow! Now THAT is Liverwurst: Karl's Sausage, Peabody

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

After reading CH raves about Karl's for years, we finally made it up there last week. We were so lucky that there were no other customers at the meat counter in that late afternoon, so I got to sa...

Did Daiter's close early?

by peppermint pate 6 years ago

Long time no post! Anyway, I had planned to pay my final respects with a bit of Passover shopping at Daiter's today but when I called to confirm their hours, the vm said they have now closed for go...

Seasonal goodies in Florence, Venice and Milan

by t14072 6 years ago

We will be spending the last week of May first week of June starting in Florence and then on to Venice then Milan. What should we be looking for in the markets and the restaurants? Last year, in th...

Med Deli grocery store in Chapel Hill

by bbqme 6 years ago

I've popped into this place a few times now and I love it. They have a limited selection of veggies but the prices are great (e.g., $.99/lb for eggplant). I like their selection of fetas, olives, a...

Any Great East Bay Specialty/Gourmet Stores?

by Al Fredo 14 years ago

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any great specialty grocers in the East Bay area (I live in Concord). I'm aware of Andronico's, Whole Food's, Lunardi's etc. I'm interested if anyon...

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