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Instagram's Royalty Loves A $22 Plate of Chips and Ham. But Does It Live Up to the Fanfare?

A lot of foods blow up on Instagram, but just how good are they in reality? Chowhound’s Social Media Producer Connor Bower is determined to find out which ones are worth your time and which are simply...

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Cinc Sentits in Barcelona - Photo report

by Perceptor 13 years ago

Thanks for all the chowhounders that recommended Cinc Sentits for good barcelona eats.. place did not dissappoint.. had a great lunch there. Enjoy the picture report.... http://www.kodakgallery...

Specific request, Murcia, Spain

by lvnvflyer 13 years ago

I am looking for the name of a restaurant in Murcia; it's on the water, and I think that "red fish" or the spanish equivalent is in the name....it's a terrific place.

Recs in Sherry Triangle-Jerez de la Frontera, el Puerto de Santa María, Sanlúcar de Barrameda?

by SalMonela 13 years ago

Am planning a week or so in Southern Spain in early October, can anyone help out with recommendations for fine food in Jejez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, and/or Sanlúcar de Barrameda. ...

Barcelona in August

by PeteDelfino 13 years ago

Going to Barcelona at the end of August...planning on staying near La Rambla? Any thoughts about where to stay? How to get around the city? and of course WHERE to eat. and MUST eat at. Would ...

Cooking Class (one day) in Madrid and/or San Sebastian?

by janedoe67 13 years ago

I will have one free day in Madrid in the next couple of weeks. I went to google to find a one day cooking class and there were many, many links. I saw a few that involve cooking/eating + going t...

Places to eat in Cordoba/Granada

by mielimato 13 years ago

I'll be in a small town outside of Cordoba, called Priego de Cordoba, for a wedding at the end of August. Then we will tour around the south of Spain for a few days. Any suggestions for place to ...

Cinc Sentis - website-

by industry worker 13 years ago

I am struggling to find the website for Cinc Sentis. Can anyone help?

El Bulli: Has anyone been this year yet?

by Baby Ruth 14 years ago

What's on the menu? What is the meal cost this year? Any advice regarding wine pairings? Thank you!

Palma de Mallorca

by Helind 13 years ago

I recently moved to Palma de Mallorca from NYC. I would very much like to go to some good restaurants. Any ideas? I don't have a ton of money to spend on dining out at expensive restaurants on a re...

Help l'Estartit Spain

by vegatairan 13 years ago

Im a none spanish speaking vegatairan going to l'Estartit for a hoilday.Can anyone tell me the best place's for a vegatiran to eat and buy food from at a good price. Im trying to pick up some ...

El Bulli website [moved from General Topics]

by Darren72 13 years ago

I've been exploring the El Bulli website ( http://www.elbulli.com ) . I especially like the photographs of dishes going back to 1983, and the page called "Synthesis of elBulli cuisine". The latter ...

Madeira recs?

by MarkC 13 years ago

Going to Madeira for a couple of weeks in August. Any good restaurant or eating recs?

Spain Trip-September

by flobow 13 years ago

We will be going to Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville in September. I would welcome recommendations for must visit restaurants in these cities. Thanks!

Seville, Grenada recs?

by quentin 13 years ago

I'll be going to Spain at the end of September. There's a lot on here for Madrid and Barcelona, but what about Seville and Grenada? Any suggestions will be helpful. I suppose we're looking for mor...

URGENT - Catalan SUQUET Advice Needed ASAP

by torta basilica 13 years ago

We've got clams & monkfish & Italian parsley, olives & garlic & white wine... now what do I do? Would post on Home Cooking, but doubt I'll get a fast response on this obscure a request! Gracias!!

Basque Tapas in Barcelona: Txacolin (Recommendation)

by waste49 13 years ago

Hi all, Couldn't resist popping in to recommend Txacolin in Barcelona. It's a fantastic place for pinxos (small plates) and Basque cider. Get there early (9:30ish) as it fills up almost every ni...

Barcelona in August

by PeteDelfino 13 years ago

Going to Barcelona at the end of August...planning on staying near La Rambla? Any thoughts about where to stay? How to get around the city? and of course WHERE to eat. and MUST eat at. Would ...

Wine bar in Toledo--Amboades

by kenito799 13 years ago

Yes Toledo is touristy but after seeing the Disney-perfect Medieval town, gorging on partridge and suckling pig for lunch, having a siesta, watch the rowdy locals in the plaza then stroll to TABERN...

3 Days in Barcelona

by Perceptor 13 years ago

Hey everyone, need some help planning my meals in Barcelona. I will be there for 3 days in July. Where do i HAVE to eat??? Thanks in advance.. Perceptor

1 Night in Madrid & 1 Night in Barcelona: Best Pics?

by SoxFan 13 years ago

We are looking for restaurant suggestion for one night in Madrid and one night in BArcelona this week... We're in our mid-40s, looking for a contemporary, "hot" restaurant that is great, but not...

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