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A Bite-Size Stop in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Just the name alone—Truth or Consequences, New Mexico—has likely piqued your curiosity, and with good reason. There is a lot to be curious about in this town formerly called Hot Springs: the geothermal...

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Vegas-San Fran. Road Trip

by Alex Kurian 21 years ago

This is my first time on the site; thanks for all the tips for Vegas. I'm heading on a road trip from Vegas to San Francisco next week, and thought there might be some suggestions for a restaur...

Nostalgic for Colorado Springs

by Beth 21 years ago

I found myself thinking about all the food I ate in college because of the discussion on the general board about formative chowhound experiences. I searched to see what had been posted about the S...

Las Vegas recommendations

by A. James Liska 21 years ago

Just returned from a trip to Vegas and was pleased, though not overly so, with Hugo's Cellar at the Four Queens. Twenty-three years ago, it was spectacular; last week it was quite good, though lack...

challenge: Minden, NV

by george osner 21 years ago

Elise & I are going to Minden, NV in about a week to fly in a balloon festival. I read the message about JT's on the board; does anyone have any further suggestions for fine eatin' in Minden (by t...

Tucson: ANYTHING toothsome!

by Diane Loving 21 years ago

I am homesick for deli/philly/something juicy and fattening and plentifully presented. Does anyone have some suggestions...is there a "Best of Tucson" in any category other than Mexican? I'm a li...

Pregnant Vegetarian Must go to Las Vegas--HELP!!!

by Amy Spagnuolo 21 years ago

I am attending a wedding in Las Vegas, and, as aforementioned, am a pregnant vegetarian. Help!!! I eat often now so I need inexpensive, not too fussy dining suggestions. I will be out there for ...

Reno Ideas?

by Dave Feldman 23 years ago

I'll be spending a week in the Reno, Nevada area this month. Anyone have any restaurant ideas? I'll have a car and will travel for food. We're planning on spending at least one day in Lake Taho...

Basque in Gardnerville, NV (near Lake Tahoe)

by Linda 21 years ago

Anyone who decides to hit Lake Tahoe should make a trip down to nearby Gardnerville, Nev., to JT Basque Bar and Dining Room. It started out as a rooming house/restaurant for Basque sheepherders,...

Basque in Gardnerville, NV (near Lake Tahoe)

by Linda 21 years ago

Anyone who decides to hit Lake Tahoe should make a trip down to nearby Gardnerville, Nev., to JT Basque Bar and Dining Room. It started out as a rooming house/restaurant for Basque sheepherders,...

Phoenix report

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

We spent a week in Scottsdale and Phoenix, with an excursion up to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. (Lots of driving!) My favorite eating of the week was in Guadelupe, a neighborhood in between Phoenix...

West Texas & Southern New Mexico

by Michael Z. 22 years ago

I am planning a trip to Carlsbad & White Sands, as well as the Big Bend area including El Paso. Any suggestions for good Mex,Tex-Mex or BBQ (or for that matter any good food adventures) would be g...

Portabella & Artichoke Cafe

by Fesones 22 years ago

I really like this place, the food, the service...simply my favorite in ABQ. I also enjoyed the Artichoke Cafe. Both of these places were excellent... What do people think? Sante Fe, the city i...

Diners on US 93

by Norris Heintzelman 21 years ago

In a few weeks we will be vacationing in Tucson and then renting a car and driving up to Las Vegas to visit family. We are interested in finding good places to get lunch and possibly dinner on the...

Restaurants in Vail, Colorado

by Gwen Schneidkraut Jones 21 years ago

(I believe I've already posted this but I'm not sure if it actually "posted" so... forgive the redundancy.) My husband and I will be in Vail, CO for the weekend and would like to find a romantic,...

Elegant and excellent restaurant in Vail, CO?

by Gwen Schneidkraut Jones 21 years ago

My husband and I will be spending the weekend in Vail and would like to go out for a romantic, delicious dinner. Any suggestions?

Las Vegas

by A. James Liska 22 years ago

Twenty years ago, Hugo's at the Four Queens was wonderful. Is it still?

Moab Jerk

by john c ralph 22 years ago

This ain't no dance, but is the best Jerk I've had outside Jamaica. I spent two weeks backpacking across that country stopping at every cut-in-half 55 gallon drum smoking with flavor. Each meal was...

Las Vegas Chowhoundy Places

by Dave Feldman 22 years ago

Adam, If you do a search on "Las Vegas" here, you'll find plenty of posts on this subject. If you haven't seen it, "our" Jonathan Gold wrote a terrific column for Gourmet about the high-end oppo...

Dining in Sante Fe

by Jay 23 years ago

My folks are spending January in Santa Fe and I'd like to make them a Christmas gift of dinner in a good, interesting restarant. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

restaurants in or near downtown phoenix

by Paul Panther 22 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas about good places, especially Mexican or microbreweries in downtown Phoenix or someplace that isn't too far away by car? Having never been there, I don't have a clue...

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