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July 2017 COTM: DEEP RUN ROOTS, reports on PEANUTS; OKRA; COLLARDS; PEACHES (pp. 378-463)

by pistachio peas 24 days ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from the following chapters from DEEP RUN ROOTS: PEANUTS; OKRA; COLLARDS; PEA...

MmeFleiss commented 2 days ago

July 2017 COTM: DEEP RUN ROOTS, reports on OYSTERS; PECANS; BEANS & PEAS; FIGS (pp. 100-189)

by pistachio peas 24 days ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from the following chapters from DEEP RUN ROOTS: OYSTERS; PECANS; BEANS & PEA...

MmeFleiss commented 2 days ago


by pistachio peas 24 days ago

It's finally here! This book has been slowly gathering steam for a few months and the time has come to explore it tog...

nomadchowwoman commented 2 days ago

Good little restaurants near 23rd in Chelsea!

by jclackey 6 days ago

Hey, Folks. Southern girl wants some local, but good restaurants...anything but country cooking? Suggestions, pleas...


sebastianxx commented 3 days ago

How do you eat your grits?

by PotatoHouse 4 years ago

my ex wife, the know it all, always made fun of me and claimed I was not a true Southerner because my favorite way to...


zengontale commented 11 days ago

Cooking from Sean Brock’s HERITAGE

by L.Nightshade 2 years ago

This is the thread for reporting on recipes you make from Sean Brock’s cookbook, Heritage. Notes on Brock from Wi...


Madrid commented 12 days ago

Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen

by Blumie 12 months ago

Ate here for the first time last night before a show at the Jalopy Theater. (Note, the Jalopy Tavern, directly adjac...

LaLa commented 21 days ago

Favorite New Cookbook "Deep Run Roots"

by bsobel226 6 months ago

Over the past few months I have become a huge fan of the PBS show "Chef's Life" featuring Vivian Howard. My wife pick...

pistachio peas commented 24 days ago

Frank Stitt’s Southern Table: . . . and Something Sweet to Finish

by JoanN 9 years ago

February 2008 Cookbook of the Month, Frank Stitt’s Southern Table. Please post your full-length reviews of dessert...

JoanN commented 25 days ago

southern cooks: what is "ground red pepper"?

by toodie jane 8 years ago

Cheese straw recipes call for it--is it paprika? cayenne? huh? Help please and thank you.


DeaWood commented 2 months ago

Meat and Three - Plate Lunch - Long Island - not upstate

by Gastronomos 6 months ago

Although the article is focused on the south... there's more and more of this everywhere. And I do like that. Thing...

Gastronomos commented 3 months ago

NYer in Charleston and Savannah - good choices?

by detroit1010 11 months ago

Two of us will be coming down from NYC to Charleston and Savannah in October for two nights each. Being from NY, we a...


newsysuzy12 commented 4 months ago

Wholesale or Retail Turtle Meat in New England?

by CapeCodGuy 4 months ago

I have a hankering to offer an old school, Creole snapper soup, but can only find boneless turtle meat mail order out...


Madrid commented 4 months ago

Meat and Three

by soccermom13 5 months ago

Can anyone suggest some great "Meat and Three" restaurants in Atlanta and Savannah (and anywhere in between those two...

ted commented 4 months ago

Friends, family come together to save iconic Lion's Den Café

by LotusRapper 5 months ago

Be on the lookout for announcement of upcoming event @ The Lion's Den:

LotusRapper commented 5 months ago

"Under Contract": Farmers and the Fine Print

by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

" . . . contract farmers tell their stories and industry experts reveal how the corporate production model pits farme...


ratgirlagogo commented 5 months ago

What sides with Salmon croquettes?

by kengk 4 years ago

I'm speaking of the typical Southern style salmon patty. Canned salmon, egg, bread crumbs and pan fried. I like ...


amee commented 6 months ago

Princess Pamela's Southern Touch Restaurant

by Patty 14 years ago

Anyone remember Princess Pamela Southern Touch Restaurant? It was located on East 1st Street, but she used to have a...


small h commented 6 months ago

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