A Guide to Using Eggs in Cocktails

Eggs are undoubtedly one of the most versatile ingredients, but they’re not just for baking and breakfast. Egg whites are a common ingredient in cocktails, used to create a creamy texture and foam...

Tart & Sour: what's the difference?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Please help me understand the differences between food & beverage that would be considered tart or sour....

Where to find Pisco Sour

by MargeA 5 years ago

I recently returned from Chili and had the best drink called Pisco Sour. They were selling it in a bottle at the airport in Santiago, Chili, but I did not want to carry it on the plane. Thought I...

Odys and Penelope

by WilliamBeckett 6 years ago

I dropped into the Hatfield's new digs last night for dinner at the last minute, really glad they didn't turn me away even though I showed up at 9:57 (and they close at 10:00). It was a pretty good...

Have you substituted something for Pisco in a Pisco Sour?

by MazDee 8 years ago

I just came back from South America and forgot to bring a bottle of Pisco with me. It isn't available where I live, and now I'm addicted to Pisco Sours! In a culinary class on the ship, we were tol...

Egg whites in sours

by tinnywatty 9 years ago

Is there a reason why egg white is a traditional addition to a whiskey sour, but not to any of the other sours (Daiquiri, Margarita, etc)? I have had a variation on the daiquiri containing egg whi...

What brand of liquor to use for Whiskey Sours?

by Diane in Bexley 10 years ago

Not a drinker, am approaching the holiday season, the only time I really drink. DD wants to serve frozen whiskey sours at the cocktail hour prior to major Thanksgiving meal. My tastes run to vodka,...

Revisiting A Classic -- Whiskey Sour

by BHAppeal 15 years ago

While posting on another thread about classic cocktails to try, I mentioned a a whiskey sour made with real lemon juice instead of the run-of-the-mill sweet & sour most bars use. That jogged my mem...

Where can I find some wonderful tumblers/whiskey sour glasses?

by VAfoodie 12 years ago

I've looked at Pier 1 and Pottery Barn. Nothing bowled me over. Something beautiful but not so expensive that I'll cry when I break one.

What's the best sweet and sour mix?

by VAfoodie 12 years ago

I bought some Freshies that isn't bad. Been getting into bourbon lately.

Best Whiskey Sour

by StriperGuy 12 years ago

On this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/321465 I posted my normal sour recipe. But tonight I perfected it. Honestly best whiskey sour I have ever had, full stop. Here's the recipe: Zest...

new york sour question

by jgg13 13 years ago

I was reading about the NY Sour a while back, still haven't managed to have one yet. One thing I was just wondering though, with the wine floated on top. Once served, are you supposed to leave it...

Homemade Sour Mix

by LocalFreshOrganic 14 years ago

The Sidecar is a classic drink that has made a resurgence and that I absolutely dig! I am trying to recreate this sweet and sour delicacy with a homemade sour mix. I have the juice of 7 juicy, me...

Tried & True Pisco Sour Recipe? (For Tonight!)

by MMRuth 14 years ago

I've been tasked with making these at 6pm, it's been ages since I've done so, and the recipe I use is my mother's and she's not available at the moment! I've googled various recipes, including the...

Warm Whiskey Sour?

by David A. 17 years ago

Last night I made myself a drink that really hit the spot on a cold evening: Canadian whiskey, lemon, sugar, and hot water. Does this drink have a name, or -- as seems unlikely -- did I invent it. ...

Whiskey Sour Slush

by mamaciita 13 years ago

I need a recipe for frozen whiskey sours for a holiday party next weekend. I've seen many--some of which include iced tea, and I'm out of time for recipe testing. Anyone?

Whiskey Sour Recipe?

by wontonton 15 years ago

Anyone know a recipe for a great whiskey sour, whether it's from scratch ingredients or with a favorite mixer? What's your preferred whiskey in it?

Pisc sour question

by Martha Gehan 20 years ago

From a pisco sour recipe printed on a bottle of pisco bought in the Lima airport: a list of ingredients including "jarabe de goma". An English-Spanish dictionary defines "goma" as "rubber". This...

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