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How to make blended soups less stodgy?

by drjlm 11 days ago

Hi all, I've been experimenting with making vegetarian blended soups recently. I'm trying to make them nutritio...

hotoynoodle commented 8 hours ago

Split Pea soup - help please!

by pamd 10 years ago

Ok, so I decided to try split pea soup. I followed the recipe,1977...


Querencia commented 20 hours ago

ham hock and bean soup

by sylvan 5 years ago

What do you do to keep ham hock and bean soup soup from being greasy. I cook the ham and leave it in the fridge overn...


shakedownsherry commented 2 days ago

Food to bring over to a BF house when you stay for a few days

by The_Libster 7 days ago

Quick scenario: BF lives 45-50 mins away, in a house with his best friend, I want to also provide food for his roomma...


Nyleve commented 2 days ago

Soup Skimmer

by mikie 3 years ago

I'm a follow directions kind of guy, so when a soup recipe states, "... skim ..." I want to skim, but with what? W...


janniecooks commented 4 days ago

Asian noodle soup in Detroit area

by mgebs 9 days ago

We had bowls of soup in NYC and really enjoyed it. Is there some place to find same in NW suburbs, or even elsewhere?


chadnibal commented 5 days ago

Hot and Sour Soup in the Village

by Tom Steele 8 days ago

Ever since Charlie Mom closed some years ago, I've been unable to find Hot and Sour Soup that compares with theirs, w...

Steve R commented 6 days ago

Hot and Sour Soup West Side of Vancouver?

by J and V 2 months ago

SO has the flu and demands HSS, preferably seafood HSS, for dinner tonight. We usually go the the New Grandview on F...

LotusRapper commented 19 days ago

French Onion Soup -- best alcohol to use?

by arielleeve 6 years ago

I am making French onion soup tonight and have been looking at a bunch of different recipes from which to work. They ...


minega commented 20 days ago

Do you have a favorite flavor of Progresso Soup?

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

If you don't like Progresso Soups, or canned soups in general, or think they are a health hazard, then this isn't the...

DonShirer commented 21 days ago

Quinoa, chickpea and spinach soup

by LakaKuharica 25 days ago

A simple and comforting vegetable one-pot soup packed with healthy protein. Servings: 4 Total time...

LaLa commented 25 days ago

Menudo Mornings in Salinas

by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Recently I've returned to the weekend ritual of menudo as the morning meal for its restorative powers and leisure tim...

Melanie Wong commented 25 days ago

What to do with chicken after making broth?

by smgord 1 month ago

I making chicken broth – the Neiman Marcus recipe. It calls for whole chicken pieces, so I'm using up a cut-up fryer...


medlar commented 1 month ago

help, my soup is way too acidic!

by kudru 8 years ago

I made a bean soup and got a little over-enthusiastic with the sun-dried tomatoes, and the result is waaaay too tangy...


NachoRodriguez commented 1 month ago


by emglow101 4 years ago

It's the season.The leaves are falling off the trees.I'm craving soup. Fish soup,which I made tonight. Bean soup, veg...

coll commented 1 month ago

Uses for veg soup gone grainy

by CalamityJane 1 month ago

Made sweet potato and leek soup (same way i always have done) but this time it just went really grainy / bitty and wo...


Foxeyblue commented 1 month ago

How to make tsukemen broth creamy and thick?

by Chili_Junkie 10 months ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I love ramen and make good ramen myself. (White tonkotsu for 13 hrs, marinate my o...

Chili_Junkie commented 1 month ago

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Massel vegan "chicken" stock

by ed fontleroy 1 month ago

Having become a vegan for health reasons some time ago and being an avid home cook, I have learned that it typically ...

Can I freeze matzoh balls?

by somervilleoldtimer 2 months ago

I will be out of town for six day just before Passover. Chicken soup is made and in the freezer, but my matzoh ball ...


twistedchef commented 2 months ago

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