Soft-Shell Crab

The Ultimate Guide to Crab

Have you ever been intimidated shopping for crab at the grocery store, or cooking it at home? It happens to me all the time. Which is why I decided enough is enough, and gave myself a tutorial on the...

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Soft Shell Crabs?

by gryffindor249 5 years ago

Who has them? Both retail, to cook at home...and any restaurant that prepares them nicely...

Looking for Soft shell crabs (moleche) in Venice

by t14072 5 years ago

We will be in Venice in the beginning of June. Is that Moleche season and what restaurants would I be able to order them. How are they served? So excited. Thanks.

Chi therapy in Chinatown leads to amazing soft shell crabs at Sichuan Gourmet (Brookline location)

by Blumie 5 years ago

A good friend of mine has been getting chi therapy from James Luo in Chinatown (I need to give him a plug: 200 Lincoln St., Suite 401, 617-953-6377) on a regular basis for some time, and she recomm...

Missing Maine Shrimp (year 2), Looking forward to Shad Roe & Soft Shell Crabs

by deweyweber54 5 years ago

Greetings All! As nature goes through her or his cycles, we (like many of you) have missed not having Maine Shrimp again this winter. The recent daylight saving thing has however reminded us tha...

Hollywood Farmers Mkt- Soft Shell Crab?

by LATrapp 8 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know if you can find Soft Shell Crab at this weekend's Hollywood Farmers Market? I know Santa Monica Seafood just started carrying this season's fresh crop, so I'm hoping to f...

Is there anywhere in Denver to buy softshell crab?

by Megiac 12 years ago

I'm craving it and have not seen it on any restaurant menus. Since it's the season, I was hoping I could buy them at a market somewhere and cook them myself.

Soft shell crabs?

by unpocojmoney 8 years ago

Hi all, Where can I buy fresh/live soft shell crabs in the Atlanta area? I'm in Midtown, but will venture OTP if necessary for a good buy. Thanks!

Soft shell crabs in Toronto?

by emq 5 years ago

I am craving fresh soft shell crabs. Anyone know of a source? Diana's does not have them.

Best Softshell Crab Sandwich in Monmouth County?

by LifeGeek 6 years ago

Being fairly new to the area, I was wondering where some of the local residents go for softshells. Also, when is the official start of the local season? I understand some places pass off crabs from...

Soft Shell Crab !

by piglet3000 6 years ago

Is it out there yet ? Fresh, not frozen. In a sandwich, on pasta, anything ???

Ayada -- great softshell crabs yesterday

by Simon 5 years ago

Some of the best i've had -- tons of backfin meat, perfectly cooked...28 bucks but w/ the large amount of somdam it's really like two dishes...craving it again already...

Buy Softshell Crabs

by pjbosc 5 years ago

Where can I buy fresh softshell crabs in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area?

First Soft Shell Crabs Sighting

by 9lives 8 years ago

Mercato de Mare in the NE has them and Peach Farm is also making them.

Buying Live Soft Shell Crabs

by sathan 11 years ago

Does anyone know where I could buy live soft shell crabs in the Bay Area?

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

by rozziegirl 6 years ago

Any ideas on who has them on the menu? Boston or central sq preferable. Thanks!

Sources for soft shell crabs? Steep prices?

by aregularjoe 6 years ago

So I went into New Deal toady to buy some soft shells, and they were $8.99 EACH! (up $2 a pound form last year) Are they this overpriced everywhere? Anybody know of other reliable vendors with bett...