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What to eat with dips on soft food diet?

by dmehling 4 years ago

I am on a soft food diet because I have difficulties chewing and swallowing. I really enjoy eating different kinds of dips, mostly salsa, guacamole, and hummus. I mainly used tortilla chips, but ...

Oral Surgery.. GF, vegetarian, dairy-free

by GraceW 4 years ago

Hello, I am preparing my pantry, freezer, and kitchen for about two weeks of soft or liquid diet following major oral surgery. I won't have anyone around to prepare foods or drive me to the store....

Cooking for sick neighbor

by BethNH 4 years ago

It has come to our attention that one of our neighbors is very sick with ALS. She has difficulty chewing but can swallow. She can't use her arms or speak. Her husband has become her care giver a...

What's the best food to eat with a sore throat?

by CharmeDuSud 7 years ago

Sick at home today.... I could take medicine, but why would I do that when I could eat? xD Anybody have some sore throat remedies for Lil Ms. Foodie over here? Any personal favorites? :) My favo...

Tonsillectomy Recipes

by sunkissedbabe43 11 years ago

My brother just had a tonsillectomy on Friday and I was looking for some recipes for cold or lukewarm, soft or easily chewable, sweet or savory foods. Any help is appreciated =]

Help with soft food diet please!!!

toodie jane
by toodie jane 10 years ago

My dear Hubby is home from Stanford and needs to eat soft foods (no chewing involved, or are dissolvalble like chocolate) that are tasty and nutritious. He is at risk for bleeding and has lost ...

Help - no-chew diabetic foods?

by Kajikit 5 years ago

My poor husband has an abscess... he got antibiotics this morning but he can't chew anything. Any brilliant ideas for diabetic-suitable no-chew foods to give him? Especially things that aren't swee...

just pulled my wisdom teeth- what to eat?

by david de berkeley 17 years ago

so i had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted on friday. this weekend my diet consisted of plain jook, kfc extra processed mashed potatoes, pudding, vanilla ice cream, and myoplex protein shakes....

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