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Help..About to toss cast iron skillet!

by baseballfan 12 years ago

I have a new pre-seasoned Lodge cast iron skillet that is frustrating the heck out of me. No matter what I do, everything sticks. Tonight's disaster was fried potatoes. I have followed all of the m...

Reheating steak w/o a skillet or grill ... how?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

Can I reheat steak in a microwave? Or should I just not bother and let it come to room temperature? Thanks for any insights.

Bittman's Skillet

by concordjeff 12 years ago

I, for one, had a great time with Bittman's no-knead bread. This past Wednesday, there was Bittman's skillet. I have a brand new skillet, used just once. I came across this article that talks ab...

Need a great recipe to try my cast iron skillet.

by Archimedic 12 years ago

Got lots of great pots and pans for our wedding, have used and love them all except one, the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. Can anyone give me a recipe that would be great in it? Looking for a recipe th...

Electric Skillet recommendations

by sandpiper 12 years ago

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for an electric skillet.

Skillet versus saute pan - form feeds function?

by Seanchai 12 years ago

As I continue to get more comfortable in the kitchen, I'm thinking about upgrading my cookware from the old Farberware I received at my wedding. However, something has me stumped: what is the rea...

New skillet makes horrible sound against burner--can I make it better?

by veryveryrosalind 12 years ago

I got a Cuisinart Chef's Classic hard-anodized nonstick 12-inch skillet for Christmas. I can't give a review of it yet because I've been afraid to use it: If I move it at all when it's sitting on ...

New Xmas All-Clad 12" copper-core fry skillet!! But now what???

by bryantuga 12 years ago

I got my first nice frying pan this morning and I'm really ready to try it out...like now. We have a crew coming in in 3 or 4 hours and I want to make something they can nibble on and take advanta...

Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

by Shunick 12 years ago

I read on another board today that you can clean your cast iron skillet by placing it in a cold oven. Turn heat up to 500° and let it go for two hours; then let it cool and scrape off the residue....

Great Deal on Cast Iron Skillets!

by davinagr 12 years ago

I went to the Ross Store near me today and they had really nice cast iron skillets in three sizes $4.99-6.99. Really great deal!

tarte tatin with no skillet?

by ctl98 12 years ago

What other alternative cookware/bakeware can I use to make this? My cast iron skillet is 12 inches, so a bit too large. I have a 7-8 inch cake pan (too small) or a 10 inch spring form which I can...

Seasoning a Crepe Skillet

by Procrastibaker 12 years ago

Hi y'all, I just bought a friend of mine a crepe skillet-- it's *not* nonstick. I have one too but have had it so long I can't remember how I seasoned it. Anybody know the best way? Is it the same...

flaky le creuset skillet

by keiari 12 years ago

Hi, I'm new to the boards and I've found a lot of the posts to be helpful. But here's something I haven't been able to find anyone else having trouble with. About a year ago, little black flakes st...

Buying a Cast Iron Grill Pan. Flat Rectangular Two-Burner Type or Skillet with Sides?

by ellaj 12 years ago

I am thinking the flat one that covers two burners (has grill pan on one side, flip side has flat griddle surface) would be most practical as it offers more cooking space but wondered if there's an...

Best Skillet Cake Recipes?

by Oliverstreet 12 years ago

I made a fabulous upside-down pear skillet cake last week (with a recipe from Epicurious) and am now skillet-cake crazy. What are other good desserts that can be made in a cast-iron skillet? He...

4.5 lb chicken in a cast iron skillet?

by mtl to tor 12 years ago

I've got an organic bird that I'm going to roast for friends, and as it's my first go at this, I have a couple of questions: 1. Anyone have tips in terms of temperature and time for a 4.5 lb bir...

Easy skillet meals

by hungrymom 12 years ago

My best friend is living in London for 10 months for business. It's difficult for her to cook much in her kitchen--not many dishes, small stove, etc. She's looking to me to help her out of the re...

Rick Bayless Skillet Mango Upside Down Cake- need recipe

Sarah McC
by Sarah McC 13 years ago

I saw this on his PBS show this afternoon, but I can't find the recipe on his website. A Google search found a Rick Bayless Mango upside down cake, but it is a completely different recipe. The one...

Non-Stick 12-Inch Skillet Recommendations?

by Melissa 13 years ago

(re-posting this from General Topics...) I'm looking for a non-stick skillet for under $100. I had read a while ago that America's Test Kitchen recommended the Farberware Millennium Soft Touch St...

Foil on a handle of a NON oven proof skillet?

by Novice Cook 13 years ago

Is it true you can wrap foil around a handle then stick it in the oven with no problem? I really don't want to melt my skillet handle!

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