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Smithfield shutting a U.S. pork plant indefinitely, warns of meat shortages

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Slaughterhouse shutdowns are disrupting the U.S. food supply chain, crimping availability of meat at retail stores and leaving farmers without outlets for their livestock. Smithfield ext...

Sioux Falls Dining Guide 2015

by jmort 6 years ago

Here is a my list of best restaurants in Sioux Falls, in no particular order. Note that I probably place a higher value on authentic cuisine than ambiance or decor than the average eater. Latin ...

Sioux Falls, SD Food & Restaurants 2013

by blackpointyboots 8 years ago

The last posts about food in Sioux Falls are pretty old. An update (not a comprehensive one). Caveat: I don't spend oodles of time at the high end (usually also expensive) restaurants in town s...

Sioux Falls

by lenwois1 9 years ago

Haven't seen a lot recently re: the vittles in Sioux Falls. Thought I would share: K: open for lunch only during the week (dinner on weekends). Pretty good. Had a sockeye salmon salad on Asia...

Mt. Rushmore and Sioux Falls, SD Dinner Recommendations

by lawyerbriefs 9 years ago

My late teens daughter and I will be in Mt. Rushmore and Sioux Falls, SD, one night each, on a Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, in August. Looking for nice places with good steaks, but an exce...

[Sioux Falls] Seeking: Vanilla Beans or Vanilla Bean Paste

by unpoedic 9 years ago

Where in Sioux Falls might one find vanilla beans or, preferably, vanilla bean paste? This newbie to town knows not, vanilla beans/paste don't appear to be a readily available grocery item where I ...

New Sioux Falls resident

by wheelee 10 years ago

I recently moved to Sioux Falls and am looking for interesting dining experiences. Suggestions?

Sioux Falls Overview Fall 2006 (from a local)

by pulpster 15 years ago

First off, I'm new here. Hello. Second, I'm from Sioux Falls, SD. There hasn't been a lot of talk on this board about what there is to offer here in my hometown lately, so I thought I'd do my pa...

Sioux Falls Recommendations

by mhcpita 11 years ago

As someone from SF who travels a lot and depends on Chowhound for rec's, I think it is time to update our thread. Please chime in with your fav's and add any categories I have left off. I'll list...

Need help in Sioux Falls SD

by Inchicago 11 years ago

I want to send some dinners to a relative in Sioux Falls that is house bound for awhile. Can any of you wonderful Chowhound readers send me the names of restaurants (not fast food) that deliver ? ...

Sioux Falls SD area- Brandon Steakhouse or Tea Steakhouse?

by ohso 11 years ago

Still trying to make up my mind... Only have time for one or the other- Leaving in just over week Please help! Thanks.....

Trip from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD..need help please!!

by vmarker 12 years ago

Hey everyone, my sister and I are heading from KC to Sioux Falls. We have never been there but decided to go on a road trip. We are looking for great food and things to do. It is just the two of...

Steak and Tomato Beer in the Sioux Falls SD area

by ohso 11 years ago

I will be passing through Sioux Falls next month The last time went though a little over a decade ago I had a fine T Bone at the Tea Steak House. I'm pondering a return but have also heard good ...

Sioux Falls Dinner Recommendation?

by traub9556 11 years ago

Hi..I'm heading to Sioux Falls for tomorrow for a business trip. Any recommendations for dinner? Just staying one night down near the Empire Mall. Open to all suggestions, though something on th...

Sioux Falls - Divey but Fantastic Latin American Restaurant?

by ExercisetoEat 13 years ago

Calling all familiar with Sioux Falls, I've heard mention of a divey but really fantastic central/latin american restaurant. It's not a typical Puerta "___" mexican restaurant. However I can't seem...

New Sioux Falls Restaurant "K" - Excellent!

by Phoo_d 13 years ago

Two weeks ago I had dinner at a new restaurant in Sioux Falls called simply "K". It is located in the Eastbank area on N Reid street between 8th st and 10th st. They are so new that they aren't in ...

"K" - Experience great food and wine in Sioux Falls, SD.

by allirish 12 years ago

K is a place that my wife and I love to go with friends. The owner is well known for the quality of her food and she hit a home run with the atmosphere she created. Step in K and you are in a resta...

"K" in Sioux Falls, SD; Thwarted, once again, attempting to do business locally!

by jianji 12 years ago

We arrived at "K" at 1:00pm on August 8, 2009. After carefully checking the hours of operation and noting that the restaurant was open and taking in business, we entered. There was no line and we...

Restaurant recommendations in Sioux Falls, SD

by runtochow 13 years ago

Hi - Can anyone recommend a few good local, non-chain type places to eat in Sioux Falls? Thanks