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asian markets in simi valley or thousand oaks

by maria 20 years ago

are there any asian markets in these areas? i am moving soon to simi valley and hoping that they have one there. thank you.

Simi Valley tomorrow

by candee 12 years ago

We have to be in Simi tomorrow on business and are in need of some good late lunch/early dinner recs.. Having never been there, we're not at all familiar with the dining options. We love all kind...

review Mr Fish and Chips Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 12 years ago

My wife and I decided to try Mr F&S after seeing them mentioned in a previous post and also seeing them next to Jons Market. I was quite surprised actually as they were very good overall. I had...

Good Salad in Simi Valley

by TXTBOOK 12 years ago

I'm looking for a good place to get a salad, probably ceasar, (an maybe a good sandwhich) in or around Simi Valley. I live in Wood Ranch, so Moorpark T.O. or Westlake wouldn't really be that far. P...

Momoya Sushi Simi Valley

by Athena7 12 years ago

We used to frequent Romeo Sushi on Los Angeles Avenue, east of Yosemite in Simi Valley. It was great! Romeo took such care in his presentation and the food was always the freshest. In fact, we vaca...

Exotic Thai - Simi Valley

by tofuburrito 13 years ago

Based on the Search results I've come up with, the various locations in the Valley and Thousand Oaks get hammered very hard, but I think the one at the Simi Town Center is pretty good. Can you ge...

simi valley newbie

by foodmanchu 12 years ago

hey all i have recently started spending a lot of time in simi valley and want to know what good eats are in that area? i am a westside foodie and aside from pho so have not had much good food in...

Simi Valley-Bakery

by SIMIHOUND 14 years ago

I never thought I would say these words but yes, Simi has a bakery that just opened up 2 weeks ago. After speaking to the owner today he mentioned they are concetrating on their pastries (*right...


by sel 12 years ago

Gotta go over to Simi Valley today and I'm at a loss about where to go. Prefer American comfort food as it's with GF's mom who loves Stuart Anderson's (mother's day lunch, maybe dinner). Please sav...

Simi Valley to Newport Beach

by lindajp747 12 years ago

Need your help here - Eight friends are driving from Newport Beach this Saturday to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and back. Does anyone have a recommendation for: 1) a unique, pretty (maybe...

Red Fish Simi Valley

by tofuburrito 13 years ago

This place has been getting rave reviews in the local papers but I tend to question the objectivity involved. It's portrayed as a very high-end, upscale restaurant with reasonable prices at the Sim...

Anyone been to "Candlelight Kitchen and Bar" in Simi Valley? What's the concensus???

by Moralinda 13 years ago

I"ve been TO Candlelight, but I never ate or drank there and I'm wondering what you trustworthy folks think of this gorgeous spot in Simi Valley. The view is amazing and it's really romantic. But h...

Brunch/lunch in Simi Valley/Westlake

by prainer 13 years ago

Can anyone suggest a good place for Sunday brunch/lunch in Simi, TO or Westlake ? Nothing fancy - good for a family and friends 75th birthday celebration - want good food.

Musashi Simi Valley

by huei2 13 years ago

There's one just open in the Simi Town Center. Anyone been to it? Is it from the same owner as the ones in Porter Ranch?

Taco Man/Guy in Simi Valley?

by Dave Gee 15 years ago

Does anyone know about the "Taco Man or Taco Guy" out here that caters or maybe even has a restaurant too..I can't seem to find out anything else about it. TIA.

Pho So 1 - Simi Valley

by tofuburrito 13 years ago

I went to Pho So 1 twice last week and prior to that the only pho I had eaten was when I made it at home. My concoction is a vegetarian version based on the Ming Tsai pho recipe in his Blue Ginger...

Simi Valley - Magical Kitchen

by Dinnyin 13 years ago

I know it's a culinary ghost-town out there, but has anyone been to the Magical Kitchen in Simi Valley? My wife and I are considering taking some classes there. They're not cheap, are they wo...

Lunch spots in Simi Valley

by holybull 13 years ago

Hello: My co-workers and I are stuck in Simi Valley for a few months on our latest project. There seems to be nothing but fast food, chain restaurants and disappointments out here. Can anyon...