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Korean restaurants and stores close to north Silver Spring

by laraffinee 9 years ago

I am just starting with Korean cooking - as a vegetarian that does eat fish - so I have gone to the H Mart on Georgia Ave. and it is a pretty good store. Anyone who knows this territory have an...

Trip Report - Silver Spring MD area - Ray's the Classics, Nando's Peri Peri & Iron Age Asian Grill

by Ariadanz 9 years ago

First I'd like to thank everyone who helped me with restaurant suggestions. We didn't make it to many of the places that were mentioned, but that doesn't mean we didn't value every contribution. In...

New asian in Silver Spring

by leslieodo 14 years ago

I spotted "Noodle King", a new restaurant on New Hampshire Ave in Silver Spring (12705 New Hampshire) just north of white oak high school in a strip center. Definitely not your standard "chinese f...

Chinese food catering in Silver Spring

by msjess 9 years ago

I am having a party and want to get a Chinese restaurant or take out cater several dishes (lo mein or sesame noodles, dumplings) in portions big enough to serve about 30 people. Does any hounds kno...

Greek Islands Grill - Silver Spring, Md

by lrebetsky0423 9 years ago

Has anyone ever had Greek Islands Grill's buffet that they have on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays?

Moving to downtown Silver Spring - a summary, please

by joshdacane 9 years ago

All - I'm moving back across the river from Virginia to MD for the first time in five years, this time into the downtown Silver Spring area. I searched and couldn't find a "comprehensive" post for...

N. Calif Hound visiting Silver Springs & seeking rye bread

by escargot3 9 years ago

Greetings Hounds, While we have many yummy foods in the Bay Area, we are seriously lacking rye bread in particular and a seriously good deli with smoked fish in general. I will be coming to S...

Dinner Recs in The Silver Spring Area

by picklelicious 9 years ago

Staying in the Silver Spring area next Tuesday and Wednesday and wondering if there's any good dinner spots to try. Looking for a good eats with a kitchen and staff that knows how to bring great f...

Silver Spring

by rlavey 9 years ago

I'd like to purchase a restaurant gift certificate ($100) for a couple who is moving to Silver Spring. Any ideas? Thanks.

Dim Sum after 2pm on a Sunday near Silver Spring?

by nosey 9 years ago

We wanted to take a group out for dim sum before a 5:15 show at AFI. Is this just a dream, or can you recommend a place?

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

by hungry_fox 12 years ago

I recently moved from college park to the northern silver spring region (near the intersection of Connecticut and Georgia Ave); unfortunately I have no idea of ANYTHING tasty in the area. As such...

Thai Cooking Classes in DC/Silver Spring?

by GarySilverSpring 10 years ago

Sawatdee. Just got back from Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok). I like Thai food even more after the vacation (and I liked it a lot before I went). I would appreciate any recommendations for a g...

Silver Spring

by Pappy 10 years ago

I need to host someone for an early dinner next Sunday in Silver Spring. Guest's taste doesn't run too ethnic, and we have done Rays. Anyone been to Jackie's lately? 8407? Crisfields? Any ot...

Steak'n'cheese in Silver Spring

Mister Big
by Mister Big 10 years ago

The best I've had recently is Cheesesteak Mike's in Hillandale. Not to be confused with a Philly cheesesteak (though I'm guessing they can make it that way), but with LTM & FO. Admittedly, I haven'...

Silver Spring, MD

by TeamGilkap 10 years ago

Live in NYC and am looking for good/interesting restaurants in the Silver Spring area. Am going to be in the area quite a bit for work and am struggling with my choices so far. I did eat at 8407 an...

GOOD restaurant in Silver Spring

by kok1922 10 years ago

Is there such a thing? Everyone recommends Jackie's but I find it so so. We've also been to Ray's. Anything else? We'd like a full bar, if possible. Thanks

Veggie friendly big group meals between Dupont and Silver Spring

by voodootrane 10 years ago

NY hound in for Dinner tonight and Brunch tomorrow. Looking for the following: 1 Dinner, veggie friendly, good for hangin for a bit, decent for a decent sized group (thinking 10-12). Good bour...

Silver Spring, Bethesda and vicinity

by AdinaA 10 years ago

I know that there are lists http://www.bikurcholimgw.org/kosher-silverspring.html, and Pomegranate http://www.pombistro.com/ is wonderful , But the lists don't tell you how it tastes. Where (in ...

Ethiopian in Silver Spring

by SimonF 10 years ago

What's the best Ethiopian place in Silver Spring? I live near the Silver Spring metro, but would drive. Price isn't an issue, though these places tend to be cheap. I would order something vegeta...

Where can I buy lard near Silver Spring, Maryland?

by GarySilverSpring 10 years ago

I am trying to make something using someone's grandmother's pie crust recipe, which calls for lard. But I am having trouble finding any. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to get good qu...