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Oishii Boston (shochu)

by icculus 12 years ago

Saturday night we went to Oishii for a late snack. The food standout of the night for me was Oishii Sashimi Maki. But the most memorable item was a new addition to their beverage offerings, a...

where to find shochu?

by liuliuliu 13 years ago

Couple months ago I fell deep in fascination with shochu (distilled spirit from anything from barley to sweet potatoes to soba) in some nameless Japanese hole-in-the-wall in New York. I've never se...

EN Shochu Bar / Brasserie - Anyone Check It Out?

by SoylentGreen 13 years ago

As a fan of shochu I have been meaning to get out of Williamsburg to check out EN Shochu Bar but haven't had made the move yet. Has anyone been to this newly opened section of EN Brasserie? Also, I...

Shochu-Highball....New chu-hai from Mercian.

by Silverjay 13 years ago

In preparing for a trip back to Tokyo next month, I wanted to see if my favorite canned chu-hai (shochu highball) was still available. Mercian is more known for their wine, but their "Honshibor...

Shochu selection

by Sooyoung 14 years ago

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Kagoshima prefecture in Japan, where we had some really great imo (sweet potato) shochu. I've found the shochu selection to be lacking at Nijiya marke...

Shochu Quick Guide- One Drinker's Take

by Silverjay 14 years ago

Because it is a distilled spirit, there are quite a few varieties of shochu. Imo-shochu for many, especially Tokyo-ites, is considered stinky. I don't think that's the case, but it definitely has...

Where to find Shochu in the Bay Area?

by rworange 14 years ago

A discussion about this distilled spirit on the general board makes me want to try this. I had never heard of it before. Probably would like to try a glass before commiting to a bottle. Does any...

Shochu article in the NY Times

by Eric Eto 14 years ago

I responded to this comment on the Boston board, after a post motivated from the NY Times article in today's dining section. "Shochu is commonly regarded as the cheap version of nihonshu" Thi...


by Harris Salat 14 years ago

I'm looking for restaurants in the LA area that serve the Japanese firewater shochu (related to Korean soju). Since shochu is distilled from many bases -- sweet potatoes, black sugar, buckwheat, ri...

Where to get a decent selection of shochu

by BGrey 14 years ago

Astor Wines had about 4 bottles.... Liquor Warehouse had a similarly pathetic selection. Is there anywhere in the city that sells a decent number of shochus?

Shimizu Shochu and Sushi Bar - report

by halo 15 years ago

when Yasu closed shop several months ago it left a huge void in the neighborhood for quality sushi. i ended up cabbing to the uppereast every week to get my sushi fix... until now! Shimizu is ev...

shochu in your neighborhood?

by Yukari Pratt 15 years ago

I have just found out about a restaurant in London which features shochu cocktails, Roka. Am curious if shochu is spreading around to other areas of the world. It is very hot here in Japan and I am...

Shochu -- Know any Japanese places that serve it?

by Simon 15 years ago

Was curious if anyone knows of any izakayas (or other kinds of Japanese restaurants) in NY that serve shochu (Japan's other indigenous alcoholic beverage: distilled, not brewed like sake). Any ot...


by s sale 16 years ago

Which Manhattan Liquor stores have good selections of the Japanese distille liquor, Shochu?


by s sale 16 years ago

Which Queens Liquor stores have good selections of the Japanese distille liquor, Shochu?

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