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Does flour go bad?

by Bada Bing 6 years ago

I have a bag of King Arthur super-protein bagel flour that says "enjoy by Nov. 2012" on it. Is it still fine for making a loaf of country bread, mixed with newer flour (as it's actually too high...

Can Yogurt Be Too Sour Indicating Spoiled??

by lisaleira 7 years ago

So I got a big tub of full fat plain greek yogurt at a dollar store that had lots of expired items. I was very happy about this. I think it was Oikos brand. Anyway it was a little past expiration...

Simple syrup shelf life

by Fuzzydave 12 years ago

Hi all, so I bought a bottle of simple syrup (yeah, I know, very easy to make at home but I'd never seen it for sale before and saw it twice in one day and got curious and it was pretty cheap) h...

How long does wine keep?

by yummfood 10 years ago

I'm a non-drinker, however, if a recipe calls for wine I do use regular drinking wine for it. The problem is I always end up with an almost-full bottle of wine lying around in the fridge (capped) ...

Home Cooks - How do you minimize food waste?

by BouquiGarnet 7 years ago

One thing I'm working on is reducing/eliminating the amount of food we waste in this house, for ethical and financial reasons. What are some tips/tricks you use to limit what you waste? - I l...

Cottage cheese spoiling well before expiration date

by zackly 7 years ago

I just threw out half a 48 ounce container of Breakstone 2% Cottage Cheese that I bought recently @ Costco. It had soured and broken down. The expiration date on the bottom was May 20th. I called ...

Chicken past the sell-by date: OK?

by SLOLindsay 13 years ago

I have what appears to be a perfectly fine free range Bell and Evans whole chicken in my fridge (wrapped in plastic) that has a sell-by date of Feb. 10. I meant to salt it but forgot. Am I going...

How long can you keep raw egg yolks in the fridge?

by Sarah W-R 17 years ago

I made a couple of egg-white omelets recently, and I saved the yolks from the eggs I used in a Tupperware in the fridge, thinking I would make a zabaglione ice cream recipe from the (London) River ...

Storing matzoh crack for 2 weeks: freeze or not?

by TorontoJo 7 years ago

Has anyone ever tried freezing matzoh crack? Am I better off just keeping it in a tight container in my very chilly garage for 2 weeks? I'm not serving it until the 28th.

Is honey really...forever?

by Fida 7 years ago

I bought some gourmet-ish honey, and I unexpectedly need to give someone a little present...and I wonder if it's true that honey has an unimaginably long shelf life. Because this would be handy to...

shelf life for pancake mix?

by mom2 14 years ago

Going through my pantry I came across some pancake mix that has probably been in there for a year or so. It is in an airtight container. Is it still good???

Do sun-dried tomatoes expire?

by bmorecupcake 13 years ago

I was wondering if sun-dried tomatoes last "forever" like, e.g., miso paste and chipotle peppers in adobo. My sun-dried tomatoes package has no expiration date, is 6 months old, contains preservat...

How long does fresh mozzarella last?

by Natalie in Los Angeles 18 years ago

I bought a tub of fresh mozzarella balls in water a week ago. I've used some of them but still have the rest. I've changed the water every few days and it smells okay, but I'd hate to give myself f...

How long will chicken breasts keep in fridge?

by andytee 13 years ago

Curious for feedback on this, I tend to cook meat as soon as I buy it, or, if frozen, thaw it and cook it right away, but I have some chicken I need some advice on. We had some boneless skinle...

How long can I store THAWED puff pastry in my fridge?

by Jessca 12 years ago

The plan was to make my very first cheese danish this weekend, so I thawed a box of frozen puff pastry sheets. Something came up and I was unable to go through with the recipe, and now the pastry h...

How long can I store raw steaks in the fridge?

by Philly Ray 14 years ago

I want to try to get some good bone-in ribeyes for Christmas dinner, but I don't really want to go to the butcher on Christmas Eve. If I can get them on Saturday or Sunday (if they are open), can ...

How long do Leftover baked potatoes keep?

by momnivore 8 years ago

I have 3 white and 1 sweet potato leftover from dinner tonight. I'm heading out of town for the weekend first thing tomorrow morning. Will they still be good in the fridge Monday? Alternatively, ca...

Opened hummus - how long does it last in the refrigerator?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

While most hummus does not last long in this house, there are a few varieties I enjoy which only come in a particular size. I usually use the smell/taste test and it seems to last a good long whil...

How long would fresh lime juice last?

by wheresthelove16 8 years ago

If juiced and put into a plastic squeeze bottle, how long would freshly squeezed lime juice last in the refrigerator?

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