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How long does that milk really last? Get the skinny on shelf life for food and ingredients here.

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Need Help with Expiration of WestSoy Organic Soymilk in Carton please!

by OliveYou2 2 years ago

Not sure where to post this, but have a question regarding WestSoy Organic Unsweetened Plain Soymilk in the carton. I purchased way too many of these for a project (never got around to) and just re...

Does Saffron go bad?

by marietinn 12 years ago

My mum has had some saffron in the pantry for...ten years...she thinks. She only uses it once or twice a year, but she's hesitant to throw it away considering how expensive it is. So, does anyon...

When does unused pasta go bad?

by bakersdozen 13 years ago

I have never been able to tell when unused, dried pasta purchased in a box or plastic is bad. How can you tell if it will no longer taste fresh when you cook it? I have some packages unopened an...

When does cooked shrimp go bad?

by daeira 10 years ago

I feel like such a knob. I had pulled some cooked shrimp from the fridge for lunch. I thought it was shrimp from a few days ago but now believe I've misremembered when the shrimp was from. I believ...

How long thawed meat stays good?

by camille 15 years ago

I tend to buy a bunch of meat in one shopping trip (mostly chicken and turkey cutlets, and ground lean beef and turkey), then freeze it for later use. 1) I tend to do a counter/fridge combo for...

Can Kimchee "go bad"?

by JTPhilly 6 years ago

I suppose I answer my own question but... earlier this week I made a personal favorite - kimchee fried rice I love kimchee but dont use it often as many of the people who regularly eat my foo...

Does wasabi powder go bad?

by mocro 11 years ago

I just made a dipping sauce for ahi skewers using mayo + some wasabi powder I've had since the Reagan adminstration. Blech! Bitter and awful. Does wasabi powder have a shelf life or do I just ...

Shelf life of Port and Sherry

Ali G
by Ali G 14 years ago

This might be a stupid question, but how long does Port or Cream Sherry last once it's been opened? We have a bottle of each that we started and never finished and I'm wondering if I should just t...

Storing butter outside of fridge

by SIMIHOUND 8 years ago

My wife has run into two people this week that store their butter on the counter or in the cupboard to keep the butter soft for spreading. I have read a few articles and the ones that say it is saf...

Sour Cream

by emglow101 9 years ago

Well I have have some in the fridge wich I used tonight after three weeks after the not for sale date.Tasted and looked just like the day a purchased it. It's sour cream. Should I toss it ? Under r...

Shelf life of a cooked chicken?

by TroyTempest 12 years ago

My wife and I had an umm disagreement the other day. I had a 6 day old roasted chicken in the fridge that I was going to eat. She said that she thought it too old to be safe. I said, basically i...

Can Lasagna be made 1-2 days ahead?

by gtrekker2003 12 years ago

I am making lasagna with meat sauce....no bechamel sauce. Can I make it a day or two ahead and keep it in the fridge covered with foil? And then bake on the day of?

Wholesome main meals camping with no cooler, limited washing, no fire or grill, yes small pot over propane.

by TracyPark 3 years ago

Searching on "camping" brought up lots of great results for foods frozen/chilled in advance, as well as ideas for grilling foods over a fire. I am looking for ideas as described in my title. At ...

Does vinegar go bad?

by Nalega 14 years ago

i just made potato salad, and even though i don't normally use vinegar, i know a lot of recipes do, so i threw a splash (less than a tablespoon) in at the last minute. it was a previosly unopened ...

How long does salt cod last after soaking?

by Caviar 17 years ago

I've rinsed and soaked some salt cod that I was going to cook last weekend (not this past weekend, the weekend before). It's been in the fridge since then, and I haven't had a chance to cook it. Ho...

How long do liquors like Kaluha and Bailey's Last?

by Rick 14 years ago

We have opened bottles of Kaluha and Bailey's Irish Cream and we're not sure if they're safe to drink. I don't worry about old Vodka, but I just don't know what to make of these types of liquor.

Does sauerkraut go bad?

by jessicheese 13 years ago

If it's kept in a sealed container in the fridge, how long can I keep sauerkraut. I'm thinking that it's pickled, so for quite some time. Any thoughts?

Why Did My Meat Lose its Color (and did it go bad?)

by Oliverstreet 13 years ago

I bought some lovely-looking flank steak from Whole Foods this Tuesday and threw it in the fridge. Tonight (Thursday). I took it out to use it, and it was no longer a vibrant red, but instead a ra...

Caviar -- is it spoiled?

by TorontoJo 12 years ago

So I'm not a caviar eater, but received a small jar in a gift basket 2 years (!) ago. I put it in my panty and forgot about it. Just came across it today and am wondering if I can still serve it....

Keeping store bought cookies fresh

by jwblue 3 years ago

Can using those absorption packets keep store bought cookies like Oreos and Chips Ahoy! from going stale?