Secret Menus

Shh! Do you know about secret menus? Chowhounds do, and they share what off-the-menu dishes you can order at restaurants everywhere from In-N-Out to Wondee Siam.

An Official Guide to the Unofficial Starbucks Secret Menu

Tired of ordering the same few drinks each time you visit Starbucks? What if you could invent your own pick-me-up at your favorite coffee shop? What if all your favorite desserts were made into beverages...

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Looking for SECRET MENUS

by Jessie K 15 years ago

I know that In-and-Out Burger has a secret menu, as does Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and possibly Trader Vics. Does anyone know if there are other national/regional chains to offer under-the-table del...

Secrets of Ordering off the Menu at Shalizaar – A Guide to Getting the Best Persian Food on the Peninsula (and Perhaps the Bay Area)

by katya 15 years ago

It’s been awhile since I visited a restaurant that the boyfriend couldn’t stop himself from suggesting to go back… for practically every meal. That place is Shalizaar in San Mateo, and my torment b...

Gen Sushi: semi-secret menu!!!

by Silverlake Bodhisattva 15 years ago

Went to Gen for dinner last night, four people, table, with reservations. I'd been there a week before, also for dinner, also at a table (2). This time, rather than JUST the short menu, (which mir...

"secret" menu at In-N-Out?

by wyf4lyf 15 years ago

I just came across a post elsewhere that mentioned a "secret" menu at In-N-Out. Anyone willing to reveal what that is? The only thing I've heard about, and ordered, is a "protein style" burger, wra...

"Secret Restaurant" tasting menu

by Crapshoot 15 years ago

Anyone live through the "Secret Restaurant" tasting menu last night? I would be curious about other's thoughts. I thought it was kind of a disaster.

Secret Menu Items

by Eddie 15 years ago

Does anybody know of any really interesting secret menu items at any restaurant in So. Cal? I love ordering off the menu and I know that there probably are many gems out there for me to discover. ...

Buca di Beppo Secret Menu

by N Tocus 16 years ago

Buca di Beppo has started offering a lunch menu with very reasonable prices, but the drill is thus: 1) They seat you without mentioning that a lunch menu exists. However, if you've done your homewo...

Berkeley – Dara Thai Lao Cuisine – Exceptional juices & secret menu

by rworange 16 years ago

Think of a slushy/icee using perfectly ripe fresh tropical fruit, sherbet-like, but liquid enough to drink. Each is topped with a slice of fresh fruit. All these years lost when I could have been s...

in n out burger secret menu

by ton casmo 16 years ago

we were having protein burgers yesterday and saw someone who was having what looked like chili fries but as i looked closer i think maybe it was just meat pieces, cheese and sauce. has anyone hear...

visit to disneyland's semi-secret club 33 - the menu (& prices....)

by Mr. Taster 16 years ago

Was supposed to go to club 33 on saturday with some only semi-houndly friends. They personally loved the food. I thought the LA CH community would be interested in seeing what their winter menu h...

In n Out Secret Menu charges?

by RUBulldog 16 years ago

Does In n Out charge extra for items ordered on their secret menu? Animal style burgers, animal style fries, neopolitan shakes, etc.

Czech this out, another secret menu - Operetta

by Vital Information 18 years ago

Some people think a romantic Valentine's dinner is champange and cavier, maybe a mushy bowl of shared fondue or even a sushi-travaganza (copyright SZ). VI took the Condiment Queen, chowhounditas i...

Joy Restaurant's Secret Menu

by Gary Soup 17 years ago

Forgive me if this link has been posted before, but I just stumbled across Robert Yu's translation of the Chinese menu at Joy Restaurant (Foster City). Link: http://www.robertyu.com/wikiperdido/...

In N Out's secret menu?

by JeniH 17 years ago

I just recently found out about two "secret" menu items (animal style burger and fries)... are there any other secret menu items I need to know of? THANKS!


by Ray Delgado 17 years ago

ok super-hounds how bout throwing the rest of us some Secret Menu Items from your favorite places


by Ray Delgado 17 years ago

To me, only thing better than eating at the best 'secret' dumpling place in LA is ordering 'secret' menu items from the best 'secret' dumpling place in LA. So far the only one i know for LUSCIOUS...

partial secret menu at Spoon - my report

by Shannon Clark 17 years ago

Okay, so having spent many Thursday's over the past few months in Lincoln Square I decided to have dinner tonight at Spoon and make yet another attempt to get the semi-mythical "secret menu" and se...

Yum Thai--first visit with the "secret" menu

by Ann Fisher 17 years ago

We stopped at Yum Thai tonight--of course on the way home from a long day so I hadn't checked the archives for menu suggestions. But I did know to ask for "the other menu" and was given it with an...

Spoon Thai Secret Menu

by Ligament 19 years ago

Hey all, Spoon Thai on Western in Lincoln Park does have a thai language only menu, with different items on it than the english version (this explained to me by the owner). I have not ordered of...

Thanks for turning me on to secret menus

by Mugs 18 years ago

Chinese food in this part of Will County is plain and predictable. Numerous posts extolling the secret menus at Chinatown restaurants caused me to ask our server at China House in Crest Hill if th...