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Secret Menus

Shh! Do you know about secret menus? Chowhounds do, and they share what off-the-menu dishes you can order at restaurants everywhere from In-N-Out to Wondee Siam.
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Secret Foodie Membership site?

by Norcalmom3 1 month ago

I am looking for a Christmas gift for my brother who travels all over the US. He is a foodie and LOVES finding off t...

First timer for Kyo Ya for group of 6

by Kurtis 2 years ago

Dear Kyo Ya fans, I've been meaning to visit this place for a long time and finally have a chance to take my famil...


sgordon commented 2 years ago

Twin Panda Austin

by xdcx 2 years ago

There's a place on Parmer Ln that is an americanized chinese restaurant with a secret daily Indonesian menu and weeke...


luckyfatima commented 2 years ago

Behind the Counter @ Berkeley Bowl

by leavemeakiss 7 years ago

I found out about Berkeley Bowl's "secret menu" when I was looking for beef tendon, which isn't in their butcher case...


ML8000 commented 3 years ago

A restarutant trend that should die in 2015:

by egit 4 years ago

It won't die in 2015. It won't die ever, I don't think. But it seems more prevalent in the last 5 years than before...


Pookipichu commented 4 years ago

Secret Menu at Zen Yai? [San Francisco]

by possumspice 6 years ago

Has anyone tried it? Particularly curious about the boat noodles.


MWinston commented 4 years ago

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Pho Tan (Main St) - Secret Menu, eh ?

by LotusRapper 4 years ago

Whoa that looks amazing, esp. the lamb-sicles, shredded chicken salad, braised oxtail, lemongrass tofu. OK they all l...

Arby's now has at least one thing on their secret menu......

by Mattapoisett in LA 4 years ago

New at Arby's: The $10 “Meat Mountain”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I am afraid.


Tripeler commented 4 years ago

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Secret Menus at Chains

by cresyd 4 years ago When I worked at Starbucks as a...

Secret Menus at Restaurants

by Phaedrus 6 years ago


Dagney commented 4 years ago

Secret kids menus

by Faraway11 4 years ago

I have the privilege of living in Asheville, NC, a city that is heavy on good food and is also super kid friendly...h...


jrvedivici commented 4 years ago

"Secret" Chinese menus on the radio

by greygarious 5 years ago

A discussion of the secret menus in America, today on public radio's "Marketplace".


linguafood commented 5 years ago

In-N-Out new "secret menu" item

by chris1621 5 years ago

"Monkey Style" burger. Has anyone tried it yet? Consists of animal style fries on top of the burger. http://www....


mike0989 commented 5 years ago

Secret Tasting Menu in Tribeca

by foodwhisperer 6 years ago

This place is like a minimini Chelsea market in Tribeca ( see photo). In the back is a small bar,(very small).WIth co...

squid kun

squid kun commented 6 years ago

Secret Indonesian menu at Wok Coco in Anaheim

by mayobanex 6 years ago

Due solely to knowledge obtained through my Indonesian in-laws, I ate lunch today at Wok Coco in an Anaheim strip mal...


dee commented 6 years ago

DC area Secret menu compilation?

by rHairing 6 years ago

So on a recent thread about Thai by Thai, there is talk of a secret menu. This is not the first time a secret menu h...


rHairing commented 6 years ago

New Secret Menu at Bangkok Golden, Falls Church

by Steve 7 years ago

There is a new secret menu now at Bangkok Golden in Falls Church, VA. There is the printed Thai menu, the printed La...


Steve commented 7 years ago

Secret Menu Items

by jensie 7 years ago

Does anyone know of secret "off-menu" items at Montreal restaurants? I've heard of meatballs at Westmount Taverne and...


porker commented 7 years ago