Secret Menus

Shh! Do you know about secret menus? Chowhounds do, and they share what off-the-menu dishes you can order at restaurants everywhere from In-N-Out to Wondee Siam.

An Official Guide to the Unofficial Starbucks Secret Menu

Tired of ordering the same few drinks each time you visit Starbucks? What if you could invent your own pick-me-up at your favorite coffee shop? What if all your favorite desserts were made into beverages...

How to ghost Grubhub and order your restaurant takeout ethically

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

" . . . a recent report revealed that Grubhub, which owns food delivery services like Seamless, Eat24, MenuPages, and AllMenus, has been buying domain names to set up dummy websites that resemble ...

Restaurant with Large Format Dishes

by dontburnthepig 9 months ago

I am heading back to New Orleans in a few months with a group of 10-15 and am looking for some suggestions of restaurants with good large format dishes for sharing? Cochon sometimes has large forma...

Secret Foodie Membership site?

by Norcalmom3 12 months ago

I am looking for a Christmas gift for my brother who travels all over the US. He is a foodie and LOVES finding off the beaten path not so well know places or getting deals on high rated restaurant...

First timer for Kyo Ya for group of 6

by Kurtis 3 years ago

Dear Kyo Ya fans, I've been meaning to visit this place for a long time and finally have a chance to take my family to a dinner on 12/24. A couple of people from this group do not eat raw fish,...

Why do chinese restaurants insist on having "secret" Chinese menus their English-Speaking customers can't decipher?

by mwk 7 years ago

I went to try a new Chinese restaurant here in Boston Chinatown last week. I had heard that the best dishes were on the "secret" chinese only menus on the walls of the restaurant. I tried my be...

Twin Panda Austin

by xdcx 3 years ago

There's a place on Parmer Ln that is an americanized chinese restaurant with a secret daily Indonesian menu and weekend specials. I had the Beef Rendang this past weekend and it was really really g...

Behind the Counter @ Berkeley Bowl

by leavemeakiss 8 years ago

I found out about Berkeley Bowl's "secret menu" when I was looking for beef tendon, which isn't in their butcher case. The butcher recommended that I get "meat scraps," which are just leftover chun...

A restarutant trend that should die in 2015:

by egit 5 years ago

It won't die in 2015. It won't die ever, I don't think. But it seems more prevalent in the last 5 years than before. Secret Menu Items. How offensive is that? Am I the only one who's offen...

Secret Menu at Zen Yai? [San Francisco]

by possumspice 7 years ago

Has anyone tried it? Particularly curious about the boat noodles. http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2012/06/boat_noodles_and_secret_menu_a.php Will undoubtedly get around to trying it sometim...

Pho Tan (Main St) - Secret Menu, eh ?

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

Whoa that looks amazing, esp. the lamb-sicles, shredded chicken salad, braised oxtail, lemongrass tofu. OK they all look good ! http://www.pickydiners.com/www/pho-tan-10-course-vietnamese-feast/...

Secret Menus at Chains

by cresyd 5 years ago

http://qz.com/241826/the-real-story-behind-secret-menusis-the-key-to-hacking-them/ When I worked at Starbucks as a teenager, our favorite Frappuccino concoction was taking crumbles from a cinnam...

Secret Menus at Restaurants

by Phaedrus 7 years ago


Secret kids menus

by Faraway11 5 years ago

I have the privilege of living in Asheville, NC, a city that is heavy on good food and is also super kid friendly...handy as I have a two year old daughter who is almost always with me when dining ...

"Secret" Chinese menus on the radio

by greygarious 6 years ago

A discussion of the secret menus in America, today on public radio's "Marketplace".

In-N-Out new "secret menu" item

by chris1621 6 years ago

"Monkey Style" burger. Has anyone tried it yet? Consists of animal style fries on top of the burger. http://www.businessinsider.com/in-n-out-monkey-style-burger-2013-6

Secret Tasting Menu in Tribeca

by foodwhisperer 7 years ago

This place is like a minimini Chelsea market in Tribeca ( see photo). In the back is a small bar,(very small).WIth cool cocktails and nice bar staff. You will notice 2 or 3 tables to sit and eat. T...

Kwik Way – Rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese, apple pie, coffee shake and secret menu [Oakland]

by rworange 8 years ago

Before I go on and on, I want to note the apple pie is excellent. The little personal size pie has one of the few crusts without butter that I like. It isn’t too delicate. It isn’t flakey. It h...

Secret Indonesian menu at Wok Coco in Anaheim

by mayobanex 7 years ago

Due solely to knowledge obtained through my Indonesian in-laws, I ate lunch today at Wok Coco in an Anaheim strip mall. You would never know this place has Indonesian food -- the signs and menus ou...

DC area Secret menu compilation?

by rHairing 7 years ago

So on a recent thread about Thai by Thai, there is talk of a secret menu. This is not the first time a secret menu has been mentioned. Has anyone ever compiled a DC list on CH? I did a search ...