Sea Urchin

9 Foods That Have Been Renamed So You Actually Want to Eat Them

Chinese gooseberry, anyone? The idea of eating any type of fruit named after a mean bird that poops a lot is certainly off-putting, which is why you'd be unsurprised to learn that the Chinese Gooseberry...

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Sea Urchins Sought

by James G 18 years ago

Does anyone know where one can buy sea urchins in the DC area? I have seen them for sale at fish shops and gourmet stores in NYC but not once in DC, and I have looked at Maine Avenue, Fresh Fields...

Sea Urchin, Taro Leaf, Fresh Tumeric root and Live Eels!- Caputo's (Addison)

by tony 18 years ago

Caputo's markets, in all their incarnations, have been praised many times on this board with good reason. They are what Whole Foods Market wishes it could be. Maybe I shouldn't compare them because...

fresh sea urchin

by threetiered 19 years ago

I like to order it at restuarants that serve it, but does anyone know where I can buy some?

sea urchin at Blue Ribbon

by penguinboy 19 years ago

Oh my goodness, the Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn was offering fresh sea urchin in the shell as a special raw bar item the other night, and it was the absolute BEST I have ever tasted. Better than anyth...

Non-japanese restaurants that serve sea urchin

by andrew 19 years ago

Looking for non-sushi sea urchin (ie with pasta) in NYC. Anyone have any leads? Sandro's on 9th Ave used to have urchin ravioli, but they seem to have closed. I would prefer cooked (Had the real de...

Oysters, sea urchin, and other raw briny things...

by Porthos 19 years ago

My friend and I have gotten a craving for raw oysters and sea urchin again. We usually go to Blue Ribbon because we're able to get both in the same setting. We'd like to try some place new but ne...

sea urchins

by mimi taylor 20 years ago

I bought them one time in the north end but that seafood shop is no longer the same. The sons run it now, it is smaller, no longer on the corner. Fresh sea urchins anywhere??(to serve in there shells)

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