What Is the Difference Between Sushi and Sashimi?

Sushi involves raw fish, right? (It can, yes.) But sashimi is raw fish too—so what is the difference between sushi and sashimi? Mostly, it comes down to whether or not rice is involved, but there are...

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Do I need to reserve the Nakaochi (Tuna Rib) at Kanoyama?

by NitWit 5 years ago

So I'm going there this Saturday (January 30, 2016) at around 6. Assuming they have the tuna ribs that day, do I need to call ahead in advance and "reserve" one so I make sure I can get one in case...

O Ya - Any recent feedback?

by GreyFloors 5 years ago

Just got a calendar alert that I have a reservation at O Ya (that I made a while back) for this Saturday evening. We've been to O Ya quite a few times over the years and, but for our last visit in...

Sashimi/nigiri recs - no omakase

by anit 5 years ago

Hello! We are in town for a quick visit (Sunday and Monday lunch) and looking for recommendation for the best place to have traditional sashimi/nigiri. The problem is that my dining partner and I h...

Is sushi supposed to smell at all?

by BreakfastBuffet 5 years ago

When I put some piece of Sashimi up to my nose I can smell a very slight salty/fish smell. It tasted very very slightly fishy (oceany). Is it supposed to have absolutely no odor or taste at all? Th...

Yasuda vs Kuruma Zushi (2015)

by dndicicco 5 years ago

Looking for midtown omakase, and not a fan of the Hatsuhanas and SushiAnns of the world. What is the consensus on Yasuda vs. Kuruma from the hounds? I'm a pretty strict sashimi and nigiri guy, ...

Korean vs. Japanese Sashimi ?

by kid cha 5 years ago

Curious if anyone also prefers Korean Hwe to Japanese Sashimi . And where is the best Korean Hwe in LA ?

Buying sushi-grade fish

by mielimato 14 years ago

Can someone give me a short primer on how fish is "graded"? For example, what is the difference between sushi grade fish and non-sushi grade fish? How hazardous is it to use high quality, non-sush...

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