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Citronelle (Santa Clara)

by miniplum 17 years ago

Has anyone tried Citronelle on Wichester Blvd. in Santa Clara? It was given a fairly good review by San Jose Mercury News and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for entrees.

Sushi O Sushi in Santa Clara

by Hiko Ikeda 17 years ago

Today the San Jose Mercury had the following review. Link: http://ae.bayarea.com/entertainment/ui/bayarea/restaurant.html?id=64290&reviewId=13634

Tofu House in Santa Clara and Milptias

by Yimster 17 years ago

The South Bay is a heaven for Indian and Korea food. I have a chance to have Korean soft tofu in stone pot last week. Lunch for two with a good tip was only $20.00. We went to the Tofu House in ...

Hatcho/Yachoo in Santa Clara?

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

This week a new friend recommended Hatcho in Santa Clara for small cooked dishes prepared by a licensed chef with a big reputation in the ex-pat Japanese community. Checking with a couple friends ...

eats around santa clara convention ctr.

by gary 17 years ago

Going to be in Santa Clara around the convention center. I need some good local places to eat. Completely unfamiliar with this area. Anything within 5 to 10 miles would be great. Would appreciate s...

Tong Soon Garden Restaurant, Santa Clara

by Melanie Wong 18 years ago

On the way home for Christmas, my brother and I stopped in Santa Clara’s Koreatown to try one of the many places recommended by ‘hounds (link below). The window signage at Tong Soon says “Szechwan...

Korean Soontofu - Tofu House in Santa Clara (long)

by tanspace 18 years ago

With the weather turning chilly yesterday, we decided to go have one of our favorite food - Korean Soontofu. We went to the Tofu House on El Camino in Santa Clara. I dub this stretch of SC as the...

Santa Clara pepper / tomato tasting

by Stanley Stephan 18 years ago

Todays Chronicle had an article about a free chile pepper tasting in Santa Clara Saturday to be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday at the UC Bay Area Research and Extension Center, 90 N. Win...

Where to get drinks in Santa Clara?

by Macy U. 18 years ago

I will be up in Santa Clara this weekend for a friend's wedding. The odd thing is that the wedding reception is supposed to end at 8pm. So, since the night will still be young and I will be dressed...

House of Soul Food, Santa Clara (long)

by Peter Yee 18 years ago

I stumbled upon the House of Soul Food in Santa Clara the other night and knew I just had to try it. So, last Saturday, I dragged my long suffering ("but Dad, I don't want to order that") junior C...

Korean on El Camino& Lawrence in Santa Clara

by Eurie 18 years ago

This is one of my favorite areas for Korean food. I usually end up going to Shee-gol Jip, going south on El Camino on the right. It used to be a total hole in the wall about 5 years ago but has b...

Santa Clara - El Camino Survey

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

One of the fun things about posting on Chowhound is uncovering the secret ‘hounds among one’s friends and acquaintances who may be lurking here. The latest was my friend Barry who greeted me last ...

A Good Deli in Santa Clara for a Good Sandwich

by George Black 19 years ago

Where is there a GOOD Deli in Santa Clara to get a really GOOD sandwich?

Japanese Restaurant with sushi in Santa Clara County

by Wendy 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a good but inexpensive Japanese Restaurant serving sushi in the Santa Clara County area? Thanks.

Late night in Santa Clara?

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Any suggestions for a place to grab a bite after 10pm in the vicinity of the Embassy Suites in Santa Clara?

Kabab and Curry in Santa Clara

by Josh F 19 years ago

Given the need to support restaurants that are hurting due to recent events, I want to share my favorite Pakastani restaurant in the south bay. Kabab and Curry is located on the ground floor of a ...

Ivar's Seafood branch in Santa Clara

by Mr. Bluetooth 19 years ago

Former Seattle-ites may be pleased to know that a new branch of Ivar's has opened at the food court in the Westfield Shoppingtown (Valley Fair Mall) in Santa Clara (2855 Stevens Creek Blvd). It's p...

List of best restaurants Sunnyvale Cupertino Santa Clara

by Carolyn MacKinnon 19 years ago

Does anyone have a good list of the VERY BEST restaurants in Sunnyvale & environs? Any kind of food. End of August 2001. Thanks!

"Yuki Sushi" in Santa Clara

by Hiko Ikeda 19 years ago

A usage of the homepage's seach engine did not generate any message about the Japanese restaurant. Here is a review of San Jose's Metro, a free weekly paper. Link: http://www.metroactive.com/pap...

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