We Can't Stop Sipping Christmas Sangria This Year

For those who are wondering if a pitcher of sangria deserves a spot at the holiday table, let me ask you this: Wine not? Though the Spanish and Portuguese drink seems like a summer staple, don’t fret...

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Best Sangria in Austin/Central Texas?

by Dub Dublin 14 years ago

As Spring approaches and thoughts begin to turn to languorous evenings on the patio, my wife and I were pondering the following Really Important Questions: [cue "Sangria Wine" from Jerry Jeff's V...

Durham question -- Sangria crawl -- any favorites?

by beebs 7 years ago

Anyone have a favorite spot in Durham for Sangria? A few of us are planning a "crawl" to celebrate a friend's birthday; We've enjoyed Geer Street Garden's version in particular ....looking for two...

When do you add wine when making sangria?

by matthew715 7 years ago

I have followed two different methods in the past: 1) add booze, fruit, sugar, and wine (basically prepare it in total) and allow it to hang out for 8-24 hours and 2) combine all ingredients excep...

4Food on Madison Ave for sangria: best-kept secret in Midtown

by miomyo13 8 years ago

You know it's a great lunch spot but a friend & I went there after work for drinks and their happy-hour $3 sangrias are the best deal in midtown. Don't let the small cup fool you- they are flavorfu...

Sangria made with Kesser...is it possible?

by vallevin 8 years ago

I have 2 bottles of Kesser semi-sweet left over from the Sedars. They will very soon join the bottle of Rashi lite from the 2011 Sedars. I was thinking of making a sangria with the Kesser...has a...

Easy white wine sangria with WOW?

by DebinD 8 years ago

Anyone have an easy white wine sangria recipie with some wow factor?

White Wine Sangria Recipe for Smaller Amount

by romeschica 8 years ago

Would like to make this drink for dinner and the recipes I find are all for large groups - any basic recipe that breaks it down to parts (i.e 1 part wine to x part whatever) There are so many v...

Q about Sangria

by Scott_R 8 years ago

As I look around for (red wine) sangria recipes, I'm finding that they almost invariably include brandy, triple sec, or another liquors--commonly a combination. Is this traditional? Would this b...

Cappuccino Restaurant in Newton -- Sangria Recipe Request

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 8 years ago

We've moved this request for a recipe over to our Home Cooking board. If you have a suggestion, please add it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/799551#6726076

Help with White Sangria

by PoppiYYZ 8 years ago

After trying an amazing White Sangria at an excellent tapas bar called "Ñ" on Crosby Street NYC, I have been trying to create something as delicious at home - without much success. Anyone share...

Where would you go for the best SANGRIA?

by PlomeekSoup 8 years ago

Preferably in Queens, but Brooklyn works, too. I saw mention of an apple rum "sangria" at Arepas Cafe (though it's not listed on their online menu), but I'm mostly looking for red sangria that...


by Redbone 14 years ago

I'm sure I can check epicurious, and will, but if anyone has a favorite sangria recipe to pass along, I'd love it. I've been asked to bring some to a luncheon...

"El Rincon" in Morgan Hill has moved up; now it's "Sangria's"

by teela brown 10 years ago

You may remember posts about "El Rincon", a surprisingly excellent upscale nuevo Mexican place in Morgan Hill. Well, Chef Alberto has moved to the other side of Monterey Road and has opened "S...

Dessert to go with sangria?

by starbucksbrew 9 years ago

I have two friends coming over this week to see my new house. I'm making a red sangria and zucchini/basil fritters, and I need a small dessert to go with it. What sounds good?

What is the best red wine for sangria?

by starbucksbrew 9 years ago

I have had some sangrias over the years, and only recently ventured into making one. I had a Mondavi cabernet on hand that someone gave us, so that's what I used. It turned out excellent, using the...

Looking for a BYO that'll make sangria from your wine

by bb01 9 years ago

I've been to some fun places outside of the city that will make sangria from wine that you bring. Does anyone know of any good places like that in Manhattan? Any help is appreciated.

recommendation for good food and great sangria

by emgoodman 9 years ago

Hi everyone. Does anyone have a recommendation for an Upper West Side spot that has good food and, most importantly, great sangria? Thanks!

Looking for white sangria

by repn_ga 9 years ago

So, I'm new to New Orleans and the prettiest girl I've ever met is from here. I'm taking her out on a date next week and want to find a place that serves white sangria. I've heard her mention befor...

Sangria's/Gastropub in Seminole Heights, Tampa?

by braddewhat 9 years ago

Does anyone know what's going on with the planned Sangria's and Gastropub site in Seminole Heights? I noticed today that the available square footage for retail has been reduced (maybe they found ...