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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in San Diego and its suburbs. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

Birria, Spaghetti Tacos, and Other Mexican Dishes You Should Try

Sharing a border with Tijuana, San Diego has always been abundant with Mexican food. You’re hankering for a taco, a burrito, or a serving of exceptionally fresh guac? You’d be hard-pressed not to find...

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Old Town San Diego

by ChefToy 17 years ago

Wow... Finally a restaurant with great service and really tasty food.... My so and I were hanging out at seaworld and decided to grab some mexican food.. headed over to Guadalajera at the end of ol...

Encinitas - Chuao (chew WOW !!!) Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate / Artisan chocolate

by Stanley Stephan 17 years ago

Chuao chocolate is so good that when I go to SF next week I'm bringing this chocolate with me as gifts. Michael Recchiuti ... pooh ... eat your heart out (a highly overrated and overpriced SF Choco...

Pecan Pie on Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas!

by Rebecca Cameron 17 years ago

Hello! I lived in Encinitas in 1990-92, and went to San Dieguito HS. Encinitas Blvd was one of my favorite hangouts, and for the life of me I've forgotten most of the store names! Mostly, I'm wonde...

DZ Akins? [San Diego]

by Becky 17 years ago

Ok. I've been reading about DZ Akins for quite some time. Went there once and left because I hadn't planned for the high price. But a few weeks ago I was armed and ready with my $10-$12 for a sa...

San Diego - Chicken Pie Shop?

by Bay Gelldawg 18 years ago

Any opinions on the Chicken Pie Shop in San Diego? Any other restaurant tips for San Diego or La Jolla would be appreciated.

Sushi in Carlsbad/Encinitas/Vista

by jon 17 years ago

Looking for a few good sushi restaurants in the Carlsbad/Encinitas/Vista area. Which of these would you recommend? Any of them all you can eat? Any other good sushi places in the area? 1. Wasab...

Bully's San Diego - Superb Prime Rib

by SCW 17 years ago

A friend and I were in San Diego a few weeks ago, and were in the mood for beef. An internet search turned up Bully's, a three location 'chain' of steak and prime rib resturants. Apparently they wi...

]Italian in Encinitas

by Stanley Stephan 17 years ago

Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway there seems to be a large number of Italian restuarnts in Encinitas. What's the deal? 'Is this the Italian section of San Diego, so to speak? Any of them a...

Where is the best ice cream in San Diego?

by dawnie2u 17 years ago

I want to find a great ice cream shop for my husband. Not the gelato type, but good quality, high butter fat content-type. We used to have an ice cream/chocolate shop in Davis called Colleen's Cr...

unique san diego restaurants

by pierre 17 years ago

i am a chowhound from paris.i shall be spending a week in san diego staying in the gas light district. i am looking for the best restaurants that represents southern california.a type of cuisine ...

Breakfast in San Diego

by corndog 19 years ago

I travel all over SD county looking for the best breakfast; not the standard "grand slam" fare offered at Denny's etc. A couple I can suggest are LePeep in Poway and the Park Cafe on Park Blvd in ...

Savory Restaurant in Encinitas

by Buzznutter 17 years ago

The Chef from the Four Seasons opened a new restaurant on El Camino Real in Encinitas. Wonderful Duck Confit and creative appetizers. Very nice, inexpensive wine list with an $8 corkage fee. Ent...

Hotels in San Diego?

by Linda from Boston 17 years ago

I need your help. My husband and I will be in San Diego the week of June 9th for a three-night stay. We are looking for hotel recommendations. Someone had suggested a hotel in LaJolla that was p...

Baos in SD

by Rufus 17 years ago

We'll be headed out to San Diego in a short while and are curious as to whether there are any recommendations for a location that has good quality baos (good dim sum spots would be a welcome additi...

Chuao chocolates - Encinitas

by Dumpling 18 years ago

I read about this place in the paper a while ago, and then stumbled upon it earlier this week. Some Venezuelan guy (Chuao)who gave up his career to make chocolates. I thought they were worth the ...

SD Chowhounds: Chinese New Year, where?

by buddha 18 years ago

I talked it over with my sister and we want to have a Chinese New Year celebration and am thinking of even having it in Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterrey Park, heck even San Diego. Give me some su...

Recommendations for Encinitas and environs

by canuck 18 years ago

Will be in Encinitas early in the New Year. We are interested in GOOD food: ethnic or local; breakfast, lunch or supper, and within a short drive of Encinitas. We are new comers to the area so w...

San Diego: Mariposa Ice Cream

by TheftCulture 18 years ago

After two dreary days, Sunday's pleasant weather inspired me to get a double scoop of banana walnut from Dick and Anna at Mariposa Ice Cream on Adams Avenue. Besides the fine ice cream, the pl...

San Diego for One

by AlanV 18 years ago

Im working on-site in San Diego for a couple of weeks, and was wondering where are good places for a party of one. Im staying in La Jolla, and working close to Rancho Bernardo, but am willing to dr...

La Mesa, El Cajon, Rancho San Diego

by Nate 18 years ago

I recently moved to La Mesa, and I'm very close to the towns mentioned on the subject line. I'm looking for recommendations to anything good. I thought I saw a Tacos el Gordo on 2nd. There's a T...

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