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Rochester, MN?

by chowfreak 17 years ago

need to entertain clients in Rochester, MN. Can anyone recommend a great place? Thanks.


by Steve 17 years ago

Going to Rochester in a few days for not fun visit, so eats will be an important diversion. I've searched here and it seems like: -the south side John Hardy's (over the other one and Roscoe's) ...

Chow in Willmar, Mn: Worse than Rochester?

by Lisa 17 years ago

I wish there were a Garris in Willmar. I may be working there this summer, and I'm worried. My husband's from there, so I know the food stinks.I think that Green Mill might be the nicest place. It ...

John Hardy's in Rochester, MN

by Jim Grinsfelder 18 years ago

I ate there for lunch yesterday. According to the back of their menu, John Hardy was a real person, he grew up in Birmingham Alabama and somehow wound up opening a BBQ restaurant in Rochester MN i...

Is there ANYTHING to eat in Rochester, Minnesota?

by Michele Sullivan 19 years ago

After paging through this whole section, I didn't find ONE thing on Rochester! This worries me... I'm taking a biz trip there and need some suggestions. I mean, does the Mayo Clinic have everyone e...

going to Rochester Minnesota for a wedding need food places to check out

by beth 18 years ago

Going down for a wedding looking for good food idea's. either to eat at or fun food type shops. Anything you could do to help out would be greatly appreciated

Rochester, MN update

by Abby 19 years ago

Yes, Rochester almost totally a chowhound wasteland. The region's food ethic can be summed up in one anectote -- the Indian restaurant in town is quite good and recieved a "rave review" in Rocheste...

groceries in Rochester MN

by a.b. 19 years ago

Hi - I just moved to Rochester and found that, indeed, prior messages on this board condemning the food here were accurate! I remember a post from a guy who was driving to St Paul for decent grocer...

Rochester MN Restaurants?

by Dawn 20 years ago

Does anyone have a suggestion for a great dinner in Rochester MN? Steaks, seafood, ethnic, I love it all. Somewhere within walking distance from the Mayo preferably. Thanks!

rochester MN food

by Carter 20 years ago

Help! I have been driving to the cities for the past year to eat because I can not find a decent grocery or restaurant in Rochster. Can anyone save me the 90 minutes in the car?

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