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Mamma Zu Menu Recs - Compiling a Meaningful Chowhound List [Richmond, Va]

by Steve 8 years ago

Of course, there is no menu at Mamma Zu... just a blackboard. Still I'd like to compile a list of preferred items/ hits at MZ. There are so many choices and those choices change, so i'd like to ...

Late Night Meal in Richmond?

by Steve 8 years ago

Will be looking to eat a late meal (9:45 - 10:pm) on a Friday evening, and it probably has to be within 15 minutes drive of the Bowtie Movieland 17, 1301 N. Boulevard, Richmond. Or as close as po...

All U Can Eat crab Legs Richmond

by Barbarella 8 years ago

Shot in the dark but I need to know Looking for the name of a resto we dinned at some 6 years ago in Richmond serving all the crab legs u wanted for a set price,(cant remember if king or snow). It...

Seafood restos in Richmond

by Barbarella 8 years ago

Will be in town for one night beginning of November and am looking for a good seafood resto, possibly one that has an all you can eat crab legs too on the menu. will be staying downtown at Hilton...

Richmond beer-centric lunch

by desylicious 8 years ago

Saturday lunch in Richmond, he is a beer fanatic, I'd like decent food. I'm not seeing these two things at the same place. Recs please.

Late lunch/early dinner - Richmond

by krisrishere 8 years ago

Hi there! My husband and I are traveling to Richmond and we're looking for some suggestions for a late lunch or early dinner. The only place we've tried up there is Comfort (delish), so we're ope...

Richmond, VA Dinner Advice

by djchaser 8 years ago

Couple hounds from NYC down in Richmond for a few nights looking for interesting eats. Frenched up southern, maybe? Really great barbecue? Foodie destinations? What do you love? What shouldn't...

Spicy Food in Richmond, VA

by themrsg 9 years ago

The husband and I are headed to Richmond in a couple weeks and we're looking for some deliciously spicy food (other than Thai). Like food challenge spicy. We already know about the wings at Calie...

One Day in Richmond

by Anjou 9 years ago

Hi everyone. I am looking for some local RVA advice. I will be visiting Richmond, Virginia in June for approximately five hours - 10am through 3pm. I am looking for the one restaurant, and one bar,...

Looking for a great Beef Wellington (Hampton Roads/Williamsburg/Richmond)

by nerdymomm0379 9 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves a great Beef Wellington near Hampton Roads/Williamsburg area?

Richmond restaurant for birthday

by tourw 9 years ago

I am going to dinner with some friends for my birthday (26) and am looking for a suggestion for a restaurant that has good food, plus an area to hangout after dinner. We've previously been to capi...

Suggestions for a Virginia Richmond/Midlothian Area

by Chemicalkinetics 9 years ago

Hi all, I will be hanging out with my friends in Midlothian, VA, but I expect that I will be going in and out of Richmond as well. Any suggestion for food? Like barbecue or anything really....

Richmond - restaurant/bar with private room with tv

by snap95 9 years ago

Hi. A group of coworkers and I are going to be featured on a television show airing on a weeknight in a few months. I'd like to find a restaurant or bar in Richmond with (a) a private room for us...

Excellent gourmet cheese selection in Richmond, VA?

by GrueLurks 9 years ago

Will be in town for the Christmas weekend and would like to pick up some killer blue cheese and aged cheddar somewhere. Looking for diverse selections.

Christmas Eve in Richmond

by PenskeFan 9 years ago

So for various reasons our plans for Christmas Eve are somewhat fluid. We are doing a big feast on Christmas Day and so we just want to keep it low key. We had the idea of getting some take o...

Breakfast in Richmond

by Elyssa 9 years ago

I'm going to Richmond for a short business trip in early-January. I'm looking for a delicious restaurant to have breakfast in on a Tuesday morning before hitting the road and heading back to DC. ...

Heading into Richmond tomorrow for dinner

by JustJake 9 years ago

Would love a good BBQ place as I'd think that would be my best bet; 2nd option would be a good Latin/tapas/empanada spot

Seeking Richmond recommendations based on these criteria...

by BennyShoga 9 years ago

I love offal, small plates, ethnic food, unique flavor combinations, and anything especially interesting. I'll be dining solo, so if a place has counter seating (with food viewing), that's a bonus!...

Six Burner in Richmond is closing

by PenskeFan 9 years ago

I hear it is to close first week in September. The owners will focus on Pasture and their real estate business. It is being replaced by "Heritage" to open 1st week in October.