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Help- Need Torta Place in Richmond/San Pablo

by sensi63 13 years ago

I believe it was Dr. Biggles who posted about a really good torta place in Richmand Sanpablo area. Anybody remember? Can't find it using the (not working very well) search function. Thanks

Richmond & Fairfield - CJs Barbecue & Fish – the rest of the story

by rworange 13 years ago

Except for the baby ribs, we’ve tried all the BBQ meats on the menu. Here’s the preference. I always asked for sauce on the side. Chicken (no sauce. The smoke flavor would be overwhelmed) Ribs (...

Point Richmond Restaurants & Spectacular Shoreline Picnic Area

by rworange 14 years ago

Point Richmond is a small, quiet, charming, tree-shaded town near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge with some interesting restaurants and one of the most spectacular Bay Area parks. The grassy seasi...

Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond

by jhinky 14 years ago

Thanks to the great suggestions from the board, my mum and I ended up having a late brunch last Sunday at this little cafe in Point Richmond on our way to Muir Woods. They serve lunch after 11:30 w...

Is there a good Pho spot between Berkeley and Richmond?

by yokozuna 14 years ago

I tried that one place in the 99 Ranch mall but I did not find it very good. From what I read, all the good places are in SF but I don't really want to drive that far for a bowl of noodles. An...

Macau Cafe, Pacific East Mall, Richmond.

by Peter 14 years ago

Was going to try the new dim sum place inside the Pacific East Mall. But it's Thanksgiving and Chinese families were out in force. So retreated to Macau Cafe, which serves "Portugese Style Chines...

Daimo Richmond --hmmm not good

by SG 14 years ago

We ordered the XO short ribs, chinese broccoli with salted fish and hotpot of frogs with clams in chinese wine. Results 0 for 3 The ribs were super greasy and fried without adequate "wok-hei",...

Costco alert - Richmond has Cristal champagne

by Eugene Park 14 years ago

Greetings CH'ers. Stopped by Costco in Richmond yesterday afternoon, and discovered they have '99 Cristal champagne for $159.99 a bottle. They have approximately 24 bottles left after I'd purchas...

Taco Wars – Taquerias in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond & San Pablo

by rworange 14 years ago

As long as I was trying taco trucks, why not try a few taquerias?. In this area, it is better to get a taco at a taqueria rather than a truck. The quality, variety of fillings and salsas are vast...

168 Restaurant Review (long) - Ranch 99 mall in Richmond

by anli 14 years ago

I hadn't been to the mall since Ay Chung opened and was almost going to eat there, but decided to get lunch at 168 instead. This is a large restaurant with some Taiwanese items in addition to typi...

New restaurant at Pacific East Mall Richmond - ?? Macau Cafe

by Dolcetto 14 years ago

Sorry - the name has completely escaped me. The long-awaited replacement to the Pacific East Ocean Restaurant finally opened recently so we decided to give it a try. The restaurant seems to have ...

New Dim Sum Restaurant in Pacific East Mall, Richmond

by anli 14 years ago

While shopping at Ranch 99 yesterday, noticed that they were starting to put up pictures of dim sum on the door to this new place called "Asian Pearl"(I think that's the name). Lots of workers ins...

Dim Sum at Saigon Seafood, Pacific East Mall, Richmond

by anli 14 years ago

Our group of 8 arrived at 10 am on Sunday for a Father's Day gathering. By 11 there was a crowd of easily 25 waiting to get in. Our table was close to the glass enclosed cooks' station and not fa...

Really great Pho in/around Berkeley/Richmond?

by rocketD 14 years ago

Hi All, I'm just moving to Point Richmond in a couple of weeks, to attend Berkeley in the fall. I love Pho (vietnamese beef-noodle soup), it's my comfort food - anyone know of a really great place...

Pt. Molate - Galley Café, East Brother B&B and Richmond's Best Blackberry Cobbler

by rworange 14 years ago

Galley Café serves ”fresh blackberry cobbler with ice cream. The blackberries were picked on the hillside behind the restaurant, and there is also fresh peach cobbler made from peaches just in from...

Point Richmond - Salute e Vita

by rworange 14 years ago

I wasn’t totally offended by Salute e Vita (you know this can’t be good), but go back, no. One look at the place set off warning bells that should have been heeded. It screamed “suburban restaura...

Hidden City Cafe Pt. Richmond?

by lomi 14 years ago

I've read some favorable reviews. Can it handle a large party of 15?

Salute in Richmond?

by Barbara 14 years ago

Has anyone been? My son and girlfriend went before the senior prom and enjoyed it. Wondering if we should try it out.

Richmond / Pinole – Sala Thai

by Krys 14 years ago

Richmond has some really odd borders. Sala Thai on San Pablo Avenue is next to Pinole and near Hilltop Mall. This is one of the prettiest, most tranquil Thai restaurants with a contemporary decor...

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