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Organic Thai grocery/takeout at El Cerrito Ranch 99 Center [Richmond]

by Columba 9 years ago

Sorry to be so vague, but there's some wonderful food being prepared at this tiny shop across from the Pho place. We tried the cutest little steamed desserts for $1 and less - sticky rice, cocon...

El Cerrito/Berkeley/Richmond/Oakland Cupcakes?

by greymalkin 7 years ago

I adore cupcakes, but I am still searching for my ideal cupcake. I know it exists because I've had it, but alas every time I find it, it disappears. Does anyone have any suggestions on cupcak...

New Richmond Grocery Outlet Store - May 23 Opening.

by gordon wing 7 years ago

walking by the store this morning and saw some employees .... asked them about the opening and they said the 23rd !

El Cerrito/Richmond Recommendations

Scott M
by Scott M 8 years ago

I couldn't find a good summary of places to eat in the El Cerrito/Richmond areas. The area seems to have plenty of Mexican/Latin American or Asian places but any place worth checking out for lunch...

Assemble, Richmond

by EileenPearl 7 years ago

As part of a work-related function, I was treated to an amazing buffet lunch at Assemble (formerly the Boilerhouse) at Ford Point in Richmond yesterday. A Chinese chicken salad, rockfish Provençal...

Point Richmond: Boilerhouse Closing - Reopening as Assemble

by AntarcticWidow 7 years ago

The Boilerhouse is serving their last lunch on Friday, December 12. It is reopening in mid-January under the management of Richard Mazzera, Chez Panisse alum and co-founder of Berkeley's Cesar, and...

Coming Soon! New Grocery Outlet in Richmond

by gordon wing 7 years ago

during my morning walk I noticed that a new sign/banner up on the old Lucky store at San Pablo and McDonald Ave. It's going to be a Grocery Outlet soon. ( whenever that is ? ) they have been wo...

Hodo Soy Beanery - tofu sold in Bulk at a few Costco: Mtn View, Richmond

by hhc 8 years ago

I'm on Hodo Soy Beanery mailing list & the latest news is you can buy their tofu in bulk at some Costco - Mtn View & Richmond stores. Has anyone bought any & how much tofu is it & cost?

Lunch in Pt. Richmond, or thereabouts...

by Rapini 7 years ago

My Napa-based friend and I are looking for a mid-point to meet for lunch. (I'm in Oakland). Was thinking about Pt. Richmond as one possibility. Many of the posts on this board are pretty dated, ...

Richmond - Pacific East Mall - Chinese chestnut cart

by rworange 13 years ago

Any good? Is it seasonal? When I worked near Chinatown in SF, vendors would sell chestnuts on the street but it was seasonal ... but it seemed nearish Chinese New Year. Yes, I've been busy ...

Richmond – Pacific East Mall - 168 Restaurant, stinky tofu & Taiwanese buns

by rworange 13 years ago

Part 2 of my little trip to Pacific East Mall … getting tips for the restaurants I plan to visit. So how’s the stinky tofu?” What about the xlb? This restaurant specializes in Taiwanese snac...

Hidden City Cafe, Point Richmond - CLOSED

by AntarcticWidow 8 years ago

They were shut down about a month ago by the health department. Business must have been slow, being open only three days a week (Wed-Fri), which might explain why they didn't try and correct the vi...

Live Stone Crab - $3.99 / lb ---- 99 Ranch - Richmond

by gordon wing 8 years ago

Live Stone Crab for $3.99 / lb seemed to be the buy of the day at the Richmond 99 Ranch. Dungeness was $6.99/ lb and Maine Lobstahs were $8.99 / lb The produce department has a new flooring mate...

Happy Easter Brunch at the Hidden City Cafe [Point Richmond]

by sydthekyd 8 years ago

Had a $5 Chinook coupon for the HCC in Point Richmond ( which I have been wanting to try) and needed to go to Outback (the Temple of Venus) anyway. Drove out from Berkeley at 1, found a parking pl...

Catering near Point Isabel (Albany/Richmond)

by bellatrx 8 years ago

Our non-profit is having a move-in party on Monday, November 14. We're looking for inexpensive, delicious catered food from someone who will deliver in the area (near the Richmond Costco). Any r...

Richmond, CA: Linda's Bakery - Tamales negros and fresh chipilin on Friday

by rworange 9 years ago

When I left for a year in Guatemala, LInda's was a Mexican bakery under anoher name. It didnt look very different when I returned, just like it had developed over the past year. I never noticed the...

Point Richmond: Hidden City Cafe revisited - as American as pot roast, shortcake and salsa

by rworange 9 years ago

After a year living in Guatemala, I’ve been craving American comfort food. There are few places that fit as well as Hidden City Cafe with omelets, hash browns, pot roast and shortcake. Hidden C...

Pikanya Brazilian Steak House -- new in Pt. Richmond

by ptrichmondmike 10 years ago

I just noticed yesterday that the former 25 West has become Pikanya Brazilian Steak House. Has anyone tried it yet? As 25 West, this place served some Brazilian food, including a fairly decent ...

Good Ramen in EC, Albany or Richmond?

by calalilly 9 years ago

I've been craving good ramen close to my house and haven't had any luck. Not Berkeley, Oakland, SF or South Bay. But some place I can get good ramen without having to travel too far. Katana-Ya...