Richardson/Plano Eats

by merrieg 5 years ago

Ignorant East Coaster here, going to be in the Richardson/Plano area for 2 nights soon. I'm looking for good BBQ and Tex-Mex, although I'm open to other outstanding suggestions. Also, is this an ar...

Richardson Truckin'

by RastusKowalski 6 years ago

Anyone planning to go to the opening of the new Richardson Food Truck Park? Looks fun to me. And it's only a half block from the new Micro-Brewster. Is Richardson becoming cool?

family steak house Richardson-Dallas Galleria general area

by luckyfatima 6 years ago

Can you please recommend a good and not extremely expensive or overly fancy (kids welcome) steak house in a 10-15 minute radius of the Richardson-Dallas Galleria area? I was thinking of driving ...

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

by dickybilly 14 years ago

At one time there were several restaurants offering ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER, for example, Trulucks, Pappedeux, Todai....Serving styles were either waiter service replenishing lobsters as needed or ...

Sushi Sake in Richardson - Decent fish, Atrocious prep skills.

by Sgee 7 years ago

After several days of meat heavy meals, I decided to take a break and opt for some lighter fare during a recent business trip to Dallas. I didn't do much research before my trip but happened on ...

Royal Sichuan (Richardson)

by Mike C. Miller 7 years ago

It takes a lot to get me out of my part of Dallas (uptown/Knox Park). I truly hate getting in the car and driving more than five or ten minutes to eat. But I have recently become willing to drive...

Fuzhou Style Cuisine - Richardson

by YingZheng 10 years ago

I am curious about a new joint that recently sprung up next door to Maxims boasting Fuzhou style cuisine. I havent gotten around to it, but I'd like to go. Has anyone been? I hear Fuzhou(fujian) cu...

Good Food in Plano/Richardson

by Husker4MU 8 years ago

I'm heading to Plano/Richardson tomorrow for work for 3 nights. Any suggestions on great, unique places to eat in the area? I'm open to any type of food but want to avoid steak houses and keep it...

Contra Dancing this Weekend (April 19-21) in Richardson/Plano Area

by unobug 8 years ago

Need suggestions for where to eat in the upper Greenville/Richardson area-breakfast and dinner. Our location is the Sokol Athletic Center-need places a short driving distance from there.

I just had an amazing lunch in Richardson

by genslay 8 years ago

Jeng Chi Restaurant on Greenville Ave. just north of Beltline. Wow. I went for dumplings and dumplings they had. They are beautiful and delicate and perfectly sized. In a different life, I was a te...

A Good Indian Buffet for Lunch in Plano/Richardson/Addison/North Dallas?

by shannydiva 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good Indian Luncheon Buffet within these areas? We had lunch at Claypit in Addison today, the food was OK, but it was kinda cold-very lukewarm curries. Are there any st...

IBEX Ethiopian Cuisine - Richardson

by masnole 9 years ago

So...I was on here last night asking about Ethiopian restaurants. I had never tried Ethiopian food and was curious about the cuisine, plus one of my kids has a school project on Ethiopia. ...

King's Noodles - Richardson

by Jon G 10 years ago

Headed to King's for first time tonight. I see that the Za Jiang Mein is highly recommended. Any other must tries? Things to avoid? Thanks in advance.

One night in ... Richardson?

Db Cooper
by Db Cooper 10 years ago

I'm going to be in town next Friday for a business meeting and then have the evening to myself. The meeting and hotel are in Richardson. I have a budget of $40 to $50 for dinner. Is there anythi...

Sushi or Indian in North Dallas or Richardson tonight

by mommystar 10 years ago

Where can the Mr. and I go for a casual dinner tonight? We're craving sushi or Indian food. Want to try someplace new and easy. We've been to Sushi Robata, Ku, Fuji, Sushi Sake, Aijsen, Genroku, I...

Plano/Richardson: Ethnic Eats - N.O. hound wants your recommendations!

by Isabella 16 years ago

Hi there! Well folks, I am now in Dallas, Richardson proper & I hear that the ethnic food in Richardson & Plano is vey good! But with my very limited budget for meals out (Since I have been her...

Pizza by the slice-Richardson

by cheryl29 15 years ago

I work in Richardson and was wondering where i can get some good pizza by the slice for lunch. I'm in the Campbell/75 area. I typically just like a large new york style slice with sausage. Noth...

Where to eat in Richardson?

by amazinc 14 years ago

Will be there over the weekend of Aug 24 and would like to know the best places. My sister and I love all food and don't care about costs for our weekends together. How was the dim sum at Maxim's...

Bambu - North Dallas / Richardson - Incredible New Thai Restaurant!

by snatex 11 years ago

My family tried a new Thai restaurant in our neighborhood the other night. It is at the corner of Coit and Campbell hidden behind a Starbucks and a Qdoba. I am so glad we found it. The food and...

Twisted Root - Richardson

by stephtx 12 years ago

Hi Everyone, Have any of you ventured out to the Twisted Root in Richardson? I really like the food at the Deep Ellum location and am wondering if the quality seems to be the same in Richardson....