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New Iphone app: Chef's Feed

by samtron608 9 years ago

anyone check out Chef's Feed. its a new iphone app. pick a city and it shows you a list of the top chefs, their restuarants, their favorite dishes in the city, etc. Kinda cool just to read through...

Best apps for Chowhounders?

by lupaglupa 9 years ago

I'm finally caving in to progress and getting a smartphone. Any recommendations on apps I must have to further my chowish pursuits?

Android App for finding Non-Chain Eats [moved from Austin board]

by kannforbes 9 years ago

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone knew of any good Android Apps that find/recommend restaurants that are not chains. Would be great for around town, but we are traveling this summer and...

new kosher restaurant app for droids

by shoelace 9 years ago

https://market.android.com/details?id=com.kosherapp has anyone checked this out? i wish i had a droid, i hate that i keep going places and theyre closed they say they update pretty frequ...

iPhone dining apps?

by TooncesCat 10 years ago

Anyone know of any good Manhattan dining guide apps for the iPhone that I could recommend to friends coming in from out of town? I've checked out Zagat and Eat Manhattan, both of which look like th...

iPhone/smartphone apps

by michaelshodson 10 years ago

Am looking for apps that rate places to eat internationally -- not US or North America based, since I travel abroad, mostly in SE Asia and Central America. Any suggestions welcomed.

food apps----any to recommend?

by jenn 10 years ago

I have joined the 21st centrury. . . .well sort of, as I now own an Itouch. It does not have permanent wireless connection--I must be connected through whatever Wifi. This is NOT a non-sequiter a...

iPhone apps and the foodie

by huaqiao 12 years ago

So I'm a big tech geek and the story this weekend will be the new iPhone 3G coming out around the world. Bigger than the actual phone itself is the new App store which in effect turns your phone i...

iPhone "Apps for Foodies"

by Paulustrious 10 years ago

Apple have introduced an "Apps for Foodies" section. There are others that can do a better job of explaining it than me. For example: http://www.macstories.net/news/apple-introduces-apps-for-foodi...

"Trip Journal": Helpful iPhone App for Chowhounding?

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 11 years ago

This new iphone app, "Trip Journal", seems like it might be a good app to capture chowhounding data while on trips: web site: http://iqapps.eu/TripJournal/index.php itunes link: http://itunes.appl...

Dining Apps for the iPhone

by memph hits 11 years ago

I just got an iphone and am looking for some good dining apps. I downloaded Yelp and Urban Spoon because they were free but am not extremely satisfied with either one. Then I paid $9.99 for Zagat t...

iPhone app iWant in Austin

by RoundSparrow 12 years ago

I wanted to make sure local chowhounds were aware of just how well the free iWant app to work here in Austin. It pulls from the Yelp database, really cool to have active community so you at least ...

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