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Love staying in the know about the newest, hottest restaurants? Us too. Check out what other Chowhounds are saying about what's opening and when, as well as what to try and which spots are worth the hype.

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Openings and Closings: January, February, March 2017

by kpzoo 4 months ago

Thread for openings and closings in the first quarter of 2017. I'll start.... well, thankfully, it was NOT just a ...


Greg392 commented 1 day ago

China Live | San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

The door is open, so I'm taking a look around after hours. Anyone else check it out yet?


jzc commented 2 days ago

Kitsilano Additions/Removals as of April 2017

by Sam Salmon 19 days ago

The well regarded Breka mini chain is opening in the 3700 block W 4th Ave this month in a space that has all the pote...

grayelf commented 2 days ago

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Openings and Closings: April, May, June 2017

by JerkPork 3 days ago

Dumpling spot Trilogie on St Laurent is shutting down. I had their dumplings once and they were quite good, too bad, ...

Middletown CT Openings

by BiscuitBoy 3 months ago

2 wing places opening...Disco Chics, and Wing it On. Wing it On (on 66) opened a coupla weeks ago, slammed in yelp, h...

kattyeyes commented 5 days ago

Ichimura Open

by foodwhisperer 3 months ago

Ichimura is officially open. The room is simple, good lighting, 10 seat sushi bar, the bar is made of Brazilian quart...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 5 days ago

Nami Ramen Coming to Sunset District in San Francisco

by marssy 1 month ago

I had pho last night at Pho Huynh Hiep 2- Kevin's Noodle House on Irving st and 19th ave in the sunset. I noticed tha...

Melanie Wong commented 9 days ago

San Diego Restaurant Openings 2017

by DiningDiva 4 months ago

It seems a little pointless to keep using the 2015 thread to comment about new restos opening. So here's a bright, s...


RedDevil11 commented 12 days ago

Country Style

by bobinken 5 months ago

Don't know if this has already been posted.


pippineast commented 17 days ago

Delage in Oakland - new omakase/izakaya

by SeaEagle 12 months ago

I saw the post at East Bay Express, and was very interested to hear if any chow hounds have eaten there; they're stil...


Sablehart commented 18 days ago

Lines Around the Block....Halal Guys from NYC Are Here

by Steve 8 months ago

The area right around the Dunn Loring Metro in Merrifield, VA (on Gallows Rd.) has been transformed into a semi-urban...

Worldwide Diner commented 18 days ago

Chowhound Siren - Golden Garden is now open in Malden!

by VintageMolly 2 months ago

Golden Garden in Belmont is a long running favorite of ours, but we visit much less frequently since we moved to Medf...

Ferrari328 commented 23 days ago

Fat Boys Burritos Co. to open in Bellmore

by Gastronomos 27 days ago

Fat Boys Burritos Co. where Lil Left Coast used to be... There's Texicana, Moe's, next to each other, and now a Bu...

Gastronomos commented 25 days ago

New Food Happenings on the Central Coast

by kaki3152 8 months ago

There are two new restaurants on the Central Coast: (1) Jade=Phillippine food in the Same shopping center as Klon...


richblum16 commented 28 days ago

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Nine Dishes back in black (or red)

by LotusRapper 29 days ago

Grayelf, take note. Dennis has the lowdown:

Masaladobo Cafe (formerly Cannibal): Indian-Mexican

by LotusRapper 1 month ago

ShinyTomato commented 1 month ago