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Carrboro - new place on main, across from Milltown?

by LulusMom 6 years ago

I was driving through Carrboro this morning and noticed that the little place that used to be a bbq restaurant (since I don't eat bbq I never paid enough attention to remember which) is now what lo...

Is La Grille (10th) still open?

by pubb 5 years ago

We ate at La Grille during our last trip to Paris and had a fabulous meal (tete d veau and the most wonderful beef bourguignon) so I would like to return. I read on TripAdvisor that the previous ow...

Vaughn, Kleinburg, Etc.

by Jacquilynne 6 years ago

A friend and I are thinking of driving up to Kleinburg on the weekend to go to McMichael and I'm trying to figure out where we should eat. It doesn't need to be near the museum, anywhere in a wide ...

first time at Mulan. What are your favorites?

by gourmaniac 8 years ago

Surprisingly, this will be my first time at the CH favorite. Gleaning the site, I see that the tea smoked duck and eel with sticky rice gets high praise. Any other recs? I'm bring a German coupl...

Jardin de Puits restaurant gone?

by Apple IIGS 7 years ago

Can someone confirm if the restaurant 'Le Jardin de Puits' has gone out of business, or just simply moved? It's a small Greek restaurant that's been around since 1984 at 180 Villeneuve St east i...

Sugar Factory - Anybody Been?

by jbsiegel 5 years ago

Hi, I'll be in the city next weekend with my two teenage boys. I'm debating Saturday lunch. Was thinking either staying midtown and doing pizza/burgers or something like that or else heading dow...

La Carta de Oaxaca - good?

by 2eat4me 5 years ago

I'm visiting Seattle this summer and found the website to La Carta de Oaxaca and its sister restaurant appealing. I would like to hear from someone who ate there. Thanks.

Friends visiting from England and Italy- where to eat?

by veee 5 years ago

We have an English and an Italian friend visiting us next weekend. One is vegetarian and the other is allergic to all seafood. We (the hosts) are adventurous eaters and do not necessarily want to g...

Unusual Food in DC / MD / VA

by thetwops 12 years ago

Anyone know of any restaurants in DC / MD / VA that serve bizarre or unusual foods? And I don't mean anything like authentic chinese. And I also already know about the grasshoppers at Cafe Oaxaca...

Now Eating RI: 3/15

by shutterbugRI 5 years ago

I tried Japanese cuisine for the first time a few weeks ago when my pre-teen guest and I went to Haruki on Oaklawn Avenue in Cranston for lunch. My young guest chose to sit at the counter so w...

Blimpy Burger (Ann Arbor) update

by trapani 6 years ago

So the family that owns Blimpy Burgers is hoping to reopen (in spring?). They are crowdsourcing to help with start-up costs. Info at: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/krazy-jim-s-blimpyburger

Restauranting during SXSW

by Papuli 5 years ago

I received an extremely last-minute pass to SXSW and I'll be heading out there next week. I'm a food writer and I'm good at picking out restaurants in cities I've never been to, but ... is it even ...

Nob Hill Area and other Recs

by ybnormal 5 years ago

Finally back in Portland after a year and a half hiatus - we missed the food! Staying in Nob Hill at the Holiday Inn Express for a change at the end of March. We'll be here from Tuesday-Friday,...

Help please with picking the tastiest.

by Mento 5 years ago

Hi guys... So i'm a big fan of the City but haven't been in years and have missed on so many restaurants. I get to go next month and will have 2-3 dinners that I'll get to choose and I'm resor...

Help with restaurant choices.

by betsyjersey 5 years ago

I've been trying to put together my menu itinerary for hours and hours. Bringing my husband to NOLA for his first visit, while I'm at meetings at convention center. How does this look? Waited to lo...

babbo past its prime???

by batgirl284 5 years ago

i've been to babbo several times over the last few months. on the whole, the food is good to very good. sometimes, there is a dish that is positively transcendent. i wonder if the restaurant is ...

Need help for upper Cape Cod

by roxie 5 years ago

Heading to the Cape and need recommendations for Provincetown,Truro and Wellfleet for lunch and dinner.

Celebrating Mom's Big 60! Please critique Rome/ Pienza/ Florence itinerary!

by darbi 5 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, After reading through many good posts on Chowhound I have compiled the following eating itinerary. We will be a group of 5 (plus my husband who is only joining for parts of t...

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