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Lazy Bear reservation 1/16

by erikag123 3 months ago

I have two tickets to dinner at Lazy Bear (with the wine pairing) for Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM that I can no longer be in town for. I purchased the tickets for $739.54 which inclu...

Open Table & Resy now competing for your reservation...

by gutreactions 7 months ago

Last night I noticed a poster inside a restaurant in my area announcing a switch from Open Table to RESY as their online reservation service. This particular restaurant group has 7 restaurants in M...

Using Open Table Reward Points In Manhattan

by erica 2 years ago

I cannot seem to find a list of restaurants that will accept OT rewards certificates. It there a link that shows a list BEFORE I sign up to redeem my points? If not, does anyone know which grea...

What time do Septime online reservations open?

by delshimy 8 months ago

Does anyone know at what time exactly the Paris Septime online reservation system opens? I've researched it extensively (looking at previous Chowhound threads and more: https://www.chowhound.com/po...

Singlethread - 4 seats available for Sat Jun 30 9PM

by rupclose 9 months ago

Hi - I have 4 seats available for Sat Jun 30 9PM. We made the reservation but will not be able to make it now. If you are interested, let me know and I can transfer the tickets through Tock and...

Alo reservation to transfer

by Gunga 9 months ago

HI everyone - I have a reservation for Alo (tasting menu) on July 17 for 2 people at 5:30pm that I'm looking to transfer. If anyone is interested please get in touch.

My experience getting a reservation at Alo

by ChaoticLlama 12 months ago

Hello, So this is my first post here, please let me know if I've made any mistakes or put it in the wrong place! Yesterday I tried to make a reservation at Alo, and I wanted to share the expe...

MyConcierge Ifuki Reservation

by Heeney 1 year ago

I located the website https://kyoto-ifuki.com recently which has helped me secure a table at Ifuki in Kyoto this April. I have been reading around and it looks like it is a service based in Dubai....

Has OpenTable changed their filters?

by hunger8struck 1 year ago

Headed back to NYC for some solo dining soon. I have no qualms about eating out alone and prefer a decent, although not break-the-bank meal. Just noticed today, however, as I tried to secure a few ...

Open Table frustration

by Multifoiled 2 years ago

Has this happened to anyone? I waited up until the stroke of midnight last night in order to snag a Friday reservation at a very hot restaurant in Manhattan only to have the message "this restauran...

June 30 Mayanoki Dinner Reservation for 2 Available - 8:30PM

by liebersh 1 year ago

Due to circumstances outside of my control, I needed to cancel my dinner reservations at Mayanoki for 6/30 at 8:30pm. If interested, please book on the resy app or contact info@mayanoki.com. Enjoy!

La Fourchette - - The Fork: How useful/reliable? (And how well does it work?)

by therealdoctorlew 2 years ago

Will be going to Paris in about 6 months. It's been too many years since our last visit, so I'll need a new list of potential restaurants. I hear that LF/TF is like open table. Any current info ...

Impossible reservation at Sushisho Masa - HELP

by Chili_Junkie 3 years ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, this is my first post. I am massive fan of Japan and specially its cuisine, being one of the biggest ramen & sushi nerds, preparing this kind the stuff myself as ...

What mobile app do you use to find great restaurants?

by DomTheCalm 3 years ago

Just wondering what mobile apps this esteemed communities of foodies uses to find great restaurants! If everyone shares here, then all of us have a better chance to discover the right tools!

Best concierge services in Tokyo?

by repoman2u 3 years ago

Like to start a discussion regarding some good quality concierge services. And then focus our attention to this biggest and busiest city in the world: Tokyo. Getting a reservation at some of the ...

OpenTable literally has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

by parantoux 3 years ago

OpenTable customer service isn't inept. It's NON-EXISTENT. Several weeks ago I attempted to redeem my points for 2 $50 coupons vs. 1 $100 coupon. The website wouldn't let me do that. Customer servi...

Bookenda resto etc booking service

by grayelf 3 years ago

Just started to notice this being used by local restaurants. Cool that is was developed in Quebec and nice to see another competitor for Open Table.

Need comments on a mobile-friendly potluck organizer

by mixersoft 3 years ago

Hi all, I wanted to come to this community with a mockup of a food app I'm building. It's a mobile/web-friendly community meal organizer (aka potluck planner) that puts the menus and recipes on the...

Maude - Tock online tickets

by js76wisco 3 years ago

It is a much more democratic and reasonable process to book a reservation. There are still some reservations available as of 3:30pm, if you have $375 to shell out per person for the November truffl...

OpenTable eliminates Dining Cheques

by Foody4life 3 years ago

OT recently announced Dining Cheques are being replaced by Dining Reward Gifts (DRG) - a gift card for a specific restaurant off a participating list of DRG restaurants. https://community.open...