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My experience getting a reservation at Alo

by ChaoticLlama 2 months ago

Hello, So this is my first post here, please let me know if I've made any mistakes or put it in the wrong place! ...


bytepusher commented 2 months ago

MyConcierge Ifuki Reservation

by Heeney 5 months ago

I located the website https://kyoto-ifuki.com recently which has helped me secure a table at Ifuki in Kyoto this Apri...


Heeney commented 5 months ago

Has OpenTable changed their filters?

by hunger8struck 8 months ago

Headed back to NYC for some solo dining soon. I have no qualms about eating out alone and prefer a decent, although n...


Ttrockwood commented 8 months ago

Open Table frustration

by Multifoiled 1 year ago

Has this happened to anyone? I waited up until the stroke of midnight last night in order to snag a Friday reservatio...


GaryUES commented 11 months ago

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June 30 Mayanoki Dinner Reservation for 2 Available - 8:30PM

by liebersh 12 months ago

Due to circumstances outside of my control, I needed to cancel my dinner reservations at Mayanoki for 6/30 at 8:30pm....

Using Open Table Reward Points In Manhattan

by erica 1 year ago

I cannot seem to find a list of restaurants that will accept OT rewards certificates. It there a link that shows a ...


Motosport commented 1 year ago

La Fourchette - - The Fork: How useful/reliable? (And how well does it work?)

by therealdoctorlew 1 year ago

Will be going to Paris in about 6 months. It's been too many years since our last visit, so I'll need a new list of ...


onzieme commented 1 year ago

Impossible reservation at Sushisho Masa - HELP

by Chili_Junkie 2 years ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, this is my first post. I am massive fan of Japan and specially its cuisine, being ...


mikeop34 commented 1 year ago

Best concierge services in Tokyo?

by repoman2u 2 years ago

Like to start a discussion regarding some good quality concierge services. And then focus our attention to this bigg...


cocobinga commented 2 years ago

OpenTable literally has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

by parantoux 2 years ago

OpenTable customer service isn't inept. It's NON-EXISTENT. Several weeks ago I attempted to redeem my points for 2 $5...


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

Bookenda resto etc booking service

by grayelf 2 years ago

Just started to notice this being used by local restaurants. Cool that is was developed in Quebec and nice to see ano...


grayelf commented 2 years ago

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Need comments on a mobile-friendly potluck organizer

by mixersoft 2 years ago

Hi all, I wanted to come to this community with a mockup of a food app I'm building. It's a mobile/web-friendly commu...

Maude - Tock online tickets

by js76wisco 2 years ago

It is a much more democratic and reasonable process to book a reservation. There are still some reservations availabl...

The Oracle

The Oracle commented 2 years ago

OpenTable eliminates Dining Cheques

by Foody4life 2 years ago

OT recently announced Dining Cheques are being replaced by Dining Reward Gifts (DRG) - a gift card for a specific res...


Foody4life commented 2 years ago

Using GoVoyagin.com to make High End Restaurant reservations?

by claypaws 3 years ago

Has anyone used Govoyagin.com to make Michelin starred (and other) restaurant reservations in Tokyo? I am considerin...


yimay commented 3 years ago

Which dining apps do you use in LA?

by DrBruin 3 years ago

So, I mostly use OpenTable to get reservations and occasionally use Yelp to see what's around me but I see a bunch of...


DrBruin commented 3 years ago

How far in advance can I reserve at Zahav?

by ffranny 3 years ago

I tried to make reservations at Zahav for October 29, but the OpenTable site says "Your requested date exceeds the ma...


cwdonald commented 3 years ago

Open Table - Japan

by jzc 3 years ago

I see that Open Table is in Japan. I went to the site, but of course it's in Japanese. Is there a tab somewhere on ...


Gargle commented 3 years ago

Difficultly of French Laundry Reservations?

by mjl242 8 years ago

I'm from the NYC area and planning a trip to SF/Napa area towards mid/end October. Just wanted to know - how hard is...


tre2012 commented 3 years ago