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Discuss unique regional foods with Chowhounds--things like breakfast tacos in Texas, Cincinnati chili, Maryland blue crabs, Chicago-style pizza, Minnesota hotdish, and more.

What Is the Difference Between a Chicago Dog and a Regular Hot Dog?

Prime hot dog season may be over, but there's no law that says they can only be enjoyed in summer. And the classic Chicago dog is hefty enough to be a great tailgating main course. But what exactly...

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regional jewish recipes on the web

by epicure-us 18 years ago

i just found this jewish recipe site with numerous international listings by accident. i checked out the middle east and israel pages. the middle east page has almost 10 baba ganouch (sp?) recipe...

Memphis--special regional and quality recomendations?

by best 18 years ago

we, four adults, planning a visit to Memphis. Please share your special recomendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

regional mexican article from trib/metromix

by zim 18 years ago

Well the long VI awaited regional mexican article appeared yesterday on metromix with input from our favorite reporter and others. while I was happy to see the highlighting of a veracruz place I ...

Merlo - Regional Italian?

by Vital Information 19 years ago

I've been dying to get wind of Merlo as I hear it may be that elusive of places, the true regional Italian, our local Molo Mario that myself and my mom crave. I've yet to hear opinion on chowhound...

Yes we read you VI--Regional Italian

by annieb 19 years ago

For Barese (at least the soup is described as Barese) try Caro Mio, on Wilson and Wolcott, next door to Sabor a Cuba. They have a pasta and potato soup that is described as a little bit creamy that...

On Authentic Regional Food

by Ex-Expat 19 years ago

So I'm listening to WNYC, and I hear this guy (who apparently runs this site) going off about this arranging a party at an "authentic Chinese restaurant" that serves the PRC bigwigs when they ...

regional indian food

by howler 19 years ago

truly great indian cuisine is found in home kitchens, and never in restaurants. eating out at restaurants in the sub-continent is an event, a rare thing; you are far, far more likely to eat at ea...

Best regional & seafood in Portland

by Hest88 19 years ago

Hi there. Went through the entire board but would love some help to pinpoint a place or two. We'll be up in Portland for only a weekend and may have time for only one restaurant. What's the best ...

New Haven regional sushi

by deb-in-billyburg 19 years ago

Looking for good sushi at reasonable prices . . . actually, at this point, I may take good sushi at unreasonable prices.

NY Regional Food

by keith k 19 years ago

I was stuck at LaGuardia, and found myslef browsing in an airport store. Here are some of the items in the "NY Regional Food" section: The Silken Palate Thick and Rough Oatmeal The Silken Palate...

The regional food-Beaver Tails

by duke dee 19 years ago

a pastry from Ottawa, Ontario? is this a Canadian Krispy Kreme donut? or something else?

regional seafood, not gourmet!

by Rich 19 years ago

Coming to Boston...we want to try some authentic seafood, not all dressed up in fancy spicing and sauces. Where is it flavorful and reasonably priced?

Regional food integrity

by Lucy Gore 20 years ago

I am curious how this topic effects most chowhounds. Does "regional" have a classification for most folks? I live in an area that is told full of local artisan everything, yet very few people use t...

Regional food differences: the shape of butter

by Caitlin 20 years ago

So we have same product-different name in the western and eastern halves of the country, e.g., Best Foods/Hellman's and Dreyer's/Edy's, but does anyone know why sticks of butter (and margarine, for...

american regional food - please

by jen kalb 21 years ago

Its a funny thing but as a transplanted midwesterner in NYC I am longing to hear about regional food across the US as our many Boards heat up - maybe a food enthusiast in Iowa or western Virginia i...

Regional areas and dishes

by Sandy Wells 23 years ago

Hi all: Great board, what a concept....I really like the word "opine"...has a nice ring to it. I'm a native of San Diego, CA and have been cooking Mexican food and other cuisines for year...

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