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Can my over churned ice cream be saved?

by bluqueen77 4 years ago

I made a batch of tiramisu ice cream (http://365scoops.com/2011/05/19/tiramisu-ice-cream/) using mascarpone but omitting alcohol. I chilled the base and canister, etc. The base was pretty thick whe...

Can I save this soup?

by iheartcooking 4 years ago

I made a really yummy soup today of Italian sausage, homemade stock, tomatoes, garbanzo and red beans. I boiled the red beans or ten minutes before adding them (wasn't sure if they had the same tox...

Mushy salmon... what went wrong??

by Rabbit 11 years ago

I'm not a particularly accomplished cook, but I was doing OK baking salmon until last time around when my cooked fish turned mushy... - I baked the fish in the oven using same method as per usua...

Help me fix this recipe--cakey fruit tart is a little gummy in the center

by travelmad478 4 years ago

I just made a baked item that is basically batter with fruit/berries sprinkled over it, baked in a glass pie plate for an hour at 350. The batter is 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup melted butter...


by caiatransplant 8 years ago

Hi all. I recently made boudin balls and bagged and froze all but 4, which I deep fried and ate. They were amazingly good. Earlier today I pulled 6 of them out of a bag, defrosted them, rolled...

Problem With Pasta

by Vaibhavverma 4 years ago

I am making home made pasta(Made of semolina,salt and Water only) from 2 weeks. I come across a problem that after it is dried, it breaks and I am unable to store in the shape I made by my hand...

Bechamel sauce for lasagna is too thick

by laraibcooks 4 years ago

Can I add milk to it to thin it out? Also,the texture looks a bit off, no? I made it last night so it's cooled and maybe that's why it looks like that.

Can I save my meatloaf?

by greatgenes 5 years ago

I just made 2 meat loaves with regular beef mince instead of lean mince and now it looks way too soft. I have taken them out of the oven and they are cooling on the kitchen counter but I am too sca...

ravioli filling too pasty

by bmorecharmer 5 years ago

I made a ravioli filling with butternut squash and ricotta cheese, but it's so pasty. Any suggestions on what to add to make it creamy? Eggs? Thanks!

Recipe failures: What are you going to do different next time ?

by emglow101 5 years ago

I find there can be what I call recipe sabotage . You follow the recipe to the tee and it comes out terrible or nothing like it was supposed to . Last weekend I followed a recipe from a well known...

Ready to Cry--Brisket is Tough

by DaisyM 9 years ago

I could it at 340 for 3 hours, tested and it was still tough. Gave it another 30 minutes. There's still plenty of liquid....should I keep cooking it? Or do I admit failure. (I now understand why...

Bread Baking Conundrum

by SractheNinja 5 years ago

Hello folks, First time posting. Went and got an account so I could make this post and get some help, because bread baking is vexing me! Of late, every loaf of bread I bake is beset by the ...

Need help tweaking a pancake recipe

by janniecooks 5 years ago

I'm making pancakes tomorrow morning, with pumpkin puree. The recipe calls for 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder. It follows the normal method - mix dry ingredients together, mix wet ingredients toge...

Pudding not right

by Jennifersminaturegoats 5 years ago

I have been trying to make home made pudding. It's to thick. I am saving my recipe to make pie filling because that is exactly how it's turning out. My recipe 4 cups goat milk 1/2 cup sugar ...

Caramel sauce

by snurbcooks 7 years ago

Hi....help! I have been successfully making caramel sauce for over a year with no issues but suddenly now every time I make it, it curdles and becomes lumpy, for lack of a better word. It taste...

Help With Chutney Recipe

by TwirlyGirly 5 years ago

I enjoy making jams and chutneys in my bread machine*, and my favorite recipe is a variation of the Peach Chutney recipe I found in my "Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook" by Beth Hensperger. ...

Duck Confit - too salty

by yehudimenuhin 13 years ago

Can y'all help me troubleshoot my duck confit. I made a batch the other day and it was way too salty. It sat on the salt rub/cure for two days. The result is too salty to enjoy and maybe too s...

Basic baking questionn

by swfood 5 years ago

Am making sugar cookies and without thinking I mixed all dry ingredients (flour, sugar etc) together (instead of creaming sugar + butter first). Do I need to start over or is this something that ca...

Baby Cakes Vanilla frosting FAIL

by trolley 5 years ago

So I wanted to make an alternative frosting to go with my cupcakes so my dairy sensitive friends could enjoy as well. I love the baby cakes frosting. I could probably eat it by the bucket. So when ...

Banana pastry cream

by muimi07 5 years ago

I've been working on some banana flavored pastry cream which is delicious and banana-y but I can't seem to keep it from turning an ugly grey color! Very unappetizing, particularly as a roll cake fi...

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