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Need a restaurant for a Ramadan feast? Looking for Ramadan dessert recipes? We've got all that and more here.

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date & almond circles - a Ramadan recipe

by zainab13 10 years ago

It's Ramadan! And for Muslims, that means lotsa feasting along with the fasting :) I am in search of a recipe for w...


porceluna commented 10 years ago

ramadan fast breaking restaurant in Rockville or downtown dc?

by jitlee 10 years ago

Looking for a place for dinner during ramadan in rockville area for a fasting friend in town for the fall. downtown ...


MrsWheatie commented 10 years ago

Ramadan at Kasturi

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

To follow on Allan's post about Ramadan places, Kasturi, a Bengali cafeteria at 83 Lexington, the south end of the ...


bigjeff commented 10 years ago

Kabab King -- the delightful chaos of Ramadan

by Brian S 11 years ago

Because of the more or less unanimous advice of those who know, who have told me that Indian and Pakistani food is no...


KateC. commented 11 years ago

Ramadan Buffets/Menus?

by bluedog 11 years ago

Here's one I've never seen before.... Are there any restaurants in Toronto that have special menus and/or buffets...


berbere commented 11 years ago

Special Ramadan Menus?

by Moosemeat 11 years ago

Are there any restaurants in Montreal that have special menus or menu items only available during Ramadan or Eid?


Hákarl Durian commented 11 years ago

Food gift after Ramadan [Moved from Ontario Board]

by Leslieville 11 years ago

I wanted to buy some treats for someone for the end of Ramadan. They are Pakistani and I am not sure if Indian sweet...


foodwich commented 11 years ago

Ramadan: Iftar Buffet 2007

by rdabke 11 years ago

Ramadan 2007 ends on the 12th of October. Any good Iftar buffets in the SF bay area?


blexo commented 11 years ago

Ramadan Evening meal

by onionbreath 11 years ago

We are looking for a North African or Pakistan resto that makes a traditional evening meal during Ramadan in Montre...


onionbreath commented 11 years ago

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Ramadan at Pyramid

by tdonline 11 years ago

As I learned about this nifty restaurant on Chowhound, I thought I would forward the favor and recommended going to P...

mini middle-east falafel review : a ramadan special

by gastronaut 13 years ago

Covering the range of and nearby Steinway between 28th Ave and Astoria Blvd in Astoria, I broke fast with the followi...


A Tourist commented 13 years ago

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Special dinners for Eid (end of Ramadan) at local Persian restaurants?

by tigerjohn 13 years ago

Last year or the year before, I thought there were a couple of posts which mentioned special offerings at local persi...

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Specials for Ramadan?

by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

In the post below, Ed mentions the special dinner buffet offered currently at Fremont's Salang Pass. Any other speci...

Haleem for ramadan along Atlantic Ave.?

by Lambretta76 14 years ago

Does anyone know if any of the muslim restos along Atlantic Ave. serve a decent haleem during ramadan?


Bill commented 14 years ago

Indian during ramadan

by Amy 14 years ago

I have a friend visiting between the 15th and 19th of oct. She loves indian food. I knw Ramadan is due to start aroun...


zim commented 14 years ago

Ramadan, Mina, and other restaurants

by Jane 15 years ago

I recently had a somewhat disappointing experience at Mina's (see below). Another diner pointed out that it could be ...


Jim Leff commented 15 years ago

Ramadan in Turkey-Eating and Traveling

by Lkg 15 years ago

I will be traveling through Turkey during Ramadan, and I am interested to hear experiences of traveling and eating du...


April commented 15 years ago

Ramadan/Indian Sweet - What is this one?

by Michele Cindy 16 years ago

I'm sitting here eating this sweet that my co-worker gave me. It was brought to her home as part of a Ramadan meal. ...


DanM commented 16 years ago

sweet ramadan

by allan evans 21 years ago

Nothing more joyous for a Jew like me to hit the best Moslem restaurants in the evenings as the Ramadan fast is bro...


Jim Leff commented 21 years ago

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