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Rome Hotels...please help!

by David Martin 20 years ago

Will be going to Rome next spring. It is our 25th Anniversary. We are looking for a nice hotel (4star or so)within walking distance of sites. Important to us is that it's in a QUIET area or side st...

Looking for romantic, quiet Italian restaurant in Middlesex County, New Jersey...

by Kevin 20 years ago

Anyone know of a nice, quiet, and (hopefully) romantic Itanlian restaurant in the Middlesex County area? I live in Woodbridge, and I don't mind going out of the way a bit. I'm looking for somethi...

Theatre District Emergency! A Quiet Spot?

by Cloudy 20 years ago

Well, I screwed up. The place I chose for pre-theatre dinner tomorrow night (Sag Harbor) has admitted that they are noisy, as are so many restaurants these days. My father, who is hard-of-hearing...

Quietest Restaurants in Phoenix

by Bob 20 years ago

I'm seaching for quiet restaurants in Phoenix. So often it seems a restaurant is saying its music is more important than its food. Should a restaurant ever lose a customer because of their music? A...

Quiet places on the Westside

by Muhlyssa 20 years ago

Looking for a special occasion place on the Westside, comfortable, not pretentious, outstanding food and most of all quiet. Any suggestions? Price is no object.

Quiet Bar/Cafe Greenwich Village Saturday Night? (Tonight)

by Caitlin Wheeler 20 years ago

Hello all, I'm meeting a friend on the corner of West 3rd and Macdougal St. and we would like to have coffee or a drink someplace that A) we can sit down (b) we don't have to scream over loud m...

Music-Free or Quiet Spots?

by K.McB. 21 years ago

I was hoping this might be addressed in a recent NYT article where the writer talked about places to work in, but it didn't really happen. Can anyone contribute names of any restaurants/bars where...

looking for quiet + decent wine list in SW London

by howler 21 years ago

looking for a quiet, shadowy place - but the emphasis is on intrigue, not seduction. plus a good wine list, decent food, unobtrusive service. any thoughts?

Looking for a quiet French/Italian place in Albany

by Kim Graves 21 years ago

I'm meeting a dear friend from college (20 years ago) who I haven't seen for 11 years in Albany next weekend for lunch. I need a place with good food, seamless service, and low noise level, (Itali...

quiet Saturday lunch near 228 W. 47th St

by Patryce 22 years ago

My cousin and I are visiting Manhattan the weekend of February 18th. An aunt and two other cousins are coming into the city to have lunch with us on Saturday the 19th. They will meet us at our hote...

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